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  1. The Ports North Cruise Ship Schedule has her docked in Cairns. Cairns Cruise Ship Schedule
  2. There are shuttles into Cairns CBD(central business district), which in the past dropped off near the lagoon. It is about a 30 minutes drive into Cairns.
  3. A good win to Swans - too many good players compared to Eagles -
  4. Commentators said 2-3 goal wind which Eagles will have in last quarter.
  5. Swans v Eagles at Mt Barker South Australia. All AFL games are being played in SA this round. Quarter time -
  6. The tenders dock at the Rhyll pier not in Cowes - Tender Docking at Phillip Island, although there are shuttles from Rhyll to Cowes.
  7. Phillip Island - definitely do the Penguin Parade, particularly if offered by Princess. It will be likely cool to cold in the evening at the Penguin Parade, so do wear warm clothes and take a rug or cushion to sit on. The wind off Bass Strait can be bitter even if the days are fine. Melbourne - has lovely gardens and parks which are great to walk around and perhaps have lunch. Or walk around and explore the wonderful lanes and alleys of the central business district CBD) - there are free walking tours you can do. Our coffee culture is well known and you can always find a cafe or kiosk selling great coffee. Puffing Billy is fun and you will get to see some of our native forest up close.
  8. It sure was. I was amazed they actually were able to run the final.
  9. That was the forecast for yesterday afternoon, night and today. Melbourne only had 2.8mm of rain for the whole of March but starting mid afternoon through to early this morning, we had around 60mm. More than the April average.
  10. What rain in Victoria on Sunday Mic? Not a drop of rain until mid yesterday afternoon in Melbourne when the Cats v Hawks game was stopped for a while due to a thunderstorm. It was murky though with smoke from burnoffs in the Dandenongs.
  11. A few years ago, a large group of my family members were all in Hobart for a family wedding. As it turned out, we were all on the same flight so met up once we disembarked. While we were waiting for our luggage, a sniffer dog came up to my mother and proceeded to sniff around Mum's onboard bag. It turned out she had made a lemon slice for my sister. The dog could smell the lemon, its handler told us. She was allowed to keep the slice once the bag was searched but a pair of scissors was confiscated. We have had many laughs since about this incident.
  12. We don’t have a deli close by that stocks guanciale so thick cut bacon is my go to. I use a whole egg and a yolk as well.
  13. Thanks Linda, it is a recipe my sister gave me and is so simple to make. I am sure it is your beauty and personality the girls inherited.
  14. Thank you Linda. We had Italian last night, well my version of spaghetti carbonara and no, I didn't use cream, only eggs, bacon, pepper, spaghetti, parmesan and a little garlic. Very nice I must say. Our eleven year old granddaughter has now caught me and the six year old won't be long! Grandsons now tower over me.
  15. Thank you. Congratulations to you too.
  16. Thank you. It sounds as if you had a lovely day. We had a very quiet day.
  17. It depends on your award or enterprise agreement - it may include an extra day off or it may be added to your annual leave but does include holiday pay rates which on a public holiday are double I think.
  18. Happy Easter to you Les and all on this board, Hope you all have had a visit from the Easter Bunny, and able to enjoy the day with family and friends. We had an early celebration last night with our family for our 50th Wedding Anniversary. So a quiet day today for us.
  19. Just a correction - Tassie, not Tazzie. Glad you enjoyed your holiday in Tasmania.
  20. Good luck Mic, hope all goes well. Pity you will miss your European trip, at least you should be fit and healthy by the time your Cape York trip comes around next year.
  21. In Bali, immigration is conducted onboard your ship before you disembark. Immigration in Bali
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