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  1. I am really hoping that a vaccination passport and masks are required. If there us too much worry over social distancing, it’s probably too early to cruise. I have rebooked for 12/22. I would consider something before that if we somehow make a miraculous turn in our war against Covid, I will never understand why some on these boards want to go even if it is not safe.
  2. Can anyone explain how the Allstate RCL gift certificates work differently than the CCL gift cards. It seems that I’ve read people stating that they are not as easy to use. How so?
  3. I am hoping for a vaccination requirement and if all cruise lines do it, it won’t be a problem!
  4. I totally agree! I keep thinking that if I owned the cruise line, I would really want to make sure things were as good as possible before resuming. I cannot understand those that want to go and take the risk or think that the CDC is working against cruise lines and cruisers. Thank goodness for some sanity!
  5. We are waiting on vaccines! If you owned a cruise line, would you want to take on the liability of sailing without one? I think and hope that a vaccination certificate will be required. The new stimulus package does not include the exemption that would make it impossible for people to sue corporations if they were to contract Covid. Thank goodness! Ii was the sticking point that Republicans were going for and if they got it, you might be sailing sooner. I am perplexed as to why anyone would want to!
  6. My guess is 9/21 at the earliest. It would be surprising if any cruise line sails before everyone is vaccinated. I think the only reason that they don’t say this is that they think cruisers “can’t handle the truth!” I think they are right!
  7. I think you will be lucky to be sailing in May! Or unlucky!
  8. I vote with “no vaccine, no cruise!” I don’t believe that the cruise lines will risk people that do not have a vaccination certificate and I won’t either.
  9. https://www.cnn.com/2020/12/02/health/covid-19-vaccination-kit-record-card/index.html
  10. I would never consider cruising without a vaccine and am amazed at how many would risk their lives for a cruise. I have booked my next cruise for 12/22 and I am hoping that proof of vaccination will be mandatory.
  11. I booked the Celebration for 12/22. I made sure I booked refundable. I need something to look forward to, but I am amazed how many would gamble with their lives before being vaccinated. 5 members of my family had Covid. The 3 children were relatively unscathed, but the parents in their 40’s, not so much. They were both physically fit and healthy. If you have seen this disease, up close and personal, I do not believe that you would be so eager to get on a ship unvaccinated.
  12. Vaccines are the “game changers!” Why would April be any different than January? People will not have been vaccinated. My guess is June at the earliest and more likely later. Just my guess on when things might change due to vaccines.
  13. I just put down a hefty deposit using gift cards on my Carnival Celebration, 12/27/22. I have enough points to pay off the cruise for my family and more. I have paid little attention to the RCL and Princess gift card/certificates, but my perception is that individuals think these are more difficult to use. Is that true? Princess gives 15% off? Has anyone used these on either RCL or Princess?
  14. 12/27/2022 Celebration. Hope this is far behind us by then!
  15. I apologize for my error. Yes, I meant Xmas 2022. I noticed that no cruises are posted out of Miami and Ft Lauderdale. I was wondering when these are usually posted.
  16. Can anyone let me know how many months out these cruises are posted?
  17. My Caribbean cruise out of Miami was for XMAS 2020 and has been canceled . I don’t see similar ones out of Miami or Ft. Lauderdale for XMAS 2022. They do have some from Tampa and Port Canaveral. Is it too early? Will they be posting those later? Any idea when? Thanks!
  18. No one should feel safe without a vaccine! There is no “back-up,” just a guy that may nit let your cruise ship return cause it will raise his numbers!
  19. How could it be even somewhat normal without a vaccine? Remember you will not be safe and your “back-up” Is a guy who probably let you come back if that increases his numbers. Doesn’t make me fell 1% safe. Makes me nervous!
  20. It will not be safe to board a cruise ship until there is a vaccine!
  21. Who cares if the cruise lines allow you to go? No one will be safe without a vaccine!
  22. I’m not saying that there won’t be cruises in the next 12-18 months. Just saying I am 72 with no underlying conditions and I won’t be on them till I get a vaccine. Yes, I would feel ok if people had certificates saying that they had antibodies. It is not unrealistic for me or any person over 70 to decline to cruise without a vaccine. It is reckless and risky to put yourself on a cruise ship after what we have just seen play out.
  23. I have one in December. I will cancel for sure. No one will be safe if there is no vaccine. I am hoping that when there is one, they will make everyone show proof of vaccination. They are making the over 70 group submit a health certificate from your Dr. I don’t see how anyone can go before there is a vaccine. It will not be safe no matter what they sanitize.
  24. Is it a certain time period ahead of the cruise date?
  25. I am 72 and I’d like to cruise again, but not before there is a vaccine. I would think that many might agree. I will be surprised if as many seniors will cruise without a vaccine.
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