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Idea for Covid19 Testing Prior to Cruise Embarkation

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On 6/20/2020 at 6:23 AM, rcrdale said:

Unfortunately a vaccine is not fool proof.  Many people get the regular flu vaccine and still get the flu.  


Flu is a bad example.


But you are correct.  However, what protects those that do not develop immunity from the vaccine, is herd immunity.


Once enough people are immune, it is highly unlikely that a susceptible person will come in contact with someone who actively has it.  


Most vaccines are more than 90% effective in giving people who get it immunity.  Herd immunity requires somewhere between 60 - 90% of the population to be actually immune.


It also means, even a person is infected, and infects someone else, the spread will be limited.


Flu is a bad example, as there are hundreds of strains of flu, and new ones pop up every year.  The vaccine each year, gives protection against 3 strains.  A team of experts decide what the most likely 3 strains to be widespread.  Sometimes they guess wrong.  And even if they get it right, there could be another strain circulating at a low level.

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5 hours ago, S.A.M.J.R. said:

* You will not get 100% of the people to take the vaccine, even *IF* it is developed.


But that is THEIR problem.


If I have been vaccinated, it doesn't matter to me if you get sick from it.

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2 hours ago, bobmacliberty said:


Cruise lines will still need a process onboard to test, isolate, track and trace, and even deal with those who become more seriously ill and require hospital level attention

That is the issue. What happens when someone gets sick onboard with CV19?  That is the issue the CDC has with cruises. High density in a closed in space. The CDC doesn’t want cruise ships to dump off CV19 sick in US Ports. 


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MAYBE.  SOMEDAY.   And a LOT of dogs would have to be trained to have any meaningful impact.  Wishful thinking.
The only thing my dog smells is food and treats. [emoji1787]

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On 6/19/2020 at 9:39 PM, Searanger said:

I will just throw this one out there.  Can the cruise lines not test passengers prior to embarkation on their ships.  This then solves all the problems with social distancing, masks, half full ships etc..   Of coarse the question is?  How the heck are they going to do that on embarkation day?  Simple.....move up the embarkation day by 24hrs.  You don't start your cruise holiday at the pier, you start it at a pre-selected hotel(s) the day before your cruise.  I'm going to assume that there are private labs out there that could process these tests within 24hrs?  Therefore, when everyone does join the ship they have all tested negative.  Now there's lots of logistics involved here, but I'm going to go out on a limb and guess any major hotel chain would be more then happy to book their entire property out to Royal Caribbean at a discounted rate.  Let's face it, hotels are in the same boat as cruise lines. They have zero business coming in the door in the foreseeable future.  Here's the caveat:  You check in for your cruise at your assigned hotel 24hrs prior to sailing.  Someone shoves a swab down your throat and has you proceed to the front desk for your room assignment.  Here's the sticky part.  You can't leave your hotel room until cleared and you get on a bus the following day for your trip to the port.  So if your fare just increased by $100. per person, would you book a cruise knowing that you are getting on a virus free ship.  This could also be reversed where you are swabbed prior to entering the ship at your last port.  These swabs are then flown to the city where the lab(s) are located and tests processed prior to the ship arriving for it's turn around, if the county of entry has concerns.


I would think this could work and satisfy local governments and the CDC.   

That would be a major problem...so many reason.   Not so sure a hotel would want  to take this mess on.  It sounds like a TLC idea for a series. Like Honey Boo Boo, or married at first sight.  Three to five thousand people showing up at one time with loads of luggage,  who can't leave, everybody is hungry standing in line for test, hoping they are negative and realizing they could possibly be contagious but not testing positive yet.  All the story lines real or  contrived....everybody checking out the next day needing transport to the port, breakfast...and on and on it  goes...Nah

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2 hours ago, bouhunter said:

MAYBE.  SOMEDAY.   And a LOT of dogs would have to be trained to have any meaningful impact.  Wishful thinking.

They use dogs all the time in airport customs to sniff drugs.  Maybe wishful thinking but not crazy.

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17 hours ago, eel said:

They use dogs all the time in airport customs to sniff drugs.  Maybe wishful thinking but not crazy.


Not even wishful thinking.  It's possible with studies underway right now.  Dogs have between 10,000 and 100,000 times better ability to detect odors than humans.  And it's known that some diseases give off Volatile Organic Compounds that a dog can smell.  




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