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  1. We once spent the last night on a T/A to Barcelona playing that thing until the wee hours and actually made out okay. Plus we got shirts, an Apple shuffle, and other trinkets.
  2. I tried redeeming the $100 OBC. Was denied due to having a shareholders credit already.
  3. If the quarters are dropping too much they shut the machine down.
  4. The possibility of an upgrade was listed as one of the perks. In fact what kind of upgrade you would take was one of the preferences in your C & A profile.
  5. The Captain sets the tone on the ship. If the crew is happy the guest will be taken care of. Then there's the captain's announcements twice a day. These can be mundane, but some of the captains have a flare for spicing them up. There are bunch of other intangibles I'm probably skipping, but a good captain can make the voyage a great cruise.
  6. I've been researching where the Ad docks and the consensus is that for this season it is Terminal 29. They'll throw the lowly Majesty in 18 while the Adventure sits at 29.
  7. I would say the lounge, internet, and free photo are the best onboard perks.
  8. Is Flash Dale one of the performers on an Atlantis charter?
  9. I think there my be some resistance from the ports. Remember St. Thomas never dredged to let the Oasis Class into Havensight which was the plan back then, not the submarine base.
  10. Wake up to breakfast served fresh every day. Start your morning with cage-free eggs, steel-cut oatmeal, whole fruit, all-natural bacon and sausage, Greek yogurt, and lots more. Pair your breakfast with coffee, milk, juice, or tea. Breakfast is free with your World of Hyatt membership when you book an eligible rate at this Hyatt Place hotel. Not a member? Join as you book to enjoy free breakfast starting with your first stay. Eligible rates are defined in the World of Hyatt program terms.
  11. Here I go overthinking. The Majesty is leaving on a Western route that day. No Cuba stop.
  12. If I was booked on a Royal cruise and on Wow to get there, it would be very appropriate. I'm sure there are some on the Royal Board in that situation.
  13. PCWalton1 has a live thread from the Vision currently running. He could give you the most up to date info. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2610262-live-29-nov-15-dec-2018-panama-canal-on-vision/?page=9
  14. I boarded a Freedom Class at 18, but we came back to 25. Oasis Class definitely trumps everybody at 18. Probably overthinking this anyway, but that keeps the brain young. They use 18 for freight too, but probably not on a Saturday. Thanks for your input.
  15. I just looked up the history and the Adventure used 29 only when there was a bigger Royal ship in PE. Otherwise it was 18. Is there something going on at T18 that day that's not listed?
  16. Thanks Bob, but that only goes 7 days out. Seeing as it's the Adventure and Majesty only, 18 seems likely. They didn't put up money not to use it.
  17. Apparently your'e not "enjoying" Royal that much if your'e still Gold.
  18. Jet Blue is pretty established and the seat pitch is 34" in economy.
  19. Joff is great. He has that British Monty Pythonish, John Cleese thing going.
  20. For Royal it's only the Adventure and Majesty out of Port Everglades on the February 2nd, will be be going out of #18?
  21. They have a shuttle that can take to the local strip malls. There is also a huge mall the shuttle goes to. I'm not a wine person, but there's a Coopers Hawk that you can walk to. The Millers Ale House is also walk able. I see a Total Wine and More on Dale Mabry that the shuttle could probably take you to.
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