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  1. Dining room....poolside burger grill....poolside pizza
  2. You don't want to go to a main dining room?
  3. OBC with amount depending on cabin type and length of cruise....with $100 deposit, except for cruises longer than 50+ days.
  4. yes....the app or cabin TV will give you up to date account info....and you can print it off near the Guest Services desk.
  5. yes, you will get to Elite. Moving cabins is very easy...we have done it many times. Crew will move for you....even everything that is on hangers.... You only disembark after all other passengers have gotten off...and you go thru USA immigration and circle back on to the ship. All very simple
  6. we have two of them booked, and are also interested in seeing/hearing about them.
  7. Actually, they owned three....the Tahitian, the Pacific, and the Royal
  8. perhaps.... Bar Harbor allowed to limit number of cruise ship visitors, judge rules | newscentermaine.com
  9. just remember that the Island and the Coral only have 2 dining rooms
  10. we have been using these on Princess for the last 3 years...and they fit inside a 28" suitcase. Amazon.com: Sport-Brella Versa-Brella 4-Way Swiveling Sun Umbrella (Midnight Blue) : Sports & Outdoors
  11. there are two...and what nights depends on the itinerary. Not the first night, and not the last night for certain.
  12. yes.....that cabin is designed for 3 passengers, according to the Princess website deck plans
  13. we spent 40 days on the Enchanted earlier this year......and noted that on some days they put out the ropes, and on some days took them down. I thought it very odd every time I noticed the changes.
  14. wonderful....we will be on the Emerald for 37 days in August/September to Greenland and Quebec.
  15. do a search here....there are a few "live from" threads....
  16. There are many, many websites for booking independent excursions.....google will bring up lots for you to pick from
  17. Just to be clear, in Montreal, before boarding a flight to the USA you are going through USA Customs and Immigration.....and the time it takes to do that fully depends on the time of day, day of week, etc. Sometimes it can take a couple of minutes, and sometimes much longer, depending on the line-ups. An hour should give you plenty of time for that process.
  18. thanks for the reminder about Labour Day....we are on the same cruise and I had totally forgotten about the holiday.
  19. We got one last week....Princess was mentioned in the return area on the envelope, and in the documentation inside.
  20. We are going to be doing the same flight to YYZ....and are hopeful. Will either self walk off, or be in the first group after that.
  21. we had a crew show on the Sapphire last November on the South Pacific cruise
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