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All Things EARTH... part 2


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I said I would share...sorry DS is a headless prom's man!






Just a memory refresh...I made the waistcoat, the bow tie, and the pocket square. DS did not help me out in trying on the pants with enough time for me to hem them to a better length...Oh well.


DS' GF wore a very sophisticated dress. It was a speghetti strapped body conscious floor length dress in black lace with a nude lining and then a one shouldered sheer black overlay over that. A knee high slit up the the side with the exposed shoulder.


Their pictures are so cute, I don't know that I can stand to obliterate their faces to be able to share...


The evening began with a meet up at one of the houses. The backyard was picturesque and made for a lovely backdrop for a bunch of pre-prom pictures. There were 22 kids in the group. They rented a "limo bus" that was absolutely amazing. All the adults were talking about wanting to rent one for an adult night out.


I was fascinated with the girls dresses, which were all very sophisticated to me...floor length gowns with cut outs and bare backs on some. Very fun to see all the different styles! And I was paying special attention to the shoes.


The girl in a black one-shouldered mermaid dress (with a big ole skirt for that mermaid style) was wearing her nike cross trainers. She didn't even try to have "cute" sneakers.


Another girl in a beautiful periwinkle dress with a bodice that was a white background with tons of sparkle on it was wearing the cutest Converse sneakers that were a white background with sparkle.


Another girl in the most sophisticated, slinky black dress with a super low back and artfully placed gold trim was wearing gold Keds.


These sandals really caught my eye:




And I found them on Zappos:




I think Mom ordered the Coffee color...and I am seriously considering it. And I am seriously thinking about getting the black ones too...


We went to the opera on Sunday. Very fun production of Pirates of Penzance. It's a matinee performance, so not quite as dressy as an evening performance. I wore the maxi skirt that is a part of the collection of this shirt that everyone has seen before:




The black pashmina doesn't really do much for me lookswise, but it goes with the outfit and it's my 7th year anniversary gift from DH...so I still wear it. I have just a few clothing items that I think would look really good with black sandals...and this skirt is one. The fabric is so fun...and yes, ladies, that's animal print mixed in there.

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Anita, I have "every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man" going through my head. :) I like your opera outfit, too.


I decided to go with orange toes, and even though I had forgotten that tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day, I have some green in my travel outfit. :) I'll pester DH to take more daytime outfit pics this time. See you in ten days!


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Those are cute sandals. I find it interesting that the girls wore sneakers with their prom dresses. I can't say I've seen that around here. That bus must have been great! Both of my daughters were part of groups that rented limos. My younger daughter and her date had a unique ride for one of their formals. Her date's uncle provided them with a classic car and a driver to go with it. It is such a big milestone for them. I was so weepy when it was my girls.


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I have one daughter who loves high heels. My other daughter doesn't mind them if they are comfy, but I would say she is more moderate. She would go with about a 2 1/2 inch heel overall, nothing like a stilletto or really high heel. They both will wear flat, dressy sandals, like those cute ones you posted a picture of, Anita. They would wear those mostly with a nice dress in the summer. One thing that is a pet peeve with them (and me also) is to go to an outdoor event in the summer and have your heels sink. Yuck!


You look great, Anita. we had one day that was warmer last weekend, but it was still too cool for an outfit like that. And it's only going to be 37 degrees tomorrow!


Speaking of tomorrow, I managed to get half a day off from work. My daughter and I plan to get some lunch together, and then I hope to find some non tshirt style tops. So far, I'm not finding much online. I think I need to think of new stores to check online. I tend to go to the same ones all the time.


I don't know if any of you recall, but Margaret had posted a link to Steinmart once because they had this red lace dress and she thought of me. I noticed it is now on sale, and I'm very tempted. I know I will wear it for sure.


Is that a good enough reason to buy it? :D


The big conflict for tomorrow is that not only do the Syracuse Orangemen play, but the Orangewomen as well. And here I'm going to be in a mall! But my daughter works odd hours sometimes, and we aren't able to do much together. We planned this before we knew who was playing where. And we'll both be able to track the games over lunch, I'm sure.

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Out of 22 kids...only 3 girls had sneakers on, I'm not sure if the final count for girls was 11 because about half the group were "singles" going with the group. You couldn't see the sneakers at all with their floor length dresses.


So...I came across this product, which I hadn't ever heard of before:




For those of you that do wear heels to outdoor weddings and stuff and such. Those ones I saw were slightly different, but trying to find those again is not happening and I found these...so I think there are others to choose from. But the point is the idea is out there, if ever you need it.


My only heels right how are boots. A large chunk heel that is around 1-1.5" in my short teal lace ups and my knee high brown leather. I do fine in those...especially with the foot print of the heel. I'm stable and it doesn't affect my knee negatively. I still have other true heels that made it through my KonMari...but I don't know if I will ever wear them again. When the timing is right, I will try them on and then make a final decision about whether or not to keep them. But I have a feeling that I will be a mostly flats only girl for the rest of my life...


I'm okay with that.


The bus was awesome! The inside of it was all lit up like a disco. Literally...disco ball and the changing colored lights. It was LITERALLY a PARTY bus.


Laurie...In my experience, when something sticks in your head like the dress from Steinmart...it's a good idea to order it and at least try it out. Then you can make an informed decision about keeping it. Don't think of the purchase decision as made when you purchase it...if it is still returnable and not a final sale. Unless I am buying something that I have essentially bought before...I never think that my order is the purchase decision, just the decision to try it on.


In other news...I snapped up a beautiful teal colored sweater from Macy's to wear with the skirt I made from Kim's fabric. They have a new (to-me, at least) Red Zone in their stores with all their clearance merchandise with prices slashed from 60-80% off. I can see the sweater online for around $16...but not in the teal color I purchased. In the store, it was just over $8, originally $50. The sweater is lightweight enough to be a 3-season sweater...good for cooler transition season days/nights.


So If anyone wants to check out a good winter clearance...I would recommend hitting up Macy's.

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Anita, so funny. I was just looking at sweaters on Macy's yesterday & had decided to take a stroll through the store today; however, woke up to 6" of snow & still snowing heavily! We were sitting on the deck on Wednesday! I did buy two one-piece bathing suits at Marshalls yesterday (1 for Hawaii & 1 for Aqua classes). Great buy, $28 for both of them & one is MK. I'll try to get a picture of the Hawaii bound animal print. Melody

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You know, I love a good deal. I try hard to find the best prices for things. Sometimes, I will see a dress or something on a website, and then I will google it and research it to see who has it for the best price.


I didn't do that with the dress at Steinmart. I thought I really lucked out that it was on sale, until I went to order it Thursday night and they only had a size 8 and 10 left. I can wear that from the waist down, but not from the waist up. :-(


But there were two other dresses I was watching at Steinmart, because they really capture the essence of formal but with a shorter, cocktail length. However, it's not a good neckline for me. After some back and forth, I decided to order them and just send them back if they aren't right. Sometimes, trying on something I shouldn't helps me to analyze the how and why of things. And sometimes, things work better for me than they used to as my bustline has receded a bit. Here are the dresses.






They were both on clearance. Shortly after I ordered them, I got an email that they now have 40% off their clearance. I sent an email to see if that can be applied. I hate it when that happens! Hopefully, they will be willing to honor that. You never know.


The necklines are very questionable for me, but I have to say that I love the gold dress.


My shopping trip yesterday was fun. I found a few things by asking my daughter to help me find them as well, because I knew that she would look in stores I wouldn't think of, and also find colors I didn't think of. That ended up being very true.


Two are vneck tees that are in a nicer fabric, rather jersey like. The colors are really great. The fit is a loose one, which I was looking to avoid. However, they actually drape, without having that look that a too big tee has. You know, where it kind of gathers up above the hips because the fabric has no place to go? These don't do that. I think they work. Then there was a crossover hi low top that has to be worn over a tank or cami. This jersey fabric is actually almost luxurious to the touch. The tees were $19.95 at American Eagle with 20% off, and then the crossover top was $20.00 on clearance at Abercrombie and Fitch. (I affectionately call it Abercrummy and Finch) I can't even go into that store as they spray their signature perfume all over and blast the music really loud. Lol!


Then I found a pair of pants that my husband and daughter are insisting I can were to work, but they are really a twill fabric so that's out of the question.


I'll take a picture with my phone and upload it for you all of the goodies I found so that you can see the awesome colors.


One thing that I really needed that I found didn't have the best of pricing. I'm on the fence on the size I purchased, and trying to decide if they need to go back for a bigger size. They fit. I'm just thinking they should lay a bit differently, and therefore I should go a size up. I'm concerned I'm going to end up with the underarm gap that happens when you're chesty and something isn't made of a knit. These were buy one, get one half price. They were $39.95 each so it worked out to be $30.00 each when done. The nice thing is, these are great for work under a jacket or sweater with a nice skirt or dress pants. At the same time, I can totally see wearing these with a pair of shorts or jeans when I don't want a basic knit top. once again, I'll take a picture of these also.


The best part of the day though was spending time with my daughter. We got to catch part of each basketball game. The Orangemen and Orangewomen both won! Take that, Charles Barkley, lol.

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The sun is really shining today, and my bedroom windows face west. As a result, I was having trouble getting a picture to adequately reflect the pants color. They're a rust color:




Here are the tees. The color on the right is really hard to describe. Maybe I can get a picture of it while I am wearing it that will help.






This was a fun shirt. Great for springtime, I think. But you know, it rides the line between fire and earth a bit. Overall, it felt a bit dull next to my daughter's skin, and she is a fire. That is very much a coral tone, not a pink. Once again, that afternoon sun...



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Anita , your outfit is so you +it looks great . I also love your son's vest + bow tie . I like that some of the girls wore sneakers .That is so teenage !

Laurie , Both of those dresses are pretty .

Melody , Have a great trip !


I am in Pennsylvania visiting my Mom . I forgot how gray winter is . No wonder you all want to escape to sunshine .We are going on a four day cruise next month . Just a quick getaway . We did rebook a transatlantic for next April but we may go sooner if I find one I like .I have not given any thought to our cruise next month . I'll just pull clothes from my closet since most of my clothes are Sumer clothes . I had a harder time finding things to take to Pennsylvania.

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Honestly, the color on the left is fire, and the ivory, well, it's a good neutral in the warm spectrum. It will work great under blazers and the like. I love that the hardware is gold.






I felt these were both earth colors. Deep or dark earth...they would look great on Margaret, I think. I find what I can. Office attire is mostly black or grey with limited warm colors. I try to find the best colors I can.




This is a fun earth color:



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My clutzy hands keep hitting buttons on my keyboard that they should not, and then I end up losing a whole post. Oops!


Those heel protectors look pretty neat. I will have to see where you can buy those. It may be worth giving them a try!


Anita, how is your knee these days? I was thinking about your post on shoes with heels, and was wondering how you were doing.


When Margaret gets back, I would love to know how the gadget for her husband's dress shirts worked. My daughter was showing me yesterday in Eddie Bauer that they have something like that. I know that for our last trip, I wasn't thrilled with how squished my husband's shirts were getting. Dresses, suits and dress shirts are not things that you can roll or put in a packing cube, and it was hard to figure out what to put where. I put the dresses and dress shirts on top of his suit, which was still in the plastic bag. The suit traveled perfectly, as did his sports jacket.


Sally, where are you going on your 4 day getaway? Sometimes, it just feels good to get away from every day life. The weather in Pennsylvania is probably very much like New York today. We are having an incredibly sunny day, but it is cold, and it looks kind of bleak because nothing is growing or in bloom yet. It's definitely coat weather, although you can get away without wearing mittens and just putting your hands in your pockets. And walking fast. :)


I hope your mom is well.


Margaret, how is your husband doing? You are getting pretty close to trip time too!

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Nachi Cocum was a wonderful treat for us in Cozumel. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I was there one other time and we swam with the Dolphins. That was fun.


Wow, 99 years old. God bless her.


Melody, I really love the gold dress. It just has a wonderful, classy feel to it. I think the color would work well for me too.



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Looks like you have a fun shopping day Laurie!


I like the zipper and lace up details on the shirts a lot. Having something in that area on a shirt works well for me. And I love the print!


It'll be interesting to see how the two dresses are. Both are lovely. For the more bronze one...that'll be interesting to see how the design is placed in the bodice. I know that if the, ahem, peaks of the bodice were to be in certain places in that pattern...I would be sending that dress right back to the store. I know I'm sensitive to design placement... The scallops seem less problematic in that department.


My knee is doing fine, thank you for asking. It has never given out...not that I have been pushing it recently. I've pretty much laid off of much physical activity since I tweaked myself doing yard work last summer.


The sad result of that and the holidays was getting right back up in weight to where I was when I first started getting serious and taking Zumba in Sept 2010. Sigh. I started an eating regimen on Feb 1 and I'm very happy to say that I've lost 15 pounds through my food choices alone...and the good thing is that I am eating a TON of food, just making very particular food choices and eliminating certain things (alcohol, added sugar, soy, corn, gluten, etc.). As my energy rebounds and the weather is nicer, I have a plan to get movement back into my routine. I have recognized the need to not push it though and am giving myself space to work in all the different things that I want to be doing by year's end.


I've ordered 3 pairs of fancy sandals...they should be here tomorrow. I'm hopeful that I will keep 2 of them...a sort of bday present for myself. My bday is this coming Friday!

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Anita, I did have a good time shopping. It was fun to have someone helping me find things.


One of the ice things about those tops is that the backs are dyed to match knit. It's a big deal for me as I have a lot of fit issues. As you once pointed out, most clothing assumes a certain cup size and DD isn't it. Lol.


The dresses are iffy but I think it's worth giving them a try. And when I asked about their new sale they gave me the new prices. So I got 40% off the clearance price.


It sounds like you are doing really well with your diet. I try to eat healthy but I don't follow a diet. We had fish twice last week and I also made salad with chicken another day...but today we had two big games to watch so in between we had philly sliders and chicken wing dip. I take the viewpoint of being careful about what I eat but also letting myself have some favorites here and there. I avoid soy altogether due to my thyroid.


I don't give a lot of thought to gluten. I should though. I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and quite a bit more fish. Yogurt too. I'm fond of fat free dairy as bone issues are what lead to the hip issues that run in the family, apparently.


I am on the lookout for shoes. I found that Target has a lot of cute sandals online. I really wear out shoes and sandals fast. I find that there are a few brands that if I spend a little more on, they last better.





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Laurie, I don't know that everyone needs to be careful of gluten. You have to analyze that by eliminating gluten from your diet for a period of time and then testing it by reintroducing it. Most things that have to do with food are tested in such a way. The fact is that you won't know if you should be concerned with gluten unless you are able to test it.


My diet isn't one in the common use of the word, which is why I said eating regimen. I'm following a protocol that can focuses on the science of food...treating food as the chemistry it is...and making food choices based on how the nutrients in food can support the different functions of the body. Each week has three phases of food where different systems in the body are the focus of each phase. The idea is more of restored balance and health...healing, if you will, through food choices. Weight loss is more of a side effect of the effectiveness of restored health.


And unlike a common diet, the more weight you have to lose, the food you have to eat. There isn't any calorie counting involved, a bit of measurement of different food sources...cups of gluten-free grains, ounces of protein, pieces/cups of fruit/veg, etc. I'm eating gynormous plates of food because I have so much weight to lose. BUT...I am eating a ton of nutritious food. I'm cooking like mad...cleaning like mad too because it is amazing the number of dishes that you use when you are actually cooking/eating 3 meals and 2 snacks a day.


That's one thing that I am seriously proud of. Since Feb 1, I have eaten exactly 2 meals that I haven't prepared, only 2 restaurant meals. And I have eaten 3 meals and 2 snacks a day since Feb 1, so that's significant. And a huge change from the norm for my family.


I have had two pairs of sandals from Target. I still have them and they are in okay condition. The front top of the soles are a bit scuffed up and the strap for the buckles are really worn. Because they are cheap sandals, they aren't very easy to restore with polish or anything, but they have held up very well considering how cheap they are. I've had the two pairs for years now...both were bought and worn quite a bit in Texas, so at least 4 years now?, the cost per wear on them is well under a penny.

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One of the side effects of DHs surgery is that he lost 22 lbs (that he didn't need to lose) & I lost 9 (I could've lost the 22 without a problem, I've dropped another 5 lb & DH gained 7 back since then.


We had DD, DDs significant other (& his Mom) & DGD over yesterday for belated corned beef & cabbage dinner. 12lbs on corned beef just flat disappeared! Our DGD has decided that she likes "corny" beef almost as much as roast beef, lol.


DGD saw my new animal print bathing suit & immediately started rummaging through my swimwear tub & found a pair or black linen like pants & a black sheer shirt (that I'd actually forgotten about). She told me "you'll look like a rockstar with your black straw hat & this". My tiny fashionista! Guess I'll get some pictures. Melody

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I've caught up again on my backlog of the EARTH thread. This is such good conversation and great pictures!


I'm preparing a Meet and Greet Cruise update email to send later. So, Ladies, this is last call to be included in our plans. If you would like to be included, please contact me at aoknkentucky at gmail dot com.


Specifically, Sailor Sally, you mentioned here on this thread that you'd like to included, but I didn't get an email from you.


Laurie, I need you to send me a quick email. Somehow, I lost your previous email and can't find your email address. Maybe I DREAMED that you wanted to be included in our plans.


Happy Spring, Everybody! It's freezing in KY too!

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Specifically, Sailor Sally, you mentioned here on this thread that you'd like to included, but I didn't get an email from you.


Laurie, I need you to send me a quick email. Somehow, I lost your previous email and can't find your email address. Maybe I DREAMED that you wanted to be included in our plans.


I did send an email but it got returned to me so I am trying again . I hate Outlook mail .It's a little nippy in Florida today .Happy Easter everyone !

Edited by Sailor_Sally
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It's very cool here todsy. It was about 20 degrees a short time ago.


I will forward an email to you tomorrow. It's iffy for me, but I'd a group cruise if I am able!


I'm intrigued with your dietary changes, Anita. Sometimes we are really rushing around after work. I make way less prepared foods. Takeout foods are usually Panera salads. I made some quinoa to go with our fish last week. I am okay with it, but the rest of the gang didn't love it. I make things like bruschetta chicken with whole wheat pasta.


I struggle to find things that I can make in a reasonable amount of time that I feel good about. When I find a recipe that fits the bill, I tend to make it a lot.


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