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  1. Please give some updates on how Ken Jones is a Cruise Director. It seems there is a very high turnover rate with the CD's now.
  2. https://www.cruisehive.com/passenger-falls-from-balcony-on-harmony-of-the-seas/28835
  3. I'm also interested in the Alamo price. I'm paying $40 thru Costco.
  4. They used to have a party for suite and top tier C & A on the Allure helipad. Don't know if they still do. Deck 14 observation area, above the bridge wings. Go forward in the deck 14 port side passenger corridor through a door.
  5. They are open on the Radiance, Voyager, and Freedom Class. Quantum Class doesn't technically have a heli pad and it's off limits anyway.
  6. I forgot that they are off limits on the Oasis Class. On those ships there is the area on top of the bridge is accessible.
  7. Helipads are normally open during the day, and most of the time at night depending on the conditions. Not off limits. There are even benches to sit on. Should add that the helipad on an Oasis Class is never open to the public unless some function is being held there.
  8. Almost all cabins on Royal have shower doors if they have a shower. J/S have the bathtub/shower combination.
  9. Back when they threw the D's out of the Concierge Lounge there were was tremendous uproar on here because back then there were only Diamond Lounges on the Freedom Class and I'm not sure all 3 were even built be then. The backlash caused Royal to start the Diamond Event and eventually add Diamond Lounges to new builds and at drydocks on those already in the fleet. I don't see the same furor about getting kicked out of the priority security line. Perhaps that's a good thing for a unlisted perk. The real battles are on the horizon. Bayley seems to a bottom line guy, unlike Goldstein who valued repeat cruisers as a steady source of income.
  10. The airport is practically next door to Port Evergaldes so if the flight is on time getting to the pier should be the easy part. https://goo.gl/images/ZKmfcA
  11. The question about the security line has been asked on the unnamed social media site that starts with a F. Royal is responding that priority boarding is still a D+ perk, but that there may be a separate Suite/Pinnacle line to get into the building.
  12. The $200 Royal Up upgrade on the Liberty. I was going to ask, but found the answer myself.
  13. I suppose the next call will be to that ship chasing lawyer in Miami.
  14. If you decide to use your influence with Royal to keep Bailey's can you persuade them to throw the New Amsterdam overboard.
  15. You might be able to find a nice and quiet place onboard. The show lounge would have couches but if the muster is at 2:30 it would start filling up with people getting seats for the muster. 2:30 is a strange time for a muster.
  16. It won't be Bailey's anymore according to the latest DL menu posted.
  17. The peek a boo bridge is only on the 5 Voyager Class ships. You access it from Deck 11 Foward on the Portside. I believe the Starboard side entrance is now balconies for the new cabins.
  18. I usually feel bad vodka in the morning. The more distilled the better, though I'm not fond of the Goose.
  19. Here's the link to the cabin tour video, including the balcony: https://www.pscp.tv/CruiseLifeRick/1DXxyXbWLWnJM
  20. The CD thread says Ken Jones is the on coming cruise director.
  21. Anybody have any feedback about Ken Jones. Apparently he just took over on the Adventure. I searched this forum, but there was really nothing other than he does a pretty bad morning show.
  22. Got the Royal UP email this morning. We are 28 days out. I had a Inside Guarantee, but upgraded to a Balcony yesterday for free. The email still had us in an Inside. They wanted $700 for a JS. $600 for a Panoramic. $300 for a Balcony. The website shows no Suites or Balconies available.
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