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  1. I wonder if it is a UK govt requirement as the Sky Princess is operating from there and it was required during the summer season as well for cruises from Southampton. Mask policy varies depending on voyage length. Voyages less than 10 days: Whilst we always recommend masks indoors, masks are required at the following locations: in lifts, retail shops, the casino, designated entertainment venues and prior to being seated in all dining areas. Masks are also required during embarkation, disembarkation and when going ashore, in keeping with local guidelines. Certain entertainment venues will be designated as "Sip and Cover" venues where you must wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth except while drinking. Voyages 10 days or longer: All guests must wear face masks covering their nose and mouth while indoors at all times. Exceptions are made while they are eating or drinking, receiving spa treatments relating to the face, during high-intensity exercise, in pools, whirlpools or sauna, as well as in their stateroom. As general mask guidance, we recommend guests wash their mask daily and choose a good quality, ideally medical grade, standard.
  2. I think you are most likely right Mic, the anti-vaxxers are just a very loud small minority.
  3. This is what the Service Vic app looks like when you go into it. Check in is at the bottom and to the far left is a list of your check ins and then beside that is your vaccination cert.
  4. The copy in the wallet doesn't have the Australian coat of arms watermark like the Medicare and now our Service Vic apps do. I believe this is to stop fraudelent certificates.
  5. I found ours easy to do. As we already had the certificates on our Medicare app, where there is a 'Share with check in app' button ,we just pressed that and the cert went to the SV app. We had to update the Service Vic app before doing it.
  6. Did you download them to the Service NSW app? We have downloaded ours to the Service Vic app so it is easy to show when checking in. We also have them on the Medicare app.
  7. This from the PM just now - ABC website - Prime Minister says first people allowed into Australia will be citizens, residents and their families Scott Morrison said the decision to let those on working and travel visas still rests with the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth has not made any decision on this yet.
  8. The Oxfordshire (Fairstar) and Nevassa and some others were the biggest ships built solely as troopships during the 1950s. Catapult ships were freight ships converted for the purpose and carried a single aircraft.
  9. The Fairstar was not around during WW2. She was competed in 1957 as the troopship Oxfordshire and then became the Fairstar in 1964 for immigrant voyages and then in 1974 became a cruise ship.
  10. Then in 1965 she became an educational ship for British school children doing 20 cruises per year to ports around Europe - there were 900-1000 students onboard.
  11. My husband flies Airnorth from Melbourne to Toowoomba when he visits his best friend. Usually quite reasonably priced. They are a Darwin based company flying from Melbourne, Perth, Broome, Kununurra,Toowoomba, Gold Coast, Townsville and a few places in the NT. They also fly to Timor.
  12. The Therapeutic Goods Administration, which is the medicine and therapeutic regulatory agency of the Australian Government, has requested that Pfizer provide data from their trials with children aged 5-11 with the view to start vaccinating them asap. Boosters will be given here to certain people as well.
  13. And always very well dressed, even when just relaxing on deck.
  14. Yes it is the Auckland Tower or Sky Tower in Auckland. Your turn Lyndon.
  15. Good luck, I am waiting with interest to see what happens in Victoria when we start to open up in the next couple of weeks or so. I am a little concerned about my three younger grandchildren, who are too young to be vaccinated and them returning to school and day care. The elder one will be fully vaccinated by then so shouldn't be a problem.
  16. I'm finding bananas will last from just a couple of days though to almost a week. Depends on the quality and how ripe they are. Opened one a few days ago, and although the skin looked fine, it was bruised right the way through. Also on how fast we eat them!
  17. I think the difference in the UK Les, is that the number of hospitalisations has decreased markedly. For example in mid January this year, there was an average 4235 hospitalisations per day and now it is down to around 700 (around a 1/6) and the daily average number of cases now is about 70% of what it was in mid January. So it would seem vaccinations have helped control the number of people being admitted to hospital. The number of deaths has decreased from just over a daily average of 1000 per day to 115 per day. I found this information on Our World in Data - https://ourworldindata.org
  18. Port Chalmers. The old building on the left is a hotel if I remember correctly.
  19. It could be very rough and not a pleasant cruise across the bight. May not be an easy ride through Port Phillip Heads either. Not for me at that time of the year.
  20. I was actually surprised to see the low % of doses for quite a few regional areas in NSW. Victoria's mainly have really good numbers of their population vaccinated. Looking at the LGAs with the most double dosed, out of the top 30, only 4 are in the metro area.
  21. When I told my husband the Vic number, he said no, it was 1964 not 1965. (Melbourne Demons supporter).
  22. Thank you, and most of the day is going to be sunny and warmish so many more people out and about. Guess we are staying home again. Perhaps spend some time in the garden, lawns need mowing and I'm sure there are weeds to pull out. And then sit and read for a while. Protesters are bound to be out and about again...... idiots!
  23. We did one from Sydney to Singapore but not the reverse. It was on the Diamond Princess a few years ago and the Diamond was repositioning to South East Asia for our winter. It was a cruise we absolutely loved and we probably would do another if we have the opportunity. Either from Singapore or the reverse.
  24. Julie, I really believe that Delta was still seeding across the western and northern suburbs of Melbourne even when we had zero cases on August 4th and that is why it took off right across Melbourne and then into regional areas. People just didn't bother to get tested or isolate, households were mixing when they shouldn't have been and it took off to where we are now and possibly worse results.
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