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  1. Yes, we got our antigen tests. Took 4 hours to the airport and back, $70 each- no insurance accepted. Waited 20 minutes, both negative. Hard copies and downloadable pdf. Got home and submitted Bahamas Health Visa. Just got approval on the visas.
  2. We are scheduled out of Nassau this Saturday 09-03-2021. Originally scheduled antigen test with CVS, hour away was the closest, CVS cancelled last Thursday. Rescheduled with local Walgreens for this morning- Walgreens you can only schedule three days in advance. 8:30pm last night we get text messages that our appointments are cancelled at Walgreens - sorry for inconvenience. Spent all night trying to find alternatives. No appointments available at all local urgent-cares until Saturday. The only place that we can find to get an antigen test is at PHL international airport in the next state. Fine, we'll drive there. How do you know if RCL accepts the antigen test from the airport? Jefferson Health has partnered with Rapid Reliable Testing at PHL. They don't specify what antigen test they are giving.
  3. My most recent cancelled cruise took 56 days, which was credited back to my CC last week.
  4. If you cancel due to the new requirements, can you get refunded on your airfare as well if booked through Air2Sea? Or do you take the hit on the airfare.
  5. Did you have to wear masks while on the excursion... catamaran and beach?
  6. We also have Fury booked and would like to hear from recent experiences. Specifics on dislikes would be helpful.
  7. Are masks required while on RCL excursions in Cozumel? Particularly, the Fury Catamaran excursion. We are on upcoming Adventure sailing. I understand masking while in town, but if we have to wear masks while actually on the catamaran, we would cancel.
  8. I know that, stated in my original post. Was asking about the suite perks if I RoyalUp to suite. The only reason I replied to your post was because you said I had to be in SC to RoyalUp to higher SC, unless I misunderstood your post.
  9. I am booked in an OB-D2 and have the option to bid up to GS.
  10. If you bid on and get Grand Suite with RoyalUp, do you get the suite benefits with the upgrade such as the concierge lounge? (I know you don't get the C&A points.)
  11. I agree it is semantics. I was jesting when I made that comment about getting them when they board next week. It is ridiculous and I also have a Nassau cruise coming up as well as a Freedom cruise which seems to be going out of Miami and Bayonne at the same time in July.
  12. No kidding, the 12th is next week, this Saturday is the 5th, which makes next Saturday the 12th - which is next week.
  13. Well, the 12th is officially "next week". So when they board next Saturday, they will get the final protocols.
  14. Spotted: Royal Caribbean cruises scheduled from Miami beginning in July. Posted in the Unofficial RC Blog.
  15. Which year? I still come up with my 5N Bermuda cruises for 21'. Freedom 3-4N Miami 22'.
  16. Any "official" word yet if masks will still be required indoors out of Nassau on Aventure? It is being reported on social media site that masks will be required indoors as it is listed in the terms & conditions of the "Guest Ticket Booklet" for 19 June 2021. c. Covid-19 Policies and Procedures (4)mandatory use by each Passenger (except where medically contraindicated) outside of the Passenger's cabin while onboard and during embarkation, disembarkation, and shore excursions;
  17. Could someone please explain this in layman's terms. (From CWC terms and conditions.) "However, if a guest opts-in to receive a CWC FCC at a time when the booking is subject to cancellation charges that would otherwise have been less than 100% of total cruise fare, by opting in to receive a CWC FCC, the guest agrees to become immediately subject to cancellation charges equal to 100% of the cruise fare paid to RCI." Does this mean that if you cancel under CWC after final payment date and before 48hrs of sail date you are still subject to the 25%, 50% or 75% penalty depending on when you cancel for CWC?
  18. He has been and still is controlling. Restaurants not 100%, with the mandated social distancing, more like 75% at best. Enough of the masking already- follow the science unless it requires him to give up his kingship.
  19. Time to move on. You can't board any ocean going cruise ship, specifically the big three, in the U.S. until the CDC says so. Effectively closing all ports to cruising. You know it, I know it and everyone else on C.C. knows it. Enough of the semantics. [Response blocked]
  20. The fact is, the port is not open to cruising. Period. Once the CDC allows cruising, we'll have to wait to see what Murphy does or doesn't do by edict (E.O.) His tyrannical rule with all his orders have failed both economically and humanly. Worst record in the country, not my opinion. https://www.statista.com/statistics/1109011/coronavirus-covid19-death-rates-us-by-state/
  21. Not yet, give him time. I know it's the CDC order at this time which is limiting cruising and the port is open for other than cruising. I don't doubt for a minute that Murphy would ban cruising depending on what he feels on any given day. My point was based on what Murphy said, which is he will announce new opening guidelines on Monday because he wants to keep up with New York. And by the way, you haven't told me anything I didn't already know in your links. I've already read them, since I'm a leader of a church, I've read every executive order the governor has signed since covid began.
  22. Good luck with that, don't forget about king Murphy. He will only consider that if NY opens their port first so he can "keep up with the Jones".
  23. I thought that if you cancelled under CWC, you just got an FCC for the full amount. The $100 p/p was/is waived until May 31, 2021. My Example: Original NRD $500 booked 3/30/2020, cancelled under CWC 5/23/2020 before FPD. FCC issued. Rebooked FCC 7/20/2020, Cancelled by RCL 01/12/2021 before FPD, FCC reissued. Rebooked FCC 3/24/21, Confirmation says $400 cancel penalty, Repriced today, 4/29/2021, now confirmation says $930 cancel penalty. FPD is 6/6/2021. If I cancel under CWC on 05/30/2021, which is prior to FPD and the NRD fee waive period expiring, do I get an FCC for the original $500 or will they charge me an additional $430?
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