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  1. My refund showed up on my credit card yesterday. The claim was filed April 28 and was listed as pending on the website until Thursday (6/18). It disappeared from the website on Thursday so I called the refund number. By following the prompts I was able to speak to a representative after waiting about 30 minutes. The representative used my ticket number to locate and process my request. As soon as the representative processed the claim, I got an email confirming that the claim had been processed and informing me that it could take up to 45 days to show up on my account. The number I used for refunds (in the US) was 800-847-0578. One of the prompts asked for my SkyMiles number, which I was able to provide (no Medallion status was required).
  2. Southwest is very rarely the least expensive flight from CHS to anywhere I have flown. I always check their pricing, but have usually already booked a flight on another airline. My most recent experience is on a flight from New York City at the end of October. I have a direct, nonstop flight from LGA with an assigned seat in the main cabin which cost me $93 including fees/tax. The least expensive WN flight I have seen for a comparable departure time is about $221. That flight included a 2 hour layover in Nashville, so I will leave LGA 3 hours later, arrive in CHS about an hour earlier, and will still have saved money even if I had to pay for 2 pieces of checked luggage. Moral of the story: Make informed choices.
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