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  1. How does one check to see if any of these groups are on a sailing? I would not be pleased if I am not permitted to use the advertised areas of the ship. The crow's nest is number one reason I book Holland.
  2. We booked the transfer to the FLL airport along with the Everglades and Botanical Garden tour. We felt it was good value. The garden and train ride were very nice. Beautiful surroundings, entertaining and polite staff. The bus was comfortable and had a/c. We thought the everglades ride was just MEH. They do not guarantee that you will see wildlife-we did see one alligator and a few birds, that was fine. The part they don't tell you about is,----the boarding and exiting of the boat is extremely difficult for older individuals. I had to get on my hands and knees to get in and out of the boat. My husband who is 6ft 3, had a very difficult time trying to board without hurting himself. If you have any mobility issues, this is not for you. I wish someone had posted this for us to see before went.
  3. This happened to me on the Ruby on our Panama cruise in February. I made the reservations ahead of time (since I wanted a particular time slot) and got charged for both dinners. When I boarded the ship, I explained my dilemma to guest services. I spent a minimum of 4-6 hours on this problem with no resolution. Just sucked it up after all that hassle.
  4. I am interested in hearing more about the ocean view room experience. I have 2 of them booked for next year and am also concerned about noise. We do not spend enough time in our room to warrant the extra money for a balcony. I usually am fine with an inside room, however, the ones on the Sun appear to be claustrophobic. Can anyone elaborate on the pros and cons of these 2 cabin types? Noise is a huge issue for me. Thanks! I just did an 11 night on the Ruby in an inside cabin and had a wonderful experience.
  5. We just returned from the Ruby on a Panama cruise with an inside cabin. Loved it!. We were in our room only to sleep and wash up---so much to see and do outside of the room. We were aft-I love that part of the ship.
  6. I would love to see homemade-hidden objects that are environmentally friendly, not plastic ducks purchased from China on Amazon.
  7. Robcat, Just wondering which part of Florida are you from? I will be in Cocoa beach visiting my sister soon--anywhere near there?
  8. We just finished a cruise with Princess. For the first time, I did not see any chair hogs or table hogs. Princess placed small cards on the tables to remind everyone of their purpose. What a great idea!
  9. The makeup tattoos I had done are eyeliner (both upper and lower), eyebrows and lips. I cannot say enough great things about them. They are a life changer for me. Amazon has lots of bar shampoos-The ones I use are from Hibar-they do not hurt my color treated hair/ very good quality. The Wool& (women's) clothing is very fine quality, the men's is Wool and Prince--requires little washing, no ironing, odor free and very versatile. I am plus size and find it difficult to find quality clothing in my size. If you look at their website, they have a special 100 day challenge offer. At first, my husband was a skeptic, but now, he wants to change his wardrobe over to all Merino.
  10. I think we might be in the same situation. Our first TA is to Rome in November also. I booked another TA from Barcelona to Florida in February. So, today I stated looking for advice and found this thread. I always take a homemade first aid kit. I do not wear makeup (I have makeup tattoos) lol! Our hair products are in bar form (they work really well). Since we limit ourselves to one carryon and 1backpack, we also limit our clothing to mostly Merino wool which can be worn multiple times between laundering. A great site is called Wool & Prince. I take a few silk scarves and jewelry to dress up with. Hope this helps!
  11. Not true, we asked for butter every meal in MDR and only 1 waiter could find some for us, the others said "no, it is not available". I just got off the RUBY after 10 days of cruising. I thought that it is a sore point because I was served such wonderful food everywhere else. In the wheelhouse bar, they had those expensive wonderful cherries that I love! Just seemed peculiar to have most nicer condiments and accompaniments' but not REAL butter.
  12. Ok, I just returned from my Panama trip on the Ruby. What a wonderful cruise! I said I would report back on my experience, so here it is. NOT real butter!!!! It tasted nasty! I requested real butter and received it only once. I then decided to ask for Balsamic vinegar and oil instead. That was much more palatable than the whipped oil stuff. Princess did have a lot of good menu items, I found the food in the MDR to be very good, just lacking the butter!
  13. We purchased the Premier package on the Ruby last week and felt that it was well worth the extra cost. The drink selection alone was impressive. We did not care for the desserts or use the gym, but everything else was used. Would have liked to have another casual dining experience available, but only Gastropub at Salty dog available on the Ruby. (I do not count charcuterie at Vines, a meal).
  14. Yes! we just learned this the hard way! we purchased special bottles of Rum in December and it was irritating to pay taxes in Galveston. Never again.
  15. I have stayed in all types of cabins from inside to expansive aft suite. Here are some of the things I have learned. 1. An inside cabin is cozy and allows for very good sleeping (if you choose the right location). 2. I bring a tropical printed shower curtain and hang it on the wall with magnets. Makes my own "window". Plus you can use the TV as stated earlier. 3. The money I save is used to splurge on activities, since I am not in my cabin most of the time on certain itineraries. 4. I found a regular balcony cabin to be good for certain itineraries. Upgrading to a mini-suite was not worth it IMHO. 5. Am obstructed window or balcony is a good choice between needs and wants. $$$$. 6. Most important to choose location of your room. I would not want a guarantee cabin. 7. Splurge on the expensive suite for special occasions.
  16. Question for CRless: Was it difficult to obtain your Sanctuary passes? I have never reserved a spot there,but would like to do so next week. What area would you recommend? Thanks for your review, it is very useful for planning.
  17. First of all, I want to thank you for posting this realistic review. This is exactly what I have done in planning-read the book and plan the excursion. However, If it really is going to be miserably hot and humid with no easy place to cool off, then this is not for us. As wonderful as it all sounds, I'm not sure we are up to the challenge. I am really torn about this. I wish I would have booked a full transit to begin with. Maybe this is a sign that I will need to return some day.
  18. Well, I can hardly wait for the "Plant based protein" to replace my meat selection and still be grateful that I am on a cruise (and paying for it with my hard earned $$$, which I am also grateful to have). This thread is not about being grateful, it is about corporate politics (just in case you weren't aware). Corporate administration ultimately decides what trickles down to the public. They determine how much less we are willing to tolerate, while still paying for the experience.
  19. That is hysterical! . I had a good laugh at this. I know we sound like spoiled kids, but hey, Corporate should pay attention to their customers. Going a meal or 2 without something expected is ok, but I believe most Princess cruisers have "butter" in their expectations and should not have to point out to management that it is a noticeable downgrade.
  20. This has been my experience as well. I politely say thank you, hang up and try again until I find a competent staff member. I agree, the wasted time and frustration is not worth booking through Princess , she almost cancelled the wrong cruise! I am back to the big box, where customer service has improved dramatically this year.
  21. If it doesn't taste like butter (even after being whipped), then I would suggest that in fact, it is not butter!. I will find out for myself in 2 weeks and I will report my gastronomical findings. I am a foodie and frequently make my own whipped butter.
  22. BillB48, Your information is very helpful. I have discussed with Hubbie and he is in agreement. We will keep the excursion. After all is said and done--The reason we booked this trip is to see the canaL. BTW, I am reading "The Path between the Seas", by David McCullough. After all the time involved in reading this novel, I owe it to myself to see it up close and marvel at the historical significance. We will take every precaution to remain cool and hydrated. Of course our patience will travel along with us on this journey. Thanks again!
  23. Panama Canal & Locks Transit By Boat 7 hours | Panama Canal Partial Transit New Locks | NC2-615N C 2 - 6 1 5 Easy Activity, Includes meal From $204.95 This is now the price on the Ruby Princess, we have this booked.
  24. My main concern is the humidity for such a lengthy time. Are there A/C areas on the Ferry which would allow passengers to cool off for periods during the transit? Also, the excursion description clearly states "your patience is appreciated" in reference to wait times for return to Colon to reboard the ship. I am trying to weigh my choices. I really want to do the ferry boat excursion, but am concerned about my husband being able to tolerate the wait. This thread has been very helpful for me. It is interesting to note that I happily booked this excursion months ago while I was super excited to being on this cruise. Now, I am going back and re-reading all the fine print! LOL! Perhaps I should have read it then? Live and learn.
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