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  1. So if mine says “VIFP member,” is that a category? I asked for ES. Which is better?
  2. Going on my 10th cruise. I have had YTD on 4 (not Carnival). Going back to traditional as I don’t like to eat late and we were encourage to make reservations with YTD on RCL.
  3. I, too, vote for the food on Carnival over Royal. I refer to MDR food.
  4. I agree on your AARP membership being worthless as far as gift cards go, but the price of membership is about the same as 1 day’s gratuities for 1 person on a ship. AARP does a lot of good things such as lobbying for lower drug prices. Let go of your $16.00 for the team.
  5. Who would want to go on this ship before it is seriously worked over and made whole?
  6. I have booked my second Carnival. I was on the Miracle Xmas 2014. They must have been doing maintenance in the middle of the night. The noise woke everyone up. Carnival credited the bill for both rooms. I really can’t remember how much, but I was pleased.
  7. I am really confused about why you wouldn’t just load it with Carnival or your TA before the cruise? Is there any benefit for waiting till you are onboard?
  8. I have been on 10 cruises and never had bad service that would warrant me removing tips. I do think that it must be better for a wait staff to serve a Traditional Dining rather than Anytime Dining because of the additional envelope they might receive at the end of the cruise. As far as Vegas and/or Casinos go, you are paying those employees salaries as they receive very little in salary and would not be able to do the job if not for tips. Figure the daily tips charged as part of the price of the fare.
  9. My last Carnival was 4 or 5 years ago. I was the only adult in the room and I’m pretty sure I was allowed 2 bottles.
  10. If you are booking at a popular time (Xmas, spring break), a specialty itinerary, or need a solo cabin that maybe limited in availability, book right away. I booked the Magic for 12/26/20 9 months ago. The price has gone up since I booked. I took an Xmas cruise about 4 or 5 years ago and got upgraded from inside to balcony. I booked a solo cabin on the Adventure of the Seas. They only have 5 solo cabins. I took a 9 day Japan rt out of Hong Kong. It was sold out far in advance because they only offer the itinerary once a year.
  11. Booked my second Carnival mainly because the food in the Royal MDR was so bad. I think both of their buffets are poor. I would like to hear from someone who has been on several of each.
  12. Please correct me if I am wrong as I assume FTTF can exit first after Platnum and Diamond. My question....should you have FTTF and choose to hang around a bit, are u then out to the head if the line upon exiting? Thank u!
  13. I will be there Xmas night and prices appear to be very low then. I just want to make sure I am near a place with a restaurant that will be open on Xmas.
  14. What was the % off excursions? I want to know for next year. Thank you.
  15. I will be flying in to FLL on Xmas day and sailing out of Miami Xmas 2020. I am wondering if I could get a suggestion as to a hotel that will have restaurants nearby that will be open on Xmas. I thought someone might have this situation for this year and thought I would check. We may be flying in late and sailing in the am. I would prefer not to spend too much on the hotel. Also, do you think it will be difficult to get Uber/Lyft on Xmas? Thanks for any suggestions.
  16. I have been on 3 RCL totaling 34 days and don’t think that I saw 1 bad show. However, if I planned another RCL, I would figure in the price if specialty dining. I have been on 1 Carnival, 7 nights, and thought the MDR food was superior to what I had on RCL. I did think their shows were inferior to RCL. I have been to dozens of Vegas shows. Carnival shows could not even be downtown. I have booked a 7 night for Xmas 2020 and asked my grandchildren if their priority was shows or food. I booked Carnival.
  17. I am on the Celebrity and would really like to know why I can’t find it. I searched for 4/21 on the Reflection to Europe and it doesn’t come up. I appreciate any help. Thanks.
  18. It looks like the most interesting thing for us and I’m wondering if anyone has done it and with which tour co. They all seem to be much less than Carnival, but the prices vary among them. Thanks in advance for any info.
  19. How many shares do you need to purchase to be eligible for the OBC?
  20. What about this same question, but best beach for 18 year olds?
  21. I will be on the Magic 12/20 for the New Years Cruise. As I understand it, the Magic was scheduled for a refurb 9/20. That appears to have been changed. If you can find out the new date for the dry dock and what they might be doing, that woukd be great. Thank you.
  22. Could someone please explain the advantage to buying cruise cash? It seems to me that you are just prepaying so that you have credit. I’m not sure of it’s purpose.
  23. I have been on 1 Carnival cruise and had FTTF. It was less money then. I liked it and thought it was worth it. I will be going on another Carnival on the Magic in the Western Caribbean. It appears to me that all 4 ports will be tendered. I think that convinces me to buy it.
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