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  1. Oh, no worries. Just breaking her in for you guys! 🤫😉😆
  2. December 5th, 2020 on Panorama out of Long Beach... Hopefully...
  3. I feel for those of you who have yet to receive a refund. I’m one of the lucky ones who recently received mine but that still doesn’t mean Princess hasn’t burned a bridge with me. Their handling of this situation has been nothing short of pathetic. They have lost me as a customer. I’m fairly certain I’m not alone in my decision. Anyhow, my hope is that everyone gets their refund soon - hang in there.
  4. I received no correspondence of any kind with my refund. Pretty much what I expected. I mean why would they bother to start communicating now? Princess is pathetic. I had a cruise cancelled by Carnival as well during this COVID debacle. They refunded my money much sooner than Princess. It’s unfortunate they’re under the same parent company umbrella because it’s not going to make much of a difference if I decide to jump over to cruising Carnival exclusively. 😑 haha
  5. Full excursion, prepaid items, etc. refund for a Princess-canceled May 10th cruise finally received today. I chose Option 1 the day it was first offered back on March 12th (I think that’s the correct day - it’s been a long time). Edit: This was a full refund for prepaid excursions, etc.
  6. Hopefully December 5th aboard Panorama. Then a Princess cruise middle of 2021, although I’m not very happy with Princess due to their currently running refund debacle. It’s funny - I had a cruise canceled with both Carnival and Princess due to COVID. Carnival issued me a full refund in a relatively short timeframe. Princess? Nothing. I was originally worried about Carnival not refunding my money. Never thought it would be the other way around. 🙃
  7. Great shot of the Panorama off the aft of the Queen Mary, Greg! Now let's get this COVID crap behind us - I'm ready for another live Saint Greg Review!
  8. Fantastic, hilarious and spot-on! Thanks for the link. 👍🏻👍🏻😊
  9. Received a full refund to my credit card yesterday, May 12th for a May 9th sailing that was cancelled by Carnival on March 30th. Funny thing is that I had begun a disputed charge process a few days before the refund was received. I called my credit card company back today to let them know they could cancel the dispute and remove the temporary credit since I had just received a refund from Carnival.
  10. Good question. It’s a simple click on a link in my account on Princess.com which displays my FCC, OBC, etc. Not sure why Carnival can’t do the same.
  11. Finally got my FCC today. Princess canceled and I chose Option 1 the first day it was available, March 12th? I can't remember for sure. Cruise was for May 6th.
  12. Honestly surprised this thread has survived with the mods. Love watching all the CCL boards imploding from lack of response from Carnival and Princess. Yes - I have many refunds due and nothing from the parent company.
  13. We were on that cruise as well. It was a nice little get away. Had I known this would be our last cruise for quite a while, I would have booked a much longer voyage! 😁
  14. Poor guy. Cheering as always to the end.
  15. Yes, you will. Although it's been my experience that the pin and coupon are delivered later in the cruise versus day 1.
  16. I also got 16 emails for a May 9th cruise cancellation. Haha
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