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  1. Hopefully now the roads are re-opening, the tourists will return, particularly with Christmas less than two weeks away. The fire brigades do an amazing job. Our local brigade which my husband belongs to has been sending firefighters up to NSW for the past few weeks. Fortunately and fingers crossed, it hasn't been too bad in our area. But as we receive more hot days and northerlies, the chance of fires will increase. Leigh
  2. Huon pine logs on the wharf Mr GUT? Reminds me of Port Chalmers and Wellington. Enjoy your day in Hobart. Leigh
  3. So good to hear that news. What a relief that must be for you Les! Leigh
  4. Appreciate the above point and correct concern from Leigh. YES, most attention now should be on the victims, their families, etc. BUT, while this issue is "current", being covered by the media and of interest to the traveling public, is is ALSO vital for us as travelers to benefit from "What Lessons Can Be Learned from this Tragedy?". Why? Yes, there will be later investigations and reports. But, that will take many months and such details later on will get only a very small amount of world-wide attention. Those reports tend to be complicated, long and confusing. Above on another CC Board, you see a help link from Woodinville with added reporting/background regarding the details as to how these private tour operators handled these issues. From my perspective, it makes a key point that both the cruise line and/or individual travelers need to consider, carefully, the risks and trade-offs connected with certain "adventures". We might seek, desire and like "excitement". But, how much do we want to risk too much and too close to the "edge"? It appears from this article/sources that this White Island excursion was NOT offer by or through the Ovation of the Seas cruise ship. Private tours can be good, but it places a higher burden on the passengers to check and double-check the levels of risk and the quality of the tour operator. If there is a small amount of "good news" from this sad situation, it will hopefully alert us all to ask key questions and do some independent research before signing up for potentially challenge ship or private tours. THANKS! Terry in Ohio From late 2018, see “Holy Lands, Egypt, Jordan, Oman, Dubai, Greece, etc.”, with many visuals, details and ideas for the historic and scenic Middle East. Now at 16,770 views. Connect at: www.boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2607054-livenautica-greece-holy-lands-egypt-dubai-terrypix’s/ From our local Columbus Dispatch on page two this morning, here is how they headlined and featured that NY Times story on this New Zealand White Island tragic situation. It is interesting as to how they billed it as a "deadly tourist trap".: (Open your screen/viewer wider to see these pictures larger/better!) Thank you Terry for your concise explanation. As to whether the excursion was offered by RCL, I have read it was offered by them. But only someone who was/is on the cruise could answer that question. By the way I have an relative who is a paediatrician in Columbus. Leigh
  5. Which they have done, the investigations would have started immediately for the Coronial Inquiry which will decide if any one or any organisation is to blame. Those investigations I would think will remain confidential until the Coronial inquiry. I saw the poor father this morning, that really brings home how the families are being affected. He looked devastated but he was very brave to speak to the media. Leigh
  6. I agree with you, but those pointing the finger are at this time not family (that I have heard about) but posters on social media and journalists who are not showing much empathy for those involved in this horrible accident. Leigh
  7. Sorry Terry, I usually love the links to articles you post but not this one. I am amazed at the number of people and media outlets (mainly not Australian or New Zealand) who are more interested in laying blame. The major concern should be the welfare of the those who have survived and their families and the loved ones of the deceased not finger pointing. That will happen when the coronial investigations and hearings are complete Leigh
  8. Sarah so pleased to hear your staff member is safe. Leigh
  9. I forgot to mention how close the Campbell Street Meriton Suites is to China Town and also is opposite Capitol Square which has various eateries including a famous Harry's Cafe De Wheels which sells pies of all types. This is link to the menu if you would like to try an Aussie pie - https://www.harryscafedewheels.com.au/menu Leigh
  10. Carla, I can understand your hesitation, it is quite expensive for three people to do the Taieri Gorge train if using a ship's excursion. I have another suggestion for you - our cruise friends did another train trip which is only 2-2.5 hrs long and costs a fraction of the cost of the Taieri trip. It is called the Seasider - below is a description if the excursion from the Dunedin Railways website. Our friends loved it and highly recommend it. THE SEASIDER The Seasider runs north of Dunedin on a section of railway considered a highlight in the rail network in New Zealand. Departing from the magnificent Dunedin Railway Station, the Seasider travels along the edge of the picturesque Otago Harbour, before climbing the gentle slopes above Port Chalmers, a pretty port-side town. At the top of the hill, the train emerges to look over the dazzling Blueskin Bay, revealing breathtaking views over bays, inlets and beaches. The cost for adults is $70 NZ and children $25. The link for the website is - https://secure.customlinc.co.nz/dunedinrailways/availability.aspx?CAT=SS&_ga=2.242089025.2136983892.1576016217-1192088886.1576016217 At this time there are still tickets available for March 15th. Leigh
  11. No, it shouldn't be a problem at the cruise terminal. The only holdup could be if you are boarding when the majority of passengers are which means there may be some time in queues. Enjoy your cruise to NZ. Leigh
  12. Carla, we did it privately, not a ship's tour but that day there was only one ship in port. We loved the train trip but know of others who didn't so much. We privately booked it for about half the price of the one the ship was offering as we thought that it was too expensive. There were two trains operating that day - the ship's train and one for privately booked passengers. The ship's tour trip started at the port whereas we had to go by coach into Dunedin Station to board the second train. What ship are you on and what date are you in Dunedin? Leigh
  13. That would make sense - they can get DNA from hair from brushes or from a tooth brush too. It will help identify the bodies once recovered and perhaps even those who are badly burnt. Leigh
  14. Further to my above post - NZ Police Deputy Commissioner has announced that there is not a criminal investigation being conducted. "WorkSafe New Zealand has opened a health and safety investigation into the harm and loss of life caused by the eruption. As information comes to hand, we’ll provide updates to everyone.” The Police backed away from an earlier announcement that the probe was a criminal investigation, saying instead it was being carried out on behalf of the coroner. Leigh
  15. This list is of people whom families and friends were unable to contact, not necessarily on the excursion to White Island. These families and friends were able to add the names to the website. You may have noticed that there are some names marked with 'I AM ALIVE' in green. These people have notified the Red Cross that they are not missing. Possibly some of the people on board may not realise that they have been listed as missing. Leigh
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