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All Things EARTH... part 2


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Here's the navy dress I got for PB. I decided against the lace sweater and went with a wrap instead:





It was only in the high 40s so I wore my jacket to dinner:



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Margaret , That dress looks fabulous on you . The picture of it was kind of blah but what a great dress .


Melody , Have a great trip ! How long is your cruise ? I have never been to Hawaii but I spent three weeks in Tahiti , Bora Bora & Morea years ago. Great snorkeling !


Laurie , I really enjoyed my Canada Cruise but it is not a cheap cruise .


Anita , I love gray !

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Margaret that dress is stunning on you, love it with the neutral shoes.


Sally, the cruise is 10 days with a week prior in Oahu. Just hoping DH will be up to snorkeling & paddleboarding by end of April. He's not a beach sitter, has to be doing something


Anita, I don't do grey well; that being said, my lounging pants & sweatshirt that I have on this morning are both athletic grey. DH asked me if I felt OK, that I looked kind of pale. Darn grey!

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Margaret, I love that dress on you! And the way it pairs up with your jacket is wonderful. I would love to find a jacket like that. I've been looking, but everything I find is double breasted. Also that color is so nice, and they are usually in a sand or khaki color. Because a jacket is close to the face, I really need to keep it warm. That is almost a caramel or butterscotch color, isn't it?


I noticed in today's Target ad that they have their tees and tanks for $5.00. They also have the Champion C9 sports bras on sale. The irony is, I bought two new tees yesterdays and two bras. I have taken the tags off and everything. Darn! But I may go back, because the prices are fabulous.


For those of you that like a sports bra with good support, there are some great ones made by Champion. They go over your head, but they have a regular bra closure at the bottom, creating a really good fit. I struggle with hooking bras, I'm getting the hang of these.


I like the Merona tees and tanks better than Mossimo, so I need to check the ad and see which ones are on sale.


I'm going to repost a picture of a dress I haven't worn on a cruise yet to get your opinions. Am I going to be "over the top" for formal night in this? I think it fits better on me now, and this picture was taken before I got a smaller strapless bra. Like everything else, I am going to try it on first.




The other formal night dress I want to bring is this one, which has now been taken in and changed a little bit. This picture isn't very good because of the flash, but it is a warm olive green.




I also definitely plan to bring this one for date night.




I was thinking about two other dresses I want to bring. That would be 5 out of 7 nights! But trying things on and figuring out the shoes and so forth will assist me in narrowing everything down.


Anita, you were on Allure so you may have good idea on how this fits in with the ship. But I know you were on a TA, so that can be quite different.


I'm trying to think of all the wonderful details you gave on the ship, so I may need to go back to our old thread and re-read it all!


Margaret, I've forgotten - what dresses are you bringing for formal night? Are there formal nights on the cruise you are going on? I am now thinking that there is not. I recall a reference to resort casual, or something along those lines.


You would think that being able to drive to a port would make it cheaper, but not on the East Coast. It's funny in a way, because I can fly to Florida and cruise from there cheaper, as Margaret has indicated.

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Laurie, they all look just lovely! You look great in dresses. Take your receipt to Target (within7 days) & they'll refund the difference, I do it all the time, no need to bring the item.


Celebrity has gone from formal nights to "evening chic". We're not bringing anything really formal for our Hawaii cruise, DH may bring a black sport coat, I'll be in silk slacks & sparkly tops (one Hawaiian maxi dress). I wore very formal attire while working in protocol & I find I'm more relaxed & comfortable in separates now. Melody

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Thank you all, that navy dress is very forgiving and I felt great wearing it in spite of the extra pounds. Sadly it is not going to Costa Rica with me as it wrinkles very easily. :( I don't know if I can iron it there. It's a shame because it is so incredibly comfortable.


Laurie, that coat is from Coldwater Creek and the color is called cedar. It really is very coppery. I love it so much, and it goes with so much more than you would think. Every now and then I poke around on eBay to see if anyone is selling the next smaller size, but so far no luck.


Your dresses are lovely. IMO once you're wearing a gown, you're going to be on the dressier end of the spectrum. If that's ok with you (and that's where I usually fall, at least on the first formal night), you should wear it. We only get so many opportunities to go all out, and I like to take advantage of them. I do have events where I try to fit right down the middle, but a cruise isn't one of them. You are right, I don't have any formal nights on my next cruise. They call it resort casual, or country club casual.


Ok, after making mounds of clothes on the bed today, here is how my cruise wardrobe shakes out. It turns out I'm packing a lot of blue and green. Here are my casual tops and all my bottoms. Khaki skort and navy skort for daytime, mushroom ankle pant and navy capri for evening, green tech gear pants for hiking (I have another pair in blue on the way). Plus a quick dry cap and a straw hat with a brim:




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First, what Melody said. Target has a price guarantee. I thought it might even be 14 days? At least 7 days, for sure. If anything goes on sale within the time frame of your purchase, all you do is go to the customer service counter with your receipt and they will refund the difference in the way that you made the purchase.


I love all those dresses! I think you should just have fun Laurie. Whatever fun for you is. Allure is one of those ships...it is SO BIG...it really suits whatever you have in mind. There are so many areas where it is appropriate to be all dressed up and hanging out. I would say Central Park could swing both ways...the music in the evening there is usually very concert like. People will gather and listen, and pay attention to the music playing. The Rising Tide Bar is fun to sit and enjoy (the one that goes up and down between the Central Park level and the Promenade Level.) There is a bar...I can't remember the name...but it's a two-story bar on Decks 9 and 10? Anyway, there is dancing there. Usually you see couples strutting their stuff. There are always a few that really know what they are doing.


I could name just as many places that are very casual...


I would say that the only place where I think your dresses would be very inappropriate is the night that you would go to the AquaTheater. The nature of the seating there...I wouldn't wear a very nice dress there. The seating is exposed...I would consider it to be the same level as the pool loungers...so I wouldn't sit there in a nice dress.


The TA was a very dressed up ship. If people weren't formal, they were stylin', so the ship always felt like people were making a big deal about being out "on the ship" in the evening and at night. The passengers were international too, so I am sure that made an impact. I am not sure what your itinerary is...but I'm guessing that you will have the typical Royal mix of casual and dressy.


I understand not wanting to feel overdressed and just, IDK, out of place...or sticking out. I don't think you would feel that way in your dresses.


Margaret, I love that navy dress! So pretty. I must say that the earlier photographs were not good of that dress! So weird how the color was so off!


It looks fab on you! I'm with Laurie...love that coat color!!

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I'm also taking three lightweight long sleeved shirts, just in case the AC on the ship is cold:





These are the tops I'm taking for dinner. I also have the two JJill dresses I posted before. I'm wearing both of them twice, first for dinner at the AI and then again for dinners on the ship:





Here's my swimwear. I just got the board shorts/sport shorts at JCPenney, and the new bathing suit in the middle is Jantzen:





My shoes. I'm wearing the hiking boots on the plane. Then there's my Merrills for wet landings, some flip flops, a new pair of sparkly walking shoes from Aerosoles, and some Anne Klein sandals for evening:




Finally, some jewelry for evening. During the day when it's hot, I don't like to wear much jewelry so I'll also pack some tiny earrings:





I also have a buff colored sweater to wear on the plane. That's pretty much it. Any thoughts? It seems like a lot.

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Oh! I am mostly done with the waistcoat. I still need to finish closing the side seams of the lining (from turning it inside out and closing the fashion fabric side seams)...that is hand sewing slip stitching. And I need to add the buttons. I sewed the button holes, but I still need to cut them open.


I must say...I'm really proud of this. Brocade is NOT easy to work with...I had no idea. But I think, overall, I did a good job.


I had to take another break though. I was so nervous to do the button holes...so once I got them done, I felt a bit drained.


I pick Mom and Dad up at the airport tomorrow...


Oh. DS' girlfriend did get a dress...but we aren't getting details. She said she'd like DS to get a blue tie. So I bought a beautiful deep blue satin today for a bow tie and a really awesome subtle pattern with black, blue and silver for a pocket square. So I still have do those before prom, which is next Saturday.


I'm not worried. I'm having such fun doing the sewing...


DS' is going to be so handsome!

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Margaret, how many nights is your cruise?


I love the process of planning out a cruise wardrobe. One thing I hope to have before the next cruise is casual shirts that have some detail, with a "smart" look, if that term makes sense. This really is something I want in general, not just for the cruise. But I mention wanting some before the next cruise simply because I want to be able to take them with me. I used to find such nice things at Dressbarn, but lately there are so many high necklines or colors that aren't very good for me.


I have the one shirt I wore over my swimsuit in Cozumel, and I wore that even after I changed out of my swimsuit later that day. You can see it a little here:




I think you've made really good choices for your cruise, Margaret. You have mentioned some of your activities you have planned, and those are right on target. I have been thinking I need to figure out some sort of hat. My head is kind of big, and because I wear a hearing aid, it makes wearing hats difficult. I want to protect my ears and head from the sun more.


I can't wait to see your pictures!


I am just trying to decide if I should bring one of the two dresses for the first formal night, and maybe something a bit more subdued for the second. I did that on Jewel last year, and it worked well.


If I could get a coat like yours from Coldwater Creek, I would love it. It is exactly what I am looking for.

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It's funny because I was posting and didn't refresh the page.


I am going to go to Target then. Believe it or not, I probably have a good $15.00 coming back from those items.


Margaret, now that I see the rest of your clothes, it makes more sense to me. I was thinking you didn't have enough! With a lot of heat and humidity, it can be hard to re-wear things. I could have re-worn some things on my last cruise, and then there were a few things I could not. The day we were supposed to go to Grand Cayman and the sea day after, it was a bit cool. The first sea day and Cozumel were very warm.


With your trip, I can imagine that you have to assume nothing would be worn again. They may be, you know? But just in case.


Like Anita, I love the shirts you are bringing for dinner. I think those are the kind of shirts I was trying to describe as smart, in that they aren't t-shirt style tops. There are different styles and fabrics out there, but they have a polished up look.


Sometimes, before a cruise I question my dresses. I will say that when I was on Brilliance, I simply got dressed and that was it. I didn't find myself looking at others, and worrying if I was overdressed. I guess I do that before I cruise, lol. I think dinner dresses and the jewelry that goes with it is just part of my personality, and I shouldn't fight it.


As much as I like jewelry, I will say that it isn't a big deal for beach days. If it is a sea day, I wear it because I'm not really a pool person. I may use the hot tub, but I will change before I go down, and then go up and change after.


When it comes to lounging, you can find me on deck 4, not at the pool. Well, it isn't deck 4 on all ships though. I understand on Allure that I will have to go looking for this, near the jogging track. If seeing the water isn't a necessity, then I will likely be in Central Park.


I think I forgot to mention it, but I found Brilliance a bit cool in areas. I was glad I had that knit cardigan, and the cropped pants. Then the last two days were windy and cool outside too.


Anita, I can't wait to see all the finished items for your son. They sound wonderful!

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Laurie...I think I know what you mean when you say you want some detail and a smart look. My shirts are mostly plain knit shirts...whether they are sleeveless tanks, or short sleeved tees, or long sleeved tees. Very plain, solid colors.


I've been making the same effort to find shirts that have a bit more character and a more flattering shape.


Because of the recent fabric shopping for prom, I've seen so many fabrics that I've ooo-ed and ahhh-ed over. I really want to figure out a theme or an inspiration for making myself some new shirts. I'm tired of shopping...I'm ready to do what I've had in mind for such a long time...and make my own.

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Anita, I would love to make what I have in mind. Somedsy, I hope to have a serger and a fabric store closer by. I love my basic knits because they can be worn around the house as is, or I can add a scarf, jewelry, sweater, etc. But I am looking for something more. I really miss some of my favorites that no longer fit.


Sent from my SM-T530NU using Tapatalk

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I have to say, I don't miss sewing at all. I also have a fear of doing buttonholes. :) Aside from a sewing class I had in school, I never did them again. I'm looking forward to seeing the waistcoat, and I hope we get a picture of the prom couple even if faceless.


I don't have many solid color tops. I think patterns hide the events of the day better, and I always seem to get stains on solid shirts right where they are most indecorous. Four of my five "dinner" shirts went to Palm Beach with me, they are the Pleione tops that I wear to work a lot. The one in the middle is new. I'm not happy with the white in it, but the turquoise is so perfect that I don't mind too much. It does have a happy tropical feel to it. They have a beautiful flowing movement to them, though that means they don't always photograph well.


I have planned not to re-wear my excursion tops, though some of them are quick dry active wear so I can always do them in the sink. I also have the option of wearing my dinner tops on later days in the afternoons, I think. Our excursions begin very early in the morning so as to miss the heat of the day, so we'll have some ship time in the afternoon and early evening. The two JJill dresses can always stand in for sundresses or cover-ups or nightwear. So, I think I've built in a lot of versatility.


Laurie, I really really like that shirt in your last photo.

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Margaret, which style Pleione tops do you have? I saw some that have a kind of pleat in the back that make it flowy back there...and I think they called it a high/low because the back was slightly longer than the front. They seemed very nice...and they have great patterns in their fabric. Some of the reviews were comparing the different fabrics and some people weren't as happy with some over others, so I was wondering what yours were.


I too have the case of the spills on the knit shirts. They were okay for a long time, but somehow, it seems that I've gotten oil on each one...and the oil stains are NOT coming out. So they are effectively ruined, except for around the house. I think I need to wear an apron in the kitchen more...


Buttonholes are scary! :eek: I was wired when I was doing them on the waistcoat yesterday which is why I had to take a break when they were all done. Any mess ups there and the waistcoat could seriously be ruined. My machine has a buttonhole setting. It's manual. 5 steps that you crank through and I think they came out really good. Not perfect, but definitely in the realm of ready to wear so I don't feel like the look is "homemade".


I will try to get pictures to post. The prom is IN Atlanta so it's quite a distance...and the kids are renting a party bus to haul the whole 20-person gang. I think this is smart...even if it is expensive. I'm not sure what the plan is exactly for the meet up for getting on the bus...but I'm sure there will be one with plenty of picture taking opportunities.


I think your wardrobe plan is a good one. The possibility of rewearing the day wear with a sink wash, if necessary. The possibility of rewearing evening tops in the afternoons. The flexibility of the dresses. Very good plan!


I love to sew! I don't know if it is because I don't have work outside the house? So my life's work of work around the house is always in repeat mode...with a limited time to enjoy a finished "project" because the house will always get messy again, etc, so sewing something gives me the satisfaction of finishing something. And it's something USEFUL that is finished, not just a book...or a puzzle...KWIM? It's very satisfying.


And for me, generally, I sew a lot for other people, which I love to do. It's very satisfying to make things for others for me.


And it's also a creative outlet for me. I like the whole process of picking the patterns, the fabrics, the puzzle of putting it all together...


I just love it!

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Margaret, which style Pleione tops do you have? I saw some that have a kind of pleat in the back that make it flowy back there...and I think they called it a high/low because the back was slightly longer than the front. They seemed very nice...and they have great patterns in their fabric. Some of the reviews were comparing the different fabrics and some people weren't as happy with some over others, so I was wondering what yours were.


My favorites are the pleat back ones you mentioned. In my photo, the new one in the middle and the red one to the right of it are that style. The blue one on the far right and the purple one second from left have a similar fit in the torso, but they have a small sleeve, kind of a cap sleeve effect, and instead of the box pleat in the back they have several knife pleats.


I also have two tanks like this that are great. One of them appears in my Houston pictures, I think. Very cool in the summer, nice coverage, and with a sweater or jacket I wear them to work too. Unfortunate colors this season, though:





I have two of these also, but they are not as comfortable because the neck is so wide, when I lean over there's too much exposure. I would wear them to dinner, maybe, but not much else:




Normally a high/low style is problematic for me. They tend to end in front in a way that makes for bad proportions. But the Pleione tops seem to be long enough that I get almost a tunic effect. I love them.

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Margaret, I found a Pleione top yesterday (at TJ Maxx), it's coming with me on the cruise. I'll try to get a picture. My darling DGD was with me & said; Nana, that looks just like you, ooh look at the back...my little fashionista! I actually have a sparkly shrug that I didn't really have anything to go with, now I do! Thanks for the introduction to the brand.


We're getting a Nordstrom Rack (& they put it beside DSW, I'm in so much trouble now!). Melody

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Here's some (more crummy) picturesImageUploadedByForums1457448148.005434.jpg.79a594c7dc0561608c754b5288097d01.jpg. I've been looking for s complimentary shirt to go with shrug for awhile. Melody



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Those colors remind me of Hawaii. :-) I always said that if I could travel, the one place I really wanted to go was to Hawaii. This was back in the day when I never even went away for a weekend before. It is very much on my bucket list.


I googled Pleione because I wasn't familiar with the term, but that style of top I see very frequently in Dressbarn. Are those little pleats in the back of your shirt, Melody? What a nice detail.


When I googled it, I found a lot of these shirts at Nordstrom. Many were hi low, with the front stopping around the waist and the back much longer. There was a wrap effect in the front. I will say that I've been attracted to that style for quite some time. It is probably not the best look for me, but I love it.


RCI released their updated schedule today. I can get a suite on Allure out of San Juan and airfare also for the cost of just the cruise fare to Alaska. And that's a balcony room. Now, to just convince my husband!


I'm fascinated by the itineraries. I readily found three different ones. Aruba has always intrigued me.


The discussion on Pleione has got me thinking that maybe I need to think more about styles of shirts, and get a good grip on what works for me. Once I have that, I may be able to focus better. The thing is, I'd rather wear a shirt in a so-so style with the right color, than a great style in the wrong color. It makes that much of a difference.


I'll be stopping by Dressbarn tomorrow evening, so I'll see what they have there. That shirt I posted a picture of when I was in Cozumel is from Dressbarn. It has great colors in it.

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Margaret , You got all of us looking for those tops .I really like the back pleats and the small prints .


Laurie , I love the Southern route but I also love Bermuda . Have you considered that ? It is a beautiful island & so different than the typical islands


Melody , That is a really pretty shirt & sweater combo .



I am going to Pennsylvania next week to visit my Mom and then Gary & I are going on a four day cruise just to get away . We did book a TA for April 2017 & hopefully we will get to do it depending on my Mom . I got a great printed blouse from JJill . It will look great with white capri's .


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Laurie, Those are knife pleats in the back of the shirt. It reminded me of Hawaii also. I'll try to get a better picture as it really looks like a Monet landscape. I'll get a picture of my other rather intriguing shirt, it's really a high/low (back is almost 12" longer than the front).


Laurie, we've cruised several times out of San Juan, you can definitely get farther south in a short time.


Sally, have a great getaway! Melody

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