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  1. I went to the butcher and chicken shop this morning, early to try and avoid crowds but after the Seniors' time. There were still people shopping in pairs, taking their time, getting in other customers' way. I was standing at the butcher counter waiting for my purchases, when a woman of a similar age to me with facemask came and stood right beside me. I moved a couple of further metres from her and she went to move towards me. I gave her a 'what are you doing?' look and she stopped. The counter is quite long and I was the only customer there when she arrived. Absolutely clueless! Leigh
  2. She'll be sailing with Radiance, Ovation, Voyager and Soltice around up the west coast.
  3. So do I Mic, but hopefully they don't use them to make any vaccines!
  4. We did NZ on the Golden from Melbourne and didn't have a passport check once we boarded, and not when we arrived back in Melbourne. We just walked off, having out cards cancelled as we did and straight down to collect luggage, handed in our customs' declaration card and out of the terminal. I don't think it is unusual to be rushed off the ship. Our last cruise from Sydney, in 2017 was on Voyager and it was also very quick. I thought we were being rushed off and it was quickly collecting luggage and handing in customs' cards. It was so quick we didn't have to even go to our meeting point before our group was called. We were at Circular Quay station in quick time and at the airport hours before our scheduled flight. Leigh
  5. She may go to Singapore earlier for her P&O fit out and then go back to Brisbane or perhaps spend some time in Brisbane before heading to Singapore. It will be interesting to see if she does replace Pacific Dawn and Aria earlier, although probably not too early as cruising will not resume for quite awhile.
  6. I noticed just now on Cruise Mapper that Golden Princess is now being referred to as P&O Pacific Adventure. I guess it was about now she was to be transferred to P&O. Leigh
  7. Perhaps bunkering in Melbourne before continuing around to the west coast and onto Bali and Singapore? Certainly the long way around. They can't even stop at the Twelve Apostles as the information centre is closed. 😀 Leigh
  8. Viking Orion is still in Port Phillip Bay and Golden Princess is tied up at Staion Pier. Pacific Aria is off Adelaide. According to Cruise Mapper, Radiance of the Seas is off the Victorian Coast east of Wilsons Prom and Voyager of the Seas, Ovation of the Seas and Celebrity Soltice are off the southern NSW coast heading south. Heading to Melbourne? Leigh
  9. John, I'm sorry you are in so much pain. I hope it settles for you. I'm the one who goes out to buy food and my husband goes to the pharmacy if needed. Leigh
  10. I did some food shopping early yesterday morning and forgot bread. I had a small amount in the freezer so wasn't too fussed. Late this morning, son phoned to ask was there anything we needed while he was out shopping for his family. I asked if he could buy a loaf of for us which he did and dropped it off a while ago. He was amazed at how many older couples were out shopping. By older he meant over 60, he said they were just wandering around and stopping to chat to friends. No social distancing! So much for just one member of a couple/family going out to buy supplies and returning home as soon as possible. Leigh
  11. Congratulations! Enjoy your virtual anniversary party! Leigh
  12. OMG Mr GUT, what are you doing to yourself? I hope your pain settles soon. Are you home or in hospital? Take care of yourself. Leigh
  13. You evidently didn't understand my previous reply to you - you are on the Australia and New Zealand Cruisers board - it is autumn here, winter will start on the 1st June, spring on 1st September and summer on 1st December. I hope your last sentence was tongue in cheek. So you are saying by the northern mid summer the USA will be over the worst of this virus and its citizens ready to start crusing again? Leigh
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