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  1. When we sailed Glory last, out of Miami, last year, the internet was the absolute worst we’d had on any ship. They knew it and were refunding everyone. No explanation.
  2. They’ve been scanning ours for boarding, but it’s been a while since we’ve sailed out of Jacksonville.
  3. Haven’t had any bad b2b experiences. We’ve done quite a few. Worst was in NOLA on Dream. Shuttled us through whole security area, ab 25 of us, got all scattered. Not cool. Didn’t learn much; doing b2b next week on Valor, NOLA again. We both used our 100th a couple of years ago. They were completely free cruises, 8 nights, Ocean Suites. DH was Vista Southern Caribbean and mine was Legend Alaska. We got the special cards and some nice extras. 😀 Nothing after the 100th, for 125 or 150, except treats from the ship.
  4. There is an excellent duo, from the Philippines, on Imagination. Carol and Perlie are Take Two, and are amazing! Unbelievable voices. Wish they were back our way. Anyone know if they’re still there? They were on Fantasy for quite a while, but now the music there is dreadful.😩
  5. Nice review! We, too, enjoy the Paradise. Thanks!😁
  6. We boarded Sunshine, ab two weeks ago, thru Terminal 5. On return, ship docked at Terminal 6, and we walked across the road to the parking deck where are car was parked on level 4 in a handicapped spot. It was quite a trek, boarding and debark. Ask for assistance. Even Mobile, using his cane, DH was exhausted doing both. Not sure why the ship used different terminals that morning. We were not informed either. Not a happy surprise. Breeze, we believe, has used Terminal 5 and 6 at different times.
  7. Be sure to get any assist available. Just sailed on Sunshine from there two weeks ago. We parked in handicapped slot, as allowed, in the parking deck. The walk was long and boarding was an even longer distance. The ramp is not steep, but seems they route you from end to end of the building to reach it. The worst was debark. We exited through a different terminal. It was a long trek with luggage to the elevator to the car. Unreal. DH was exhausted. He used a cane. I was also wore out; I don’t have walking problems. Certainly, you won’t have the same experience. Just wanted to tell you how bad it could be.
  8. We have had the mirror cabin on other side. Unfortunately, no sofa.
  9. You’re the shareholder, so it will be attached to your folio only.
  10. The Entertainment Directors are no longer on it.
  11. Thanks!😀 Not sure what happened to my link. This looks quite different/better!
  12. Anyone able to access Airtable today? Appears to be no longer available. Perhaps because it’s so outdated?
  13. Faxed stock ownership proof, yesterday, for our last nine cruises, ending in 2020. OBC showed on documents this morning. Pretty fast!
  14. This is the only lanyard we’ll ever wear! Bring back Carnival Live! 😀
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