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Transportation questions and suggestions

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We are doing an NCL cruise out of Civi at the end of Oct. We will be flying into Rome (haven't made our plane reservations yet). So is there a train from the airport to take us to Civi, or do we have to go to Rome first and then Civi? Is there a train that goes from the airport to Rome, or do we have to take a taxi.

I have read the thread about the express train from Rome to Civi, but we are two seniors with 2 big suitcases and probably 2 mid size carry ones also. This might be a trick if we had to maneuver them on trains and/or buses.


Part 2 is, when we disembark our NCL cruise, in Civi, we have a TA scheduled for 2 days later. Should we schlep everything into Rome for those days (we have been to Rome a couple of times already), or just get a place in Civi for the two days and if we wanted to go to Rome, take that express train?

Just one other thing, we can't afford any private transfers. Schlepping on the train/bus isn't a good thing especially if we have to walk with all this luggage, so would taxi or maybe shared shuttle be better?





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If schlepping bags is a problem,  train is most likely not for you. A shared shuttle is far cheaper than a taxi in most cases...although a taxi from the airport to the center of Rome is a flat rate...last year was 48 euros. Going Rome to Civi is a different story as to the costs of a taxi...much more expensive. Some hotels will arrange transportation for about the same rate for airport to Rome.


Whether you stay near the port, or back in Rome depends entirely on you, your interests and limitations,  none of which we know. I know we would probably stay in Rome, unless we have already spent 4 or 5 days in Rome. We love Rome. We will be making our 5th trip there,  never less than 4 nights, this coming May.

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If you want to take the train, you need to be able to handle your own luggage. This probably means halving the amount of luggage you're planning on taking. Trust me, barring necessary medical equipment, you don't need that much luggage.

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Agree with above posts - with that much luggage, the train would not be a good fit for you. We like taking the train as it is fast and inexpensive but added to the fact that you are overloaded with luggage, there are stairs at the Civi train station on which you must schlep your luggage up and down.

A shared shuttle would be your most economical solution - there are shuttles from FCO to Civi and shuttles from hotels to Civi - a Google search will reveal such services. 

Regarding Rome vs Civi before your return TA, this is entirely up to you. IMHO, there is little to see/do in Civi but a return to Rome (we always find tons to see and do even after our many visits) would require transportation back to Civi at the end of your stay in Rome.

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If you read through the 'Italy Ports' threads you will find lots of recommendations for various shuttle providers, which is probably the best way for you to get to Civitavecchia.

On your return, as you have a TA a couple of days later, in would be very inclined, if I was in your situation, to book a hotel in Civitavecchia and use the train to Rome Terminii if you felt like going to Rome.  

As previously mentioned there is not much in Civitavecchia to amuse you for the two days (is that only 1 full free day?), but there is a pleasant walk along the sea front and there is a Carrefour store to get a few 'necessities' for the TA. 😉

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Just to give you an idea of prices for the various transportation needs you have:


I have used Romashuttle.com for shared shuttle rides from Civitavecchia to Rome, from Rome to FCO and vice versa. 


For two people, the cost of a shared shuttle from FCO to Civitavecchia is 70 euros. That's 35 euro per person and they drop you off at the terminal. I consider that a pretty good deal. Private transfers run about twice as much, plus or minus 10 euro.


For the Rome to airport route or vice versa, a private pick-up with the same company is 45 euros for two. They don't do a shared shuttle. Or you can get an official taxi for a fixed rate of 48 euro as long as your hotel in Rome is anywhere within the historic center ("within the walls").  Either one is quite easy.  There is an express train option into Rome and also an express bus, which is quite cheap -- but both of these end up at Termini station in Rome and then you have to schlep to your hotel or get a taxi, which adds another 10-15 euro depending on your location.


My vote is always to stay in Rome, but then I love Rome. Civitavecchia is a not particularly charming place with not much to do.  

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Thank you all for some of the suggestions. I kinda figured, with the amount of luggage we have, the train might not be the best idea. (and as to the luggage, we will be away almost a month (7 day cruise+14 day cruise and assorted pre and post cruise stays and to tell my DW she can't pack this or that, well you do it, not me 😁).

We have been to Civi a couple of times already and have done about what there is to do there. We even tried the hot baths last year, and that was pretty nice. 

We haven't booked any hotels or planes as of yet, so I just don't know exactly where we want to stay. If we fly in the day before the cruise, we will most likely do the shuttle from FCO to Civi and spend the night there. We are using miles and it is too early to book.

CruiseMom, you mentioned that the shuttle will leave you off at the terminal, is that the cruise ship terminal, or will we have to take a bus to get there?


Again, thanks for all the help and advice.




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1 hour ago, Giantfan13 said:


CruiseMom, you mentioned that the shuttle will leave you off at the terminal, is that the cruise ship terminal, or will we have to take a bus to get there?



Almost all shuttles, private cars and taxis can take you inside the port to the closest drop-off point for your particular ship, eliminating the need to take the port shuttle bus.  I say "almost" because I am not 100% sure about EVERY service, but almost all that I'm aware of (or that have been mentioned on these boards) will drop you inside the port.


It's always best to ask the question when booking, to be certain.



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