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  1. There is no way, that I’ve found, to cancel a cabin hold. This was a useful tool when doing our bookings. 😩
  2. We did 3 consecutive and took 6 bottles with no problem. I did have the boarding passes handy, if needed. Didn’t ask for them.
  3. It’s been many years since we’ve been the only b2b guests. High season pricing keeps us out, unless there’s a special reason to cruise then. Happy to hear you were treated well! 😀
  4. HD or matre’d usually. Could also be casino
  5. Last several have been like this offer. No thanks.😳
  6. Usually comes from Hotel Director. Some are quite generous!😉
  7. Only times we’ve ordered room service were late at night. It was after the Carnival Live concerts; we ordered BLTs. Such good memories. Gosh I miss those events!
  8. We used it Sept 4, 2018, after our 8 day Alaska on Legend r/t Seattle.
  9. You’re welcome. Have a great trip!
  10. We used it, last Sept, from Seattle to Atlanta. It was perfect and a free service. Filled out the form, received our luggage tags and put them out on last night. Next time we saw them, they were on the carousel in ATL. Wonderful! Brother and SIL used it, too, for luggage to JFK; no problem.
  11. True ab suites and the deck upgrades. Forgot ab these. We don’t book ES, that isn’t our best rate anymore. It was a couple years ago.
  12. The OBC for ES is only $50 now for 7 days and $25 for shorter ones. They gutted it! 😩
  13. Be sure to ask if the water will be cut off at any time during turn around. Sometimes there is maintenance done then. Housekeeping will know.
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