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  1. Oh I hope not... we are 3 solos and are always able to get 3 SV cabins in a row in the aft when we have booked onboard. RC will not let us do this, but we have always been successful on Celebrity. Currently have 3 cruises booked with this configuration.
  2. Sounds wonderful! Just in a normal veranda cabin, so guess we'll not be lucky enough to try one...
  3. Just a side question... what are orthopedic pillows? Thought I might be missing something useful...
  4. Agree that it would be good to be finished with dinner by 7pm. The streets are very crowded and the walk up to the castle takes a bit more time than it would otherwise. Many street performances going on around the area as well. We had no problem entering the castle grounds and finding our seats. You might consider renting a seat cushion if you are in a normal seat... they are quite inexpensive and help with the very hard seats! Enjoy the Tattoo...
  5. Same with Hawaiian Airlines. While they did charge $100 per person, they refunded the rest of the cost of the 3 First Class tickets. Their policy is to give you a credit which is usable within a year, but we were not sure if we'd make it within that exact time frame so I contacted their community relations department and they made the exception, which was really nice!
  6. Unfortunately, I had much the same experience with the Chase insurance people. They kept asking for things to be sent again and always said someone would call me. At least they were very professional and nice on the phone, even though every one of them was lying. My claim was for myself, husband, and sister who were traveling together. Ours was only $100 each, which was a fee from Hawaiian Airlines for cancellation. My sister was covered just like we were. I also wonder if the coverage thru Chase is worth the hassle. My guess is that they hope to wear you down and then they don't have to pay. Can't imagine how much of a pain it would be for a $10k claim... mine was 29 pages just for one airline bill. Yikes!
  7. Celebrity is our favorite as well... but we're on Nieux Amsterdam on 4/21 just because we are also from San Diego and we avoid flying during the Spring Break time period. It's funny... on the Celebrity board, people say the same thing... they are slipping and not nearly like the "old days". We just started cruising a lot 10 years ago, so don't see much change... mainly just the difference in how things "feel" between Celebrity and Royal Caribbean or Holland America and Carnival.
  8. We use the Chase card for travel as well. While it was just a very minor $300 claim when we had to cancel a trip before we left because I fractured my humerus, it took almost 3 months to get that claim paid. It was quite an ordeal with only 29 pages of documentation that had to be resent several times for one reason or another that they came up with. Made me wonder if it would have been much worse if it had been a big claim!
  9. As part of our booking, we received a $25 Beverage Card. I am not familiar with this and have a couple of questions. Is this loaded onto our SeaPass card or is it a separate card? Can it be used on any types of beverages... soda, water, specialty coffees? Can it possibly be applied to the purchase of a Quench beverage package onboard? Thanks...
  10. Interesting... I just logged in and looked at cruise planner and did a mock booking and all is fine.
  11. Absolutely get the balcony. There may be times when you just want some peace and quiet and want to kick off your shoes, sit and enjoy the serenity of the ocean. There's plenty of time for socializing if you like, but just being able to get away is wonderful!
  12. Yes, they can definitely be opened. We have sailed Eclipse and Equinox in the past couple of years and had 3 aft cabins side by side. Very nice to have the partitions opened!
  13. While we usually self disembark at the first opportunity, we have occasionally just hung around on the ship as long as possible. Have had some kind of funny experiences with officer type people doing the rounds and asking us to move to different areas or politely tell us it's time to move toward the exit area. No doubt it depends on the ship...
  14. We used Chilkoot and did the opposite... rail up and small bus back. It was a super trip and the company provided excellent service.
  15. We booked two "place holder" cruises onboard before they became available to purchase for 2020. They were booked as refundable, had 2 perks and extra OBC for booking onboard. When the itineraries for 2020 opened up for booking, all I did was call Celebrity and move them to the ones I wanted in 2020. No extra cost.
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