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  1. How many $500. Cards do they allow you to buy at one time and do you need to wait a certain amount of time to buy more?
  2. I have been in 1 Carnival and 3 RCL. I have just booked a Carnival for my daughter and grandchildren because I think that the food on Carnival is much better than RCL. If my focus was on entertainment, I would’ve booked RCL because the entertainment on all 3 of my RCL Cruises was far superior to what I saw on Carnjval.
  3. Where one woukd you recommend for teenagers that like to play volleyball?
  4. Which beach venues are most likely to have volleyball on their beach?
  5. Did they have volleyball on The Magic?
  6. I second The Mailman at Bernard’s. We did an island tour with beach time. Very nice day!
  7. I sailed out of Port Everglades 2/16/19. We booked a hotel after final payment. Prices were sky high. It is a very busy time there.
  8. I leave on AOS ON 2/16/19. We booked about 17 months ago, but got 3 of the 5 new solo cabins. They were 858 including all taxes, fees, and RCL insurance plan. It is 8 nights.
  9. Adventure has 5 newly created solo cabins. They are not double.
  10. Does anyone know if it works on the Adventure?
  11. I sailed rt Hong Kong on the Ovation 5/18. There was no MTD offered. We had a choice of early (5:30) or late (8:30, I think). We took the early, but once on board we were told that early on this particular cruise meant anytime between 5 & 7.;
  12. We would not have cared if it was all Chinese food, but it was not good. I did not think there was an over abundance of Chinese food on my Hong Kong RT, but both were bad.
  13. I was on the Ovation in May. My tipis “eat at Wonderland.”
  14. I did the Ivation last May rt Hong Kong, 9 nights Best of Japan. There were 4900 people. We were given the statistics and though I can’t remember exactly, I believe it was about 65% Chinese. The rest was UK, many British and Australians. I believe there were 150 Americans. I thought the entertainment was excellent, but cannot say the same about the food. My tip would be to buy the specialty restaurant package.
  15. Of the 3 I liked RCL best for entertainment, but I was surprisingly delighted with the food in Carnival’s MDR.
  16. To those who object to the casual dress in the MDR (and I may be among you) your grioe should be with RCL not the passengers. If RCL would enforce the dress code even slightly, the underdressed would be eating in the Windjammer. The complaints should be addressed with RCL.
  17. I usually use Lyft over Uber. Any reason for one over another out of PE?
  18. We will be returning to Port Everglades on 2/24/19 and will need to take an Uber/ Lyft to FLL. is there a specified area at PE for the rideshare pick up?
  19. Does anyone know how much RCL charges for a transfer from Port Everglades to MIA? thank You
  20. Does anyone know the price of a transfer from Port Everglades to FLL and also to MIA? I am going to FLL and I think I am best with Uber or Lyft. My friend is going out of MIA and I’m not sure that is the case for her. Thank You.
  21. On the Ovation wonderland should not be missed. jaime’s was very good Chop is a mediocre steak house the MDR and Windjammer made you want to go to specialty restaurants
  22. There is a glitch. I called MSC 2 days ago. This is the add on price for a super family cabin which sleep multiple people.
  23. I was on the Ovation for 9 nights in May. I thought 8 of the shows were very good to excellent. This was my second RCL and the other though it was several years ago, also had very good shows. I have been on 1 Carnival 4 years ago and felt like their shows were inferior.
  24. My sister and I loved Wonderland on the Ovation and thought the experience was well worth the money. I highly recommend it. I do remember that we chose the entrees.
  25. I gave a deposit using PayPal. No as bad as a credit card number. I don’t keep much money in it.
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