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  1. I received my first code today WELCOME2DEALS. I entered it and got the message that it has already been used. Has that happened to anyone.
  2. Hoping someone can help me. I created an Allstate/Drivewuse account a couple of weeks ago and have accumulated a fair amount of points from others pointing codes, but I have not received any of my own, also, every time I open up the app to see if there is some kind of setting I need to adjust, it’s like I am starting all over again (asking me to agree to rules, etc). I do have the points I have earned, but I must have something that is not right as I do not accumulate any points for the driving rules either. Appreciate any assistance. Thank you!
  3. Has anyone used their Executive member cc from big box club store? I am curious if you would get the 3% rebate instead of 1% because it is travel. I’m thinking that it is invoiced as a purchase from Allstate.
  4. Has anyone used their Executive member cc from big box club store? I am curious if you would get the 3% rebate instead of 1% because it is travel. I’m thinking that it is invoiced as a purchase from Allstate.
  5. No, we had 3 inside cabins booked. We were offered balconies and took only one of them as we didn’t want the small children to be in balconies.
  6. 5 years ago Carnival Xmas cruise out of LA. I was given a free upgrade from inside to balcony. It came through TA. I’m not sure why that would make a difference.
  7. I woukd probably use the cards at guest services the night before the cruise ends. Wouldn’t that also be an option.
  8. I signed up and have accumulated points from the posts on this board, but I am not receiving emails or codes from drivewise. Any ideas as to why that might be?.
  9. I am planning ahead for 12/20. I am looking fir a less expensive option to see the Crystal Caves other than the ship excursion. Majestic Tours appears to be good and much more affordable, but I will need to put together a group of at least 12. Explore Cayman does not mention a minimum number of people and us just slightly more. I am wondering if anyone has experience with either of these companies or if there might be some other suggestions. Thank you for any input.
  10. I apologize for being slow on this, but all that comes up for me is the $100. Gift cards. How do I change it to $1000? Also, how often do you receive codes and is it via email?
  11. I only saw the $100 option. How do I see the other options and will I automatically receive codes via email as I have not as of yet? Thank you for all your help.
  12. I am new to Allstate. I just started accumulating points and was playing around to see how the purchase of Carnival Guft Cards would work. It said that you can only buy 10 $100. Cards at a time. Is that correct? How long before you can purchase more? thank You
  13. I was told that I was being booked ES, but I don’t see the words “Early Saver.” I’m pretty sure it was available. I booked 3/19 for 12/20.
  14. Thank you very much! I don’t know how you are supposed to know if you don’t know. Thank you very much!
  15. So if mine says “VIFP member,” is that a category? I asked for ES. Which is better?
  16. Going on my 10th cruise. I have had YTD on 4 (not Carnival). Going back to traditional as I don’t like to eat late and we were encourage to make reservations with YTD on RCL.
  17. I, too, vote for the food on Carnival over Royal. I refer to MDR food.
  18. I agree on your AARP membership being worthless as far as gift cards go, but the price of membership is about the same as 1 day’s gratuities for 1 person on a ship. AARP does a lot of good things such as lobbying for lower drug prices. Let go of your $16.00 for the team.
  19. Who would want to go on this ship before it is seriously worked over and made whole?
  20. I have booked my second Carnival. I was on the Miracle Xmas 2014. They must have been doing maintenance in the middle of the night. The noise woke everyone up. Carnival credited the bill for both rooms. I really can’t remember how much, but I was pleased.
  21. I am really confused about why you wouldn’t just load it with Carnival or your TA before the cruise? Is there any benefit for waiting till you are onboard?
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