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  1. I'm 95% sure I picked up my case of swine flu on a flight from Malaysia to China back in 2009. But I think the reason cruises are more of a focus is because they're easier to track. Even if you happen to be on the longest flight in the world, you're only on it for 19 hours or so. Cruises are days or weeks long, making the opportunity to correlate cases a lot easier.
  2. If there ever is a case where flying in the same day is reasonable, yours may be it. I still personally would not do it for multiple reasons, but I would understand someone heavily considering it in your case.
  3. Even assuming you don't have any priority, I wouldn't show up any more than 90 minutes in advance. You'll need to clear security and exit immigration, but the Germans are usually pretty efficient about both of those things. Also try to find out when your airline even opens their check-in desks, assuming you have a bag to drop.
  4. On top of the earlier comments about the cruise line now having access to your immigration history, there's no way for the cruise line to know you carry more than one passport unless you tell them. I have dual citizenship and the cruiseline just asks to see a passport. They never ask if I have another citizenship/passport, whether it's with me or not (it usually is).
  5. Here's something I posted about a week ago, so the numbers are slightly different, but the point remains: We're looking at about 45,000 cases worldwide...That is .00058% of the world population. Now, the vast majority of those are in China, and an even more vast majority of those are in East and Southeast Asia - maybe like 98%, I believe. So only 2% of the .00058% of the world's people (a) have Coronavirus and (b) are outside of E/SE Asia. These are rough numbers, and it's always changing, but just goes to show how ridiculously small of an issue this currently is outside of that region. Now, picture even just one of those people being the random few thousand people on that ship at the same time as you. The mathematician and engineer in me cannot even remotely calculate how small the odds of that are.
  6. I think it's 4x weekly. That stinks. I clear US immigration/customs at ORD about every month, on top of domestic connections at ORD and O&D trips at ORD, and I rarely run in to any issues..never what you experienced unless there's a major storm or something, and even then... You really must have hit a bad time.
  7. Spot on with Gardyloo's recommendation - seriously, there's almost no reason to book right when they open. Prices will likely drop later once they figure out the demand, and schedules are more likely to change.
  8. I have always cleared US immigration a YVR in the early morning (like when they open at 4:30am, since I am usually on the 6am flight), and it has never taken me more than 10 minutes including security. That being said, it may be busier later in the morning...I am not sure. And as mentioned, do bring your physical card with you.
  9. What advantage is this unless you own stock? I can give you the George Foreman guarantee that they won't pass any of that savings on to customers.
  10. I have done this exact connection (YVR-SEA-MCI) a few times, and have never had any issues with a short-ish connection like yours. Of course, there's always the times when delays happen, but with everything as it appears on paper, you'll be just fine.
  11. I guess it's too late since you've already booked, but there's still that CVG-CDG nonstop on DL, and then the train from Paris to Luxembourg is an easy few hours with just a quick change of trains at Paris Nord.
  12. Here's an interesting thought that has zero to do with the conversation...why would SEA-BLR be considered a Trans-Pacific? Great circle map never touches the Pacific. Eastbound SEA-BLR flights will almost certainly never touch the Pacific (probably not Atlantic either, but I know SFO-DEL does sometimes cross over the Atlantic and Europe). Eastbound BLR-SEA will almost certainly cross the pacific. So maybe it's a Trans-Arctic/Atlantic SEA-BLR, and a Trans-Pacific BLR-SEA 😉
  13. The three garages at the airport all have long-term parking
  14. I also carry a Namibian passport and use that to enter some countries. You think a UK passport gets tough questioning, try rolling in to a country with a Republic of Namibia passport 😉
  15. Perhaps it's my ignorance since I'm not someone who uses medications, but other than having your papers in order just in case, is this something that requires a declaration and visit to the red channel versus the green channel?
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