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  1. yes, this is what I'm referring to. It's one of my goto meals on NCL, especially when they have the pesto sauce out
  2. hmmm, good question. I don't know the answer, but if for any reason they won't let passengers 2, 3, or 4 use the CNC, they can just transfer the cert to passenger 1
  3. Thanks. We got onto the omelet talk, but it's really the pasta and/or stir fry stations that I'm more interested in
  4. I took my first cruise 12 years ago. Before then, I wasn't interested in cruising because I didn't want to "dress up" for dinner (or anything), and I didn't want to be assigned a dinner time and table with strangers. I then heard about NCL and freestyle dining, and I said that is for me. After 9 cruises with NCL, I'm branching out and trying new lines, starting with MSC in June. I'm not looking forward to the assigned dining, but I'm going to at least give it a try. I suspect I will eat most of my meals in the buffet.
  5. yes. This is one of those weird ones with NCL. The benefit is technically for the cabin so it's assigned to the cabin of the stockholder. They will split the benefit between passengers one and two, though. Not generally a problem with most as they are spouses or spouse-like, and probably have one shared account anyway. It becomes an issue when friends are traveling together and the stockholder realizes that half their benefit has been given to the other person. Now they have to work out a way to be "paid back"
  6. yeah, I agree. but any reason to deny the claim..... 🙂
  7. I've read that they always split the OBC, no matter if they shares are held jointly or not.
  8. hmmm, interesting. I never thought of it before, but would this be considered a cancelled flight for the purposes of insurance? The flight itself was not cancelled. The OP was changed to another flight.
  9. You can use one. Yes, it lowers your payment amount. Your cruise has to be at least 4 months out from the date you purchase the certificate
  10. I was thinking the same as this has not been my experience with NCL. I've never been on the epic, mainly because of the bathroom configuration in the cabins
  11. wow. thanks for everyone who pointed out no omelet station. I just figured that was standard. Not that I'm a huge omelet fan or anything, but I do usually get my scrambled eggs made to order if the eggs in the buffet are wet and runny
  12. for any of my casino friends that have done a 10 day sailing (or possibly longer) that is actually two cruises booked together, did you points accumulation continue for the duration of your time on the ship, or did it reset after the first leg? My 10 day cruise is 1 3 day followed by a 7 day. I know you can earn free cruises based on your points earned.
  13. ahhh, it's the very reason why I asked. I really like the pasta station at the NCL buffet.
  14. does MSC, especially the Seashore, have made to order stations in the buffet for lunch/dinner? I'm thinking pasta station, stir fry, or noodle bar. I'm assuming they have omelet/egg stations at breakfast
  15. I've done it within a week and received it before boarding
  16. NCL changing a person's flight has everything to do with it. They are the travel agent in this situation. I'm guessing you responded before reading all that I posted
  17. the next section on their site speaks on if your tickets are bought thru a travel agent, which I would think NCL is the travel agent in this situation. It says you are entitled to a refund. But, their rules apply to flights within the US or has a leg within the US. I'll say again, I'm not speaking from any personal experience. I'm just googling. My opinion is just that, and I have no expertise whatsoever in the matter
  18. to the OP, I don't know if your flight has an US leg or not, but the US department of transportation rules comes across to me as you are entitled to a refund. Now, I'm not a lawyer, although I did stay at a holiday inn express last night:
  19. Is the amount paid really that high? It's Canadian dollars, not US. so, we're talking about around $360 US and it's an international flight. OP say "we" so we're talking about at least 2 people for seats and bags, but it could be a family of three or four.
  20. and how were the lines? I'm used to NCL and when I get there at Noon, the check-in area is pretty much a ghost town.
  21. the limit for OBC is $1000. You can get any leftovers back in cash on the last morning if you don't spend it all. Also, looking into FAS+ and do the numbers. I say this because it does include Starbucks as well as water. It will give you extra meals, Internet for the trip and extra excursion credit. Only you know your habits, but look into it and see the costs and decide which is best for you.
  22. WOW. I'm now really looking forward to the white party. I find the glow parties to be amazing on NCL, so if MSC has it beat, I can't wait
  23. with the exception of online check-in (which I doubt I'll do), you can do all those other things without having an account.
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