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  1. If I transfer my booking to an online TA, am I still able to go thru Royal Caribbean and book my air like I do if I book the cruise through them? Or do I have to have the TA do that? Have always booked cruise direct with cruise line (RC or Celebrity) and have access to airfare online (Choice Air or Flights by Celebrity or whatever they are calling it at the time) if it works out to be cheaper. Just not sure how that works if I transfer to TA. Thanks...
  2. I have a different issue... I am a solo and when I try to book a balcony on the 4/13/20 Enchantment out of Galveston, it says there are no balcony cabins available... but if I put in 2 people, there are Balcony Guarantees available. I've read many posts here that say book a phantom passenger and just have a no-show at check-in and they will refund the port fees and taxes later. There would be three of us doing the same thing... 3 solo cabins and all having a no show... all Diamond status if it matters. Suggestions?
  3. A quick question... we have booked placeholders while on a cruise, but what if we want to do that in reverse? When the cruise we want comes out in the next few weeks, if we book it online refundable (assuming current promotion is the same), can we "cancel" and rebook next April when we cruise to Alaska and KEEP OUR SAME CABINS.. but also get the extra OBC? Obviously it would be possible to cancel the cruise, but wonder about how they would cancel and assure that nobody takes our cabins while they immediately rebook onboard? Maybe I am overthinking this...? Anyone done this onboard? Thanks...
  4. I bought a shower curtain liner at Dollar Tree and always lay it in my suitcase like you would use tissue paper in a gift bag. Very easy to deal with and keeps my stuff dry. It only takes one experience with watching your drenched luggage on the cart outside the plane or like OP posted...
  5. We had a little experience with Choice Air a couple years ago when booking business seats to Amsterdam, so I knew it wasn't going to be as straightforward as just going on the airline website. This time when I called,I was told you can't confirm seats until it is paid in full. So, we did that and had to call back to get the e-ticket confirmation number in order to choose (and pay for) our business class seats on Lufthansa. No charge for the return seats on United, but did need the e-ticket confirmation number. Strangely, Choice Air said they needed to do something in their system to allow that e-ticket number (not the 6-digit locator code) to show that our fare was paid in full. Also told that generally the confirmations are sent out 40 days prior to travel, even if you paid 90 days in advance. We would not have been happy with having to sit in whatever seats happened to be available at that late date. It was quite the strange process, but all was taken care of with a phone call. Others on here have said it was no problem to book their seats right away... so, like anything with Celebrity (or other cruise lines), it may depend who you get on the phone...
  6. Excellent... just wondering as I hadn’t read anything about that either. Having noticed that ours is the first Alaska cruise of the season, I looked to see where the ship was coming from.
  7. Our Alaska cruise 5/21/20 on Solstice has Hawaii to Vancouver right before... and before that is Tahiti to Hawaii. Will they likely do all their immigration stuff in Hawaii before going on to Vancouver? We've been the first cruise after a TA before, and know it can often delay boarding. Wondering if we should just hang out in Vancouver and board after lunch. Thanks, in advance, to all the experts on here...
  8. Norris... loving your review... We are going on the same cruise next August and I'm making notes as I follow along. We're not fans of ship excursions and always either get a private guide or make it a DIY day. Since it appears quite easy to purchase train tickets online, do you think the Flamsbana train to Myrdall both directions would give us a good idea of the scenery in the area? I assume we would need to find transportation to/from the train station, unless it's within walking distance of the port (which I haven't researched yet). Anxious to read the rest of your trip notes. Thanks for taking the time!
  9. We don't drink either, and always get Wifi and OBC. That way if you want an occasional fancy coffee/tea or a soda, you just pay for it. Wifi is inconsistent depending on what ship and where you are in the world (and where your cabin is). Sometimes it's great. Generally good enough for texting and checking email. Not always good enough for streaming or uploading photos... seems to depend on how many people are online. Sea days seem to be especially slow since everyone is onboard.
  10. Agree... started packing a baggie of plastic straws a couple of cruises ago. Those paper straws are the worst!
  11. We had the same experience with Chase, but finally got our reimbursement 3 months later. It was certainly very trying and tested our patience at every turn!
  12. We had a claim due to hospitalization as well. It was an extremely frustrating experience, but did finally get reimbursed. I think they try to wear you down by requesting the same information many times... hoping you will finally give up. It took me almost 3 months to finally get my money.
  13. Totally agree... we primarily cruise Celebrity these days after reaching Diamond on RCI. Have no need for the rock climbing, slides, etc.anymore and appreciate no smoking inside. Also appreciate fewer children, although that's a generalization depending on how many teens are allowed to run around all evening on any given sailing... lol
  14. We've done it... but need to have everything go right from self debark to taxi... should be less of a problem on Sunday. We have an 11:25a flight from Seattle next year on a Friday morning and are hoping we are just as fortunate then! Being retired and not having a crisis if we have to go to plan B makes it worth the risk.
  15. My sister had a cabin like 9303... you had to unlock the hallway door and then walk to your cabin door and unlock it. Seemed a little bit noisy with the hallway door opening and closing at all hours (depending on your neighbors).
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