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  1. DragonOfTheSeas, We are also on board in an ocean view accessible cabin in the front of deck 9(supper large room). (Was your Mardi Gras cruise on the Equinox - we were also on board) Our booking was fixed dining and it wasn’t till we went to the desk at the Cosmopolitan to find out which dining room, that we were informed no more fixed dining. Celebrity must have forgot to mention that? Though our experience for the past two night was a pleasant surprise. Expecting a line and wait we went to the Normandie at 8 and found no line and no wait, and immediately were seated. Last night we went to Tuscan at 7 and it was ditto. Hal
  2. We were looking forward to our fixed dining time, without the hassle of waiting in line! But, another change that Celebrity made that disregardes the dining preferences of many seasoned cruisers without any communication. Hal
  3. We recently embarked from Cape Liberty(Bayonne) on the Summit, and there was a separate area for special needs and as soon as the suites had boarded we did. With your own wheelchair you will still need a pusher, but you do not have to wait for on of the ship’s. This has been similar to boarding in Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Southampton and other ports.
  4. The Hal offer only showed up on my wife’s blue card, not on my delta platinum. Used it for a 16 day cruise next December. Hal
  5. Not true - there is two separate Aqua cabin types A1 & A2, Hal
  6. Our problem, as with many other cruisers in Aqua, is the overcrowding and wait time at the door. Beepers have become a regular nightly necessity as suite diners are also trying the dining in blu, even though it was supposed to open them on “room available”. Another problem for us(need an accessible cabin) is the existence of only one cabin on M class ships - way in the aft(9164) away from the elevators without an electronic door opener to the cabin. Hal
  7. After you checked in, you will receive by email from Celebrity “prepare for your boarding day”, this has all the information needed. Hal
  8. Shareholder obc is non refundable - your folio shows both refundable and non refundable. You can use the non refundable pre cruise to purchase excursions, specialty dining, etc. Hal
  9. Just off Sky Princess(September 3) and had a very large obc - $350 was non refundable which we used up, the rest was refundable. We left the ship with over a thousand in refundable, and that was after going to guest services and withdrawing $250(Princess limit). Did receive final folio total via email showing refundable amount to be credited to credit card. Hal
  10. Does Royal Caribbean still pay obc if you own 100 shares? Also, do they allow stacking, such as other obc offered for booking? Hal
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