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  1. Excellent... thanks. We’re only going over once and back in the evening.
  2. On a Friday, around 10am... I noticed that some ferries stop running around 9:30a and don't start up until 4pm. Cost not an issue. Doubletree says they can shuttle us to a ferry stop or if all else fails, we can Uber/Lyft. Hell's Kitchen area runs from 34th to 59th streets so the Midtown 39th St. ferry stop would be a good location. Having not ever taken the ferry, I just wanted to make sure that there isn't something that would make it a bad idea. No luggage or anything to worry about.
  3. New Jersey folks... we are staying at Doubletree Suites in Jersey City before and after our cruise. Want to get to the Hell's Kitchen area and see that there is a water taxi/ferry type of boat that leaves from several places that are not far from the hotel (will Uber/Lyft to ferry) and go to the NYC Pier 83 area. Other than lots of working people coming back on the boat in the evening, is there anything wrong with this scenario? If we take PATH, we still have to Uber/Lyft from where that drops us in NYC, right? Thanks so much!
  4. Wonderful they helped so much! I had the same experience with a land vacation last year and everyone I spoke to, including Hawaiian Airlines, was very accommodating. Not meaning to hijack your thread, but several times in the past that I have called Celebrity and gotten someone amazingly helpful on the phone, I have asked if I could call that person back next time... kind of like the personal vacation planner that other cruise lines have... and they have said it doesn't work like that. How did you link up with Steven M? Do you call him to book your cruises to start with? Thanks... and best wishes to your DH for a quick recovery and many future cruises.
  5. Not sure what you are meaning about pre-ordering of soda or water... that's not a Diamond benefit that I am aware of... are you just purchasing the Refreshment package or something like that?
  6. If you put it in your checked luggage with your toiletries there is almost no way they would know it is any different from shampoo or conditioner!
  7. Hilarious! We've been to Alaska 3 times at various times of the season and never had rain except for one day in Juneau. You definitely never know what will happen... going again next May, so hopefully our luck will hold.
  8. Totally agree... I also felt that the Chase insurance people were trying to see how long I would wait before letting it go... or were, at the least, trying to buy time. All of the people I spoke with were extremely polite and professional and always said they were sorry things had gone awry... lol... and they DID pay in the end, so I guess that's the most important part. We also have GeoBlue and MedJet and are willing to self insure for some of the interruption expense. On the trip that had to be cancelled last year, every business we had to cancel with refunded our money in full without even having to claim it on Chase. We rarely book things that have to be paid in advance and even Hawaiian Airlines gave us a refund minus $100 each (which was what I claimed on Chase). We definitely have saved many thousands of dollars by doing things this way.
  9. You can also get a fountain soda at any bar on Royal ships... you don't have to use the machines at all!
  10. Don't have experience with Trip Interruption thru Chase, but it was a royal pain for a very small cancellation claim. Took over 3 months of haggling back and forth for documents that had already been sent that needed to be sent again for no obvious reason. After reading this article, we may need to revisit that part of our "insurance" strategy.
  11. We always do self assist and have not had a problem yet. Many times we've gotten to the airport before we could even check in. We like self assist because it's just less hectic finding luggage and getting a cab... even if we have an 11am or later flight. No, never have any stress... just know that somehow getting home will happen... one of the joys of being retired and not having stressors at home waiting for us!
  12. We always try to get connecting cabins and agree with others about being able to close the doors any time you want. One thing we have found useful is to take a small roll of duct tape or other strong tape. Sometimes when you close the doors they rattle at night and irritating when trying to sleep. A bit of tape will usually solve the problem... although sometimes we have had to stuff a little hand towel in the door jamb.
  13. Carmel Limo is also easy to deal with and have a nice phone app as well. Have used them several times for trips to NYC and will be using them again in June when we sail out of Bayonne.
  14. Agree that they disappear quickly. We always take Contigo travel mugs that won't spill... also nice that beverages stay nice and hot (or cold) for quite awhile!
  15. Thanks for your review. On Adventure in June for Canada/New England cruise. Have been on Adventure before, but always interested in what has changed. Sorry to hear about the hard beds... that has been an issue in the past. Will remember to take my blow up camping mattress.... it worked great on the Serenade when I had read about the incredibly hard beds.
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