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All Things EARTH... part 2


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Sally, I saw that shirt in the store and really liked it, but they didn't have my size. :( I agree about Bermuda. I went twice with DH when he had conferences there. The pink sand! OMG. Plus I saw my first barracuda snorkeling there. You are heading north just in time to catch the return of sunny days. It is supposed to be 77 here today!


Melody, your top reminds me of a watercolor painting. I bet it looks beautiful with your hair. Isn't it fun when you find something perfect to go with an orphan clothing item? Such a pretty combo.


Nordstrom Rack & DSW? All you need is a HomeGoods and you'll have the trifecta!


BTW those sparkly keds are from Easy Spirit, not Aerosoles. I've been wearing them around the house to see if they rub, and they are so comfy. I think they will be my spring go-to shoe.


Taking recommendations for what color to paint my toes....

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I agree on my top, it reminds me of a Monet. The other is much more vibrant, almost edgy, I'll get a picture of it. Homegoids/TJMaxx & Ross are two blocks over & Steinmart just moved in next to Costco. I'm in deep trouble. Melody

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I went to Target, and they refunded the difference on those sale items. Yay! $13.51.


I stopped in Famous Footwear. They had some cute things, just not what I was looking for. Then I went to Dressbarn. They had a few earthy things, just nothing that was ideal for me. So other than Bumpy Nerd Jelly Beans, my trip was a bust. [emoji23]


We have these stores all on a plaza very close to my house. Very convenient!


I've been to Bermuda twice. Explorer used to be in Bayonne, NJ and those were my first two cruises. I love Bermuda.



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Here's my other abstract type hi/lol top. The first two layers flow on the front & the long layer is the backImageUploadedByForums1457625125.724604.jpg.a54ed6259ba79bc35134d05d4847a6e2.jpg. It looks much better on! Melody

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I finished all three items today!


The waistcoat is brocade. The fabric is one of those fun fabrics with a sheen on it that changes the nature of the black when the angle of the light changes. It can be black, a charcoal black and a blue black. It doesn't look so awesome on the hanger because the darts make it pucker funny (it's awesome on):




I spent some time trying to pick the best buttons. Amazing what a difference buttons can make! These have a tone on tone pattern:




DS' GF's dress ended up being black, but she requested that we still do a blue bow tie...I found a beautiful blue satin and a pocket square fabric with black, blue, and silver that brings it all together:






I still need to do the final ironing...


I'll get photos of the main event on Saturday!

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Wow, Anita! Everything came out wonderful! Every time you post a sewing project, I get to thinking how I wish I still sewed/had time. If a fabric store opened up closer to home, I bet I'd be in there though, picking out a project to try.


Your son is going to look so handsome. One thing I really loved about sewing was the feeling that I made something no one else had.



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I've been armchair window-shopping again at Coldwater Creek. I'm thinking of getting this in flax for work:




This comes in a beautiful color called amber. From the photos in the catalog, I think the currant might be FIRE:




I'm really tempted by this fun sweater. It would fit into my taupe/champagne capsule very nicely:




This is a nice periwinkle maxi:




I've been looking for something lavender to go with a necklace I have:



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Margaret, love the teal on the maxi dress, I might just order it. I don't near it, but the dress & color are calling me!


I've never had any luck with Chadwick's & I've tried several times Melody

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Margaret, you've posted some great things here. I love the same maxi dress that Melody does. I'm looking at that coral like color. There are a few options that looked earthy when I was checking the links on my phone. I really need to bring them up on my computer to see what they look like when I can see them better.


I can imagine wearing that on day one, as my boarding outfit with some pretty jewelry, or even a scarf, depending on where we are sailing from and what the weather is like.


I have purchased from Chadwicks in the past, but not in a while. I always liked I was I got from them before. I happened to have a catalog that came in the mail a few days ago, and they have these linen drawstring pants. They aren't the best style for me, but what really jumped out at me was that there were 5 color options, and the are appear to be earth. They aren't looking as warm online as in the catalog, but we don't have the lights on here very brightly at the moment. Here is the link:




I ordered a few things from Macy's that were on sale for very good prices. I didn't like any of them. I won't say I'm bothered by that - I have a theory that I should try things if they have a chance of working, even if I'm not overly thrilled. Hey, it doesn't hurt to try something on. That is what I did with the snake print dress, and the aqua like one that I wore on the last cruise.


So, they're going back, and that's okay.


We had wonderful weather today, very springlike. I think it was around 60.


And I have some really good news...my husband agreed to sail on Adventure out of San Juan in 2017! We were looking for something special for our anniversary, and he agreed that the itinerary was great. We did decide to go about a month and a half after our anniversary, mostly because we found that we could get such a good rate when kids are back to school.


So we are sailing the first week in September of 2017, and we will be going to Aruba, St. Thomas, Curacao, and St. Kitts. And we will be in a junior suite.


All for half of the cost of going to Alaska! We still very much want to go to Alaska, but we knew we had some issues that would keep us from going in 2017, once we learned of the cost.


I'm excited about Allure in a few more months, and already excited about a cruise a year and half away!


Margaret, you are what...a week out? Are you packed yet?


I need to get back to looking at luggage. I have some packing cubes I plan to order very soon. I was pleased with how that worked.


I found a Mother Lode duffle style bag with wheels that interested me. I'm also looking at this luggage made by Lucas. It appears to have a hard side on the bottom, and a soft side on top. Marshalls had two in the same size that were ideal, but I admit I didn't want the black. There is a yellow stripe on it, sort of. But I think it would be a pain when trying to locate it, seeing how much black luggage there is. I found a set online of this brand that we can get in other colors. The downside is, the wheels are not spinners. I really like wheels that spin, they are so much more maneuverable. If I opt for the ones in Marshall, I have to be able to find matching carry ons.

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Laurie , That cruise sounds perfect for an anniversary and the price is right . Alaska is also a great cruise but you have to be in the right mind set to go there since it is all about the views and the weather can be iffy . Flying to San Juan is as easy as flying to Florida and the Southern Caribbean is beautiful.

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We are very excited about this cruise. Actually, I'm excited about every cruise we take. :D:D


But you know, the next cruise is on Allure, and it will feel much different than many of our other cruises because the Oasis class was designed very differently. I am looking forward to seeing the changes, and what I like and dislike about it.


Then with the recently booked cruise, I'm going on a class that I love. I love the Voyager and Freedom classes a lot. Sailing from beautiful San Juan, and having a whole new itinerary....plus a junior suite...it just feels very special.


I'm feeling very grateful, very blessed. The hardest part is the full year and a few months that occur between Allure and Adventure.

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Laurie, I almost posted those drawstring pants. Chadwick's whole linen collection this year is much more EARTH friendly than usual. Congrats for picking your cruise! It sounds like a fun itinerary to some beautiful spots.


I leave on Thursday! DH and I are mostly packed. My suitcase is mostly cubes and shoes. :) DH saw it and said, "Maybe I should try those cubes." I did get one of those sleeve things and folded all his collared shirts for evening in it. He was very impressed. We'll know better if it's a keeper when we unpack and see how wrinkled they are.


My carry-on is mostly packed, too, except for our paperwork, which I'm going to do now. I have three incredibly packed days ahead at work, plus hair, nails, bills, and any last-minute stuff. We spontaneously offered our apartment to a dear friend's college-age nephew & friend for their spring break while we're away, so there was a two-day flurry of cleaning and preparing for their arrival last night.


I'm annoyed about DST because now instead of going backwards one hour on Thursday, we'll go back two. Minor annoyance, I know, but it's hard for me to adjust my sleep even that much. I don't want to be awake everyday at 4am.

I have my melatonin packed already.

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I always find the few days before a cruise hectic too. I love when I can take an extra vacation day but it all depends on the timing and so forth. We were really running extra before our last cruise, with doctor appointments because of the shingles and all sorts of things. I'm already hoping for a half of a vacation day before the June cruise. I work until 6 on Fridays and that isn't the best. Oh. and I ordered more packing cubes today!


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Margaret, have a wonderful cruise! I surely hope you turned your clocks ahead an hour! I wish we'd stay on Daylight Savings Time all the time & not switch back & forth. I like it lighter in the evening.


The best part of finally being retired is I actually have some time to do things before a cruise & still sleep! Melody

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I too could do without the clock changes. It's dark when I leave in the morning again!


Margaret, have a wonderful cruise if we don't here from you before you leave. Pictures, pictures, pictures!! [emoji41]



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