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  1. Since I retired, it was the same, an excuse to go and have a coffee. But not now, I'm trying to be organised and plan what I will need for meals for the next week before I go to the supermarket. We have a Woolies, a butcher, a couple of bakeries, and a fresh chicken shop plus a number of cafes and takeaway shops, pharmacy, post office and ANZ bank in the shopping centre we go to in the next suburb. There is Coles opposite this shopping centre along with a cafe/bakery as well. We have an Aldi in our local strip shopping centre along with cafes and takeaway shops and a pharmacy and post office/newsagency. Our medical centre is also there. Leigh
  2. Hope it doesn't happen David. Leigh
  3. Thanks Julie, I am only going to shops once a week, so staying home the rest od the time. The weather hasn't been brilliant so haven't been out for a walk much. Thanks for the info re the mystery cases in each LGA. I usually read the ABC blog, but hadn't today. We're in Kingston which has seven mystery cases. The Covidlive site has updated the active cases in each postcode too. Our postcode only has 1 active case. Leigh
  4. There is a couple in one of the inner bayside suburbs who have been making masks for a couple of weeks and hanging them out the front of their property for those passing to take. When you compare these wonderful people who are doing a fantastic service to their community with these anti-mask idiots who only want their faces on social media and TV, well there is no comparison at all. Leigh
  5. You are probably correct.To be perfectly honest Julie, it is difficult to keep up with what is happening in Melbourne! But a gaol term is deserved if they are out and about. Leigh
  6. The positive cases are being randomly visited by DHHS and Defence Force personel. If they are not home, I think there is a big fine but doubt it will be enough to deter some people. Leigh
  7. I think most of us unfortunately are feeling very disillusioned with some of our fellow citizens and what is happening in our lives and that comes out in these boards. We don't feel confident or optomistic, I certainly don't feel that way with what is happening here in Melbourne. I hope you continue to visit and contribute to this board and you and your wife do make it down under sometime into the future Lyle. Leigh
  8. I have a similar story, last Monday I ordered an item for my elderly mother in south west Victoria. It was sent from a Melbourne suburb and I received an email later that day that it had been received by Aus Post in East Bentleigh (close to where it was posted from). The next day I checked the tracking and the parcel was in Sydney at the Chullora Parcel Facility! I sent in a query to why a parcel going to a regional Victorian city and sent from a Melbourne suburb was in Sydney. The response I received after two days was just a standard reply, it didn't address the issue I had raised. On Friday the parcel was in Geelong being processed and Monday it was onboard to be delivered to my mother. Late in the afternoon I received another email saying that the parcel couldn't be delivered as there was no-one home. I rang Mum straight away and Dad checked at the front door, there was a card stuck in the security door. Evidently the front door bell wasn't rung as it is extremely loud and can be heard in all parts of the house. Dad checked the bell and it was working perfectly. My brother was able to pick the parcel up the following day after he finished work. So 9 days before Mum received it. Just ridiculous. Leigh
  9. Yes, all positive cases will be quarantining at home and not allowed out of their apartment or property or in hospital. Leigh
  10. Julie, I have been looking at this webpage for a while now and it's only since the numbers became so bad that there is more detail for Victoria. Leigh
  11. I guess at the moment, we are more interested in the active cases in our postcode. If the list was updated regularly it would help. These figures were only released because of the insistence of one of the government MPs in our LGA. Leigh
  12. The Covidlive website will update the Victorian LGA cases later each day (it's been updated now). The same website does have a list of cases per Victorian postcode but it hasn't been updated since last Friday. Our LGA is quite a long area mainly along the bay and we are at the southern end of it. Last Friday our postcode which only has two suburbs in it and a population of about 12,000 had 2 active cases but since then there have been an extra 38 cases in our LGA but we have no idea if the cases are close to us or in other parts of the city. Leigh
  13. The main areas of cases are the northern, north western and western parts of Greater Melbourne. These are a mixture of residential and industrial suburbs closer to the city including the public housing towers. Then there are suburbs developed mostly between the world wars and tended to be built for working class but many of these areas are becoming quite desirable and more expensive. Then further out are new or newish suburbs such as Hoppers Crossing, Tarneit and Point Cook (which is quite an expensive area), Taylors Lakes and Caroline Springs. Leigh
  14. Very true. That is concerning. We have commented about it often but journalists are not asking these questions at the press conferences. Leigh
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