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  1. We cruise frequently out of PE, there is a significant dollar amount difference between renting at Fll and the port! So much of a difference that we take a taxi to the port rental($18 -22), and there is Avis/budget(EV3) or Hertz(HLE),also Sixt across the highway. All have shuttles to the ships and pick up again. In October the rental (one day) at the airport was $122 and at the port was $35. After the cruise we reverse the procedure and return the car to the port(after our 8 day cruise the car cost was $38, the Uber to the airport, $22 + tip. on cruise disembarkation days there is a crowd and wait, but always a car if you have a reservation. This week(12/21/23) we have Budget both times, in February we pick up at Sixt and after cruise Hertz - all depends on price. Hal
  2. Definitely the south! Besides sights mentioned above, there are flocks of flamingos and wild donkeys. Take water and snacks. Hal
  3. Marriott notified us that the new Courtyard will be delayed opening till March of 24! We were in Curaçao two weeks ago, and from the ship you can look at the pool area. Hal
  4. We were on the Galaxy in Europe and the regular pool had lots of European women who were sans tops, which my wife kept pointing out!! There were many Celebrity cruises in the 90s, Mercury, Horizon, Century…. Hal
  5. No, there is a new Marriott Courtyard directly across from the dock that was scheduled to open in October, but is delayed until December. This Marriott is within walking distance and has day passes on Resort for a Day. Hal
  6. In the last eight months we have done: Summit aqua - November, Beyond oceanview - December, Reflection Aqua - January, Summit aqua, April. There was a marked difference in Blu on the Summit between November and April. In November we rarely asked for the mdr menus and were satisfied with most of the offerings that we didn’t eat in a specialty restaurants. In contrast, April (12day & Blu was over crowded with Long wait times) cruise we asked for the main dining room menus every night as meats were well done(short ribs should be renamed “fatty ribs”), fish portions were skimpy and a shrimp cocktail only had three shrimp. We did eat at Tuscan on two night to a great and filling meal that was served with attention that was lacking in Blu! We have two more cruises booked this year, October Equinox, December Beyond, neither in aqua; then switching to Princess for a b2b on Enchanted. In April we will again try aqua in the Eclipse on a 14 day from Rio to Bayonne, and Ascent in October without aqua. Over all after effigy plus Celebrity cruises, we have seen the quality in the Blu restaurant decline in food choices, more people in the same space, and service spread thinner. Hal
  7. Notified today that the Marriott Courtyard will not be available till December 11, 2023 for day passes! Hal
  8. Elite + with almost 50 celebrity cruises but - b2b Princess booked for February 24 and Hal for 25 Hal
  9. thought you might enjoy this picture of my dad’s service station - 195sorry it posted upside down Hal
  10. We got off the Summit 08/18, and we’re able to use nrobc at the slots. I put my sea pass card in and transferred the desired amount(no limit) and played two spins($.75 per) and on the third play hit a small win. Pressed cash out and took the voucher to the window to get the entire amount as cash. This allowed us to withdraw the entire amount of non refundable credit. Last day withdrew refundable obc. Hal
  11. Those cam pictures were the few minutes that the rain and fog cleared! Last night we had 12 - 15 foot swells with gale force(over 40 mph) winds— a real rocker. Today is not much better, only 9 - 12 ft swells with very, very dense fog that the fog horn is sounding constantly. Captain did explain all of that would be the expected! Hal
  12. A while ago, you could trade for a pair of coffee cards. Hal
  13. We cruise frequently(six or more times a year), but not on E class we really like the four different dining venues. On S class it’s a definite for aqua, but M class is very discriminatory(we need an accessible cabin)as out of the hundred or so A1 & A2 cabins there is only one(yes that number is correct). So if we want an accessible cabin in Aqua on an M class ship we need to book the day schedules are released. Hal
  14. That’s effect for us - my wife uses an accessible device so no beaches! Hal
  15. There is a brand new Marriott Courtyard opening in October that is right across from the dock with day passes of $90pp(fifty dollar food credit)- Resort fo a day. Hal
  16. CNBC just had an article on tipping! we took two of our teen grandsons out for breakfast on Sunday, and when the I’ll came the tipping options were “18% 20% 22% other”. The bill came to a little over $50(always tip on the amount before tax), left a $9 tip - reasonable! Stopped for coffee at star**** and the checkout screen asked how much for the tip - totally unreasonable left $0. Person is only doing their job. Hal
  17. This (on Beyond) is the small hallway leading to the cabin. It is shared with one regular ocean view cabin, but much smaller than the accessible. We never closed the outer door even though it has an electronic lock as it was another obstacle for our wheelchair and the other cabin agreed.
  18. We exited the ship and I pushed the wheelchair to the tent(Bonaire carts’) to sign in. They then provided a shuttle to the cart location, and shuttle back at the end. The pickup and drop off was a short distance from the port entrance, the longest walk was the pier itself. Hal
  19. We bought the apple air tags in a four pack from Amazon - only the apple version! Hal
  20. We send the cart rental in early May, plenty of room for my wife’ wheelchair. It’s a good idea for the Mobil person to go to the rental building(not a good sidewalk or road for a mobility device) to pick up the cart and drive it back, and revers when dropping off. Hal
  21. There is an article in USA Today about ducks on a cruise ”Here’s why people hide rubber ducks on cruise ships” Hal
  22. Be careful about booking an accessible cabin - we have been able to bump people out of that cabin by asking Celebrity if the occupants had filed a medical form. They were unable to do so - were moved and we secured the accessible cabin that we needed. Hal
  23. All of the “hot tubs” on the Summit are now just whirlpools, minimal heat. I don’t know why my pictures post upside down!
  24. Air tag - last August our flight from JFK to Heathrow loaded(my wife has a manual wheelchair), but due to technical problems we had to deplane and wait for a different plane to be brought to the boarding area. After we boarded the replacement and the doors were about to be shut - we discovered the our wheelchair had not made the transfer due to the information from the air pod. Notification was given to the head stewardess of the situation and she called ground services and about 15 minutes later we watched as the wheelchair was rolled across the tarmac to our plane! Now we have air pods in everything; including suitcases, roll on, backpack, purse and anything we have with us Hal
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