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  1. Can't imagine anything worse than New Amsterdam. Barton's is worse?
  2. It's been New Amsterdam for a few years. I personally hate it and switched to Jack, Baccardi, or Jameson.
  3. Could you post who the Cruise Director is, once aboard ?
  4. Thought it was going to be the Song of Norway...
  5. The water taxi stop is under the 17th St bridge. https://watertaxi.com/
  6. They dropped prices on the Adventure sailing 02-Feb 2019. I went from an inside to a balcony for nothing.
  7. I dont think any hotels in the Canaveral area does transportation to/from MCO.
  8. Depending on who you rented with they might have a shuttle from MIA to the port.
  9. Shame on the staff for not throwing some curve balls so he doesn't win.
  10. The Galveston cheerleaders will have fun with this.
  11. I actually got the shareholder's OBC, but was denied the My Vegas OBC because of the shareholder's credit.
  12. Precisely. That is why Galveston is not preferred by most of us fly in customers.
  13. Can't understand why a company named Alamo won't rent me a car at IAH and let me drop it off at Galveston? By the way, do they still have shuttle buses to the rental car garage or did they finally build a tram?
  14. Had the wife submit the redemption code for the $100 OBC and they replied we had a group rate and that they were not combinable. I booked with a TA and it was not a group rate. They like to reject request and see if you complain.
  15. That's why I use the Alamo kiosk or "skip the counter" and go right to the lot at FLL.
  16. The waterpik draws 15 watts, and a electric razor is listed at 15-20. I might try it again.
  17. That's good to know. Did you have any OBC from Royal ? They told me no because I had shareholder OBC.
  18. I do bring one of those with me, but can't remember what I did. I probably plugged it into the wrong side. Now I'm wondering if I should try again. I'll have to look up what it draws.
  19. Yeah, I'm assuming the shaver outlet was 220V because the waterpik was over revving. Later I saw a disclaimer in the waterpik paperwork about using in the US only.
  20. It now says on the email you get with the redemption number, only one MyVegas Reward per reservation. Don't know if it said that in July.
  21. I think there was more disbelieve than anything. It appears that these two people live their life in a footloose and fancy free way and when something goes wrong look to the government or other people to bail them out. I wish there was more historical backround other than their both disabled, but absent that people are free to assume what they want.
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