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All Things EARTH... part 2


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Laurie and Debbie, I really like you both in turquoise. It's interesting that you both posted pics in what seems to be the same color, and it looks so good on both of you. I am guessing that IRL there would be some nuanced difference? In any event, home run x2.

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Glad to hear that your DH's Big C was caught early and that he therefore doesn't need any invasive and aggressive treatment. Wishing you both the best going forward. My dad is a colon cancer survivor...he's 90! He wasn't as fortunate as your DH as he's been living with a colostomy bag for over 20 years. But he's alive and well and make me laugh so hard today!



You look amazing! I mean absolutely awesome in that lace dress and especially in the turquoise one. Turquoise is most definitely a great color on you. Loved the Christmas jewelry from your hubby. He looks great in all the picture too...a real cutie I'd say.


I agree with you that sometimes when you're on vacation...doing nothing is sometimes the best thing to do. It gives you time to mellow out from all of life's stresses so you can start the rest of your vacation in a relaxed mood.


By-the-way...I believe the bridge you cruised under is the world-famous Sunshine Skyway Bridge! I actually have been across it many times and remember as a kid (living in Tampa at the time) it being built. It was a really big deal.


Hope you have recovered from your shingles or are at least feeling better. If I had not known that you had them I would never be able to tell from your pictures. You look so happy and relaxed in them. You have a great attitude about life and that probably helped you a lot.


Just want to say it again, you and the hubby looked amazing in your pictures. What a lovely couple you make!

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Thank you, everyone! I really did have a great time. It seems like I am always working on something when I'm home. Even when I relax, I find it temporary...I'm even thinking ahead to what I have to do next. When I'm on vacation, I really put things aside. I read for as long as I wanted, I had a drink or two. I ate what I wanted. And I am really feeling good these days.


Those darned shingles are more distracting now than they were last week! But they will go away.


I do think the turquoise dress works. I think it has a bit of a muted sense to it, and it would be perfect if it were more muted. But it does work out well. I was debating on the orange dress too. I wish I had a professional picture of it, so you could all the see the fabric.


So where was I?


Day 4?

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Today we were to go to Grand Cayman, and we planned an excursion with Captain Marvin to swim with the stingrays. We've done this before, and it was such a great excursion, we couldn't wait to do it again.


The thing is, the water was a bit choppy, and we were wondering if we would be able to tender. Then the captain made an announcement that a storm was coming, and that Grand Cayman had closed the port. We could see some very ominous clouds but the captain steered clear of them so all was good. We played trivia, took a napkin folding class and watched a towel folding demonstration. It sounds boring, but it was fun.






I wore a very comfortable and fun dress tonight. I don't think the pictures were the best, and this is one of those deals were the pose makes the difference.




My husband, by the way, brought along a suit, two pairs of dress pants, a sports coat, a few different shirts and ties. He really enjoys dressing nice. I really want to share this picture, because I think it is a really nice picture of him. He is an air. He looks really nice in this black jacket, but blue sets him off best.




I'm going to have to scan a picture of him individually, while wearing the gray blue suit. It brings out the blue in his eyes so well.


The last day was a sea day. We watched a cake decorating contest between the head chef, the cruise director and a passenger. It was very funny. I really wish I had gotten pictures.


This was the one daytime outfit I liked. I think the rust shirt is a really nice color.




We wandered around as well, and had a little fun.

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We went looking for the Viking Crown Lounge. That's deck 13, I think. That was a lot of stairs, lol. We found something called Star Quest instead. The exterior was mirror, with the diamond like gemstones on it. It was very pretty.






Looking back, I think this was actually the day before. But we ended up with two sea days in a row, so we did a lot of wandering around.


These are definitely from the last sea day:





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Being our last night, I wanted to wear my most casual dress. I have been thinking about the styling a lot, and I'm going to work diligently on finding and trying certain styles on more often. I loved that this dress was loose and comfortable, without feeling sloppy at all.


Before that though, we had a great photo op:





I know I mentioned this when I purchased the dress, but that isn't black, but a deep brown. The olive type color they refer to as duffle, and it matches the solid dress from the night before perfectly. (they were both Michael Kors clearance items I found)




We had one more bit of fun waiting for us at the end of the day. I wasn't expecting this, so I jumped at first when opening the door.



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Laurie + snakeskin dress = gorgeous!


Totally agree with Margaret. Laurie, you look gorgeous in that snakeskin dress!


Laurie, is the bottom with the rust top a skirt or a skort? I have a khaki skort that looks very similar and it was my favorite casual bottom of my cruise. Mine looks like a skirt from the front and the back, but has attached shorts. I'm not sure if it's because of the A-line shape or because I feel spiffier in a skirt, but think it's a better look than shorts for me. I'm much larger than you since you've become so fit, but I think our shapes are similar. I'm getting such good advice from your posted pictures about shapes I should consider. Thank you!

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That is a skort. My daughter works at an Eddie Bauer outlet store, so I get great deals with her discount or when things go on sale. They have skorts in what the call Travex fabric. It doesn't wrinkle much, it's light weight, and dries really fast. That skort is big in the waist right now, but they don't currently have that color. And I really want another one in that color!!!!


I'm trying to be opened minded about different styles. For example, I was asking her if the store had any new skorts in, and she said yes but they weren't earthy colors. I will wear some shorts and skorts in non earth colors, but I make sure I like how they pair up with an earthy top.


So yesterday, she walks in and says I picked up two things for you to try. If you don't like them, I can return them. If you do like them, then you owe me $50.00.




The first item was a navy skort, but it was shorter and a bit more fitted than the one I wore on my cruise. It's still an a-line, and it has a small cargo pocket also. It has a really nice look to it.


The second item were pull on pants (I only wear those to the gym!) in the Travex fabric in a great olive green, with some gathering at the ankle. I decided I didn't like them before I even put them on, but since I try to be opened minded, I put them on and looked in the mirror. They're different, but I can see how they would work with certain things, so I'm going to give them a try. I can see myself pairing them with the jersey knit shirt I wore in Cozumel, and maybe a small wedge gladiator sandal. I'm going to try them on together to see if it works.


I LOVE skorts. You can really create a pulled together, nice looking casual outfit when you use them.


I didn't think I'd like the snake print either, because I don't like snakes. :rolleyes: But I love that dress. My theory now is, try it. Just make sure you can return something you don't like.

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Laurie, love the snakeskin dress. Your husband has a great twinkle in his eye, doesn't he...


In looking at your snakeskin dress, It reminded me of an animal print maxi dress that I haven't worn in a long time, it may transition it's way to the cruise closet!I also adore skorts. Athleta has my favorites as they have zippered pockets, my khaki one should be delivered tomorrow! Melody

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Isn't it funny that when you're on vacation you'll give things a try that you probably wouldn't if you weren't on vacation. Napkin and towel folding are fun things to do on a cruise. Some things I tried were a hole-in-one golf contest where the DS and I both won metals for and years ago on our Alaskan cruise the DH and I won an NCL tote bag playing another golf-type game. LOL!


Love the snakeskin dress on you! You know how I love everything Michael Kors...he's on of my fave designers! You look awesome in it!


About the orange dress...It's hard to tell from the photos but as seen as it is...I would say, and it's JMHO, that the color is not as flattering as the turquoise dress was. I really love the brown dress on you also!


That towel toilet thing was hilarious!

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Laurie, on your towel toilet person, I had a room steward tell me once (long ago) that they know by the first night if they'll be able to do that specific towel formation for their guest or not. Depends on if the guest has a good sense of humor & is friendly. You lucked out [emoji6]. Melody

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Okay, gang...who's vacation is up next? Margaret? Then Melody?


I know which packing cubes I will likely buy next. By the way, Anita, mine are E-Bags too. I'm stumped on luggage though and I'd like to move along on that. I currently have an Anne Klein set. It is well made and I love all the little compartments and spinner wheels, but it is heavy. It has really taken a beating the past few cruises and there are a few small tears on the bigger suitcase. Whatever I get next, I think I will try using Scotch guard on it. I have all these dirty spots too.


Marshalls has some but it seems like a limited amount. I haven't been there in a bit so I may check there this weekend. I confess that my luggage needs to match. I'm sure that sounds silly but I like things to go together.


Do any of you have suggestions? I need to heck our previous thread. I recall that Margaret just got something new. Anita, you use a Motherlode bavkpack, ithink? I like wheels, spinner wheels...and structure. I am trying to get something lighter weight so I know it may be a lot different than what I currently use.


Sent from my SM-T530NU using Tapatalk

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I think I'm next, I leave two weeks from today! This weekend I'm going to go through my clothes and narrow down what to bring. In addition to day wear on the ship and dinner clothes, I need something for hiking, horseback riding, paddleboarding, snorkeling, city touring, and beach time. Yikes.


My carry-on luggage is a spinner. It was my first one and I'm not sure I like it because pushing it makes my carpal tunnel act up, and because I find it harder to fit in the overhead with so many wheels sticking out. So, I usually tilt and roll, and I let them gate check it when I go to Detroit on the smaller plane. Lately it seems that if I carry on I tend to use my rolling duffel anyway, which is perfect for 3 or 4 days. I just bought a new one from cinda b., and I really like it. I Scotchguarded the heck out of it before we went to Palm Beach. One of the reasons I replaced the one I had was because it was so filthy on the bottom. I bought a matching tote that slides over the handle, and I really like that too. I love that they're coordinated, it was one of my goals when shopping to look more put together when traveling.


If I get a new checked bag, I would prefer it only have two wheels, I think. I took a swing through Marshalls and didn't see anything I remotely liked. I think my next bag will be a travel brand rather than a designer one. My current one is an Anne Klein that I bought at the mall in FL because my suitcase had been mangled on the way down. It's a miracle my clothes weren't all over the tarmac. I need to measure it because it is the perfect size in that if I fill it up, it's usually between 45 and 50 pounds. It is really beat up though. And it doesn't match my new travel tote. :) So, I'm keeping my eyes open but it won't be a problem if I don't have it for this trip.


Laurie, the olive pants your daughter bought for you reminded me that I have a pair of gym pants that might be perfect for hiking in the jungle. BTW while you were gone, the FIRE ladies started a conversation over there about getting together for a M&G cruise. I hope you email Debbie and get in on the email chain conversation.

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Not meant as a downer, we got the final pathology report today on DH. It was colon cancer, but they did get it all and no chemo or radiation. Upset, yes, but relieved as well. Melody



I'm so sorry to hear about your DH's diagnosis :( Even though he has a good prognosis, it's news none of want to hear. You will be in my prayers :)



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Yup, Margaret then us. Can't wait, really need a vacation. We leave 22 April.


DH is doing much, much better; many thanks to all for the kind wishes & prayers. He went to the gym for the first time this am. Only 20 minutes on a recumbent bike, then 20 min in the hot tub then came home & took a 2-hour nap, says he feels really good. He looks good too, color is coming back. Melody

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Melody, that's amazing progress. So happy to hear that. Sending you positive healthy thoughts.


In the spirit of not buying anything for my cruise, ha ha, I found these today at Kohls in green:




If I let them down all the way, they come to my ankles, which is perfect because I can tuck them into my hiking socks. Between mosquitos, rash-inducing plants, and pit vipers, I don't want any skin showing down there while we're hiking. They were only $30.


I also found a second skort in navy at Penneys:




They only come in black, dark gray, and navy.

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Today's post at The Vivienne Files is right up my alley. I would have chosen an ivory or champagne color instead of the white, though, for the blouse.


Yesterday while shopping I was thinking about Ashley who won Project Runway. I saw a lot of the colors she used in her collection and duchesse lace items. Liz Claiborne has a pair of navy lace pants I have my eye on....

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Here's a couple of pictures of the swimsuits & day tanks I'm planning on taking to Hawaii ImageUploadedByForums1457194055.569322.jpg.2dae164bb725131fc8359c54f0837cb7.jpg. Melody. My phone doesn't take the best pictures (or maybe it's me!



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I may have just come back from a cruise, but I'm feeling all the excitement for your upcoming cruises, Melody and Margaret.


I truly love the planning, and feeling like I have all the figuring out of the way beforehand. I mentioned it in a previous post, but not only will be trying jewelry and accessories and shoes on with my dresses, I will make sure to try on the casual day time outfits too for the next trip. I always have my husband take a photo each morning, and I didn't this last time because I had these baggy tops that didn't work well with the new, good fitting shorts. Being a bit short waisted and a V shape, I was really unhappy tucking things in.


I am already picking things out for the June cruise. Only 3 months away!! I am close to certain which two dresses for formal night, and I'm bringing that peacock blue print fit and flair dress for "date night". We always go to a specialty restaurant one night, and we treat it as something extra special. I like to opt for a cocktail dress.


My new skort from Eddie Bauer is also navy. It can so hard to find earth colors. I just avoid black, white and gray, and put something earthy on for a top. I am sad that the skort I wore on my cruise is getting big, because it was a murky kind of earth color. I would say soft earth, in that it was brown but had this warm, gray cast to it. Murky just seems to be such an adequate description, even if it doesn't sound appealing.


I'll try to get a picture of those and the pants, even if I'm not wearing them - just set them on the bed so that you can see the color and style. I know I often talk about my daughter's discount, but without it, the outlet store often has days where the entire store is 40% off. That brings the prices down to "normal" for me.


Melody, your cruise wardrobe is looking fun! Hawaii is my dream trip. I tell my husband that all the time. That might be the big retirement trip or something.


Alaska seems to be off the radar for now, due to prices. It's not horrible, but the airfare is high as well as the cruise price, and we have some things on the agenda that are limiting my budget for 2017. We may try again in 2018.


I am trying to convince my husband that flying to San Juan will be easy and fun. He is not so sure. I want to try the Southern Caribbean itinerary on Adventure. We may end up with Canada/New England instead. Not that I mind that itinerary, I have just wanted to sail out of San Juan for a good 4 years now.


My husband always tells people that he likes cruising a lot, but that I LOVE it. I think you get the concept here. Our compromise tends to be that we will go on a cruise, but we put more weight on the itinerary of his choice at times than mine. But we still make joint decisions, and we both have to be happy with the choices.


Margaret, I think your new choices are great. Those pants remind me a bit of what I just got. I plan to wear mine a bit differently, in that I am seeing them with the gladiator wedge sandals I have, and a casual, woven top or jersey knit type top. I don't really pull that look off well so I know I need to really try it out and be realistic.


And I really appreciate everyone's kind words. I am working hard to be healthy and take care of myself. It feels really good.


Melody, your husband is recouping wonderfully, and I'm sure you must feel really good after he ended up back in the hospital He'll be back to normal in no time.

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Laurie...in concept, your snake skin dress reminds me of the one blue/orange print dress that I have. Just a simple sleeveless dress that has great drape, is super comfortable, easy to wear and somehow...it looks fab! There's nothing better than a dress like that.


Back in the day, when I was losing weight and Mom was and we were talking about how we were dealing with our new clothing needs...Mom and I talked a lot about how you would think that a shirt being too big wouldn't be that bad, but not only does it make you feel kind of emotionally down to see all that extra fabric...it can be really uncomfortable as well. I guess I'm just saying that trying on your day time outfits is as important with the cruise planning for sure.


Melody...I don't even know what to say regarding your DH except that I'm happy to hear he is back home and back in the gym. It does a body good to see your loved ones act and be more like themselves and getting back into their routine after being laid low for a bit. I also count it a huge blessing that your DH isn't having to deal with any treatments but that wonderfully, everything was already dealt with. I really hope that he is fully recovered and able to enjoy your Hawaiian vacation!


Laurie, we flew into San Juan for our Spring Break cruise. It was very easy. The flight from Atlanta isn't long at all. Our time line was such that my family had to fly into San Juan on the day of embarkation. Mom reserved our air with Choice Air after doing a lot of research and asking a lot of questions about What If Scenarios. We had no issues at all. It all was as easy as could be. I would do it again. It's really great to start the cruise so far south.


For carry on luggage, I do have the Motherlode backpack. I love it. There is a roller bag (2-wheels) in the same design. I think carry on style is a very personal choice. For me, I wanted to maximize my space for packing, so I didn't want to give up space in the overhead bin to accommodate wheels. Also, I have high hopes of European travel and I think having a backpack will make travel there much easier. If you could stand to have a 2-wheeler, I would highly recommend the Motherlode roller bag. Unless you really have to have stiff structure...but I find the packing cubes give me all the structure I need for my typical clothing.


Margaret, I am so excited for your cruise! It sounds like such an adventure/active cruise!


You know when I go Off-Earth...I go for gray. All the time. I never go for navy. But I love gray, which is so weird to say, but true. I like it better than brown... Maybe it's because I wear so much green? I don't particularly care for olive green and navy...but olive green and other murky greens seem to go with gray to me...IDK.


I've started sewing DS's waistcoat for prom. Prom is next weekend, so it's really time to get it done. I needed DS around though for fitting and he was busy last weekend and I don't like to sew at night...so today it is. It's coming together nicely, I'm just taking a little break. I'll share pics when I have it finished.

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Anita, Can't wait to see the finished waistcoat, bet it'll look great!


Laurie, Canada /New England was much more expensive than our Hawaii trip (including what we'll spend on lodging & rental car for the week we're in Oahu prior to the cruise. We did Air to Sea (formerly Cruise Air) & our airfare was almost $1500 less than I could located (& we were upgraded to business class)


My DGD laid out the clothes for the pictures I took, pretty good color coordination for 7 (she loves her bright & sparkly clothes & her new bike ATTACH]378899[/ATTACH]. Melody


Edited by awhfy
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Melody, I thought your clothes had a little extra dash of fun. :) Your DGD is adorable and she did a great job. Thanks for the review on the pants. I really liked that they had zipper pockets and the convertible feature.


Laurie, I once thought that taking a New England cruise could be a quick and cheap getaway for us since we could just take a taxi to Brooklyn. But, they are on the pricey side, which makes up for any savings in airfare. I would still like to do one someday, but I don't think of it as more affordable than Florida (at least for us since airfare from NYC to FL is so cheap).


Anita, I remember long ago you said that gray was your neutral for exercise wear. I was stumped at the time because I look terrible in gray. This is where the 12 season analysis really made some sense out of these mysteries for me. I don't mind using navy for bottoms because I can pair it with the deeper colors in the deep autumn palette for tops and it looks ok.


I will make an effort to have DH take some daytime pictures. It is really humid there so don't expect much. There will be sweat and cray cray hair. Maybe even monkeys. I'm so excited! :D

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