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  1. It looks lke Gardens by the Bay in Singapore.
  2. As they do in all states when there are positive cases that have been out in the community. Leigh
  3. My answer was in response to you saying that if we are awash with vaccines by October, we can start opening up to other countries. As this is a cruise forum, and we have all been discussing whether our cruises will go ahead or not, I assumed you were talking about cruising at the end of the year. My point was that if we don't have mandatory vaccination, some, or even many may choose not to have it for whatever reason and we cruisers going cruising is not likely to be a reason they would decide to have the vaccination. I also have relatives interstate - a sister in Tasmania and a b
  4. But Lyle the charter flights have been coming in regularly from India, so there is not a difference at all. They were suspended for a few weeks to ensure our quarantine system was not overwhelmed by the number of returning Australian citizens who may become ill with Covid either in transit, on the flight or in quarantine. Thousands of returning Australians from all over the world have been returning each week either on charter flights or commercial flights since early last year. Leigh
  5. Many of the Australian citizens in India may have been waiting many months to come home too. And there have been charter flights from other parts of the world in the year to bring Australians home so I am not sure what your statement means.
  6. Just because we could be awash with vaccines, doesn't mean everyone will want to be vaccinated. The media coverage of Covid and the vaccines need to be more positive. At the moment, everyone is hearing negative stories and some (many according to some reports) are not prepared to have the vaccination at this time. Just because you and others want to cruise, is not a reason the general population will decide to have the vaccination. And yes I have a cruise booked for November which if it doesn't go ahead, which seems vey likely, we will spend the money on a holiday in Australia. Perhaps a Murra
  7. My daughter and her family stayed there around this time five years ago. Very popular with Australian families. Leigh
  8. Yes I tend to agree, but then I think that in the original rollout outline, it should have been stated, that capital city populations would be vaccinated first and it wasn't. Leigh
  9. From what I have been told by friends and family, some country and regional areas of Victoria are just now starting to get supplies of the vaccines. I saw on the news this evening that a mass vaccination clinic will open at Warrnambool tomorrow. So far for a city of close to 40,000, only two or three clinics had vaccine. My parents aged 89 and 91 still haven't had their first vaccination but both my husband and I have had ours. It is just quite poor organising by the Federal Govt. Leigh
  10. THe reporting of clots is really frustrating me. Surely whoever is releasing the information should only be doing so when/if any connection to the vaccine is found. Leigh
  11. Thanks ML, James and Imogen went to the game but Rob didn't, he went to local football instead. Bombers had their chances and I was actually quite happy with how they played. We have some some really good first year players and I am enjoying watching them play, win or lose. Buddy didn't kick any goals, had 5 kicks, I handball, and 3 marks. The Melbourne defence seemed to have him well covered most of the night. It was also, because of the rain, not the best conditions for Buddy's marking game - ball was very slippery. Leigh
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