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  1. yes, someone also posted that a few minutes ago....
  2. you don't/can't....but you can find it on the princess website in your cruise personalizer. Except if from your TA which normally doesn't show up there.
  3. Perhaps it was the terminology that you were using.....I think that dining room host staff generally use the word "sharing". If you book a larger table...arriving at your reservation time and stating "we have a 6pm reservation for a sharing table of X people" should work for you. We have had reservations that way, it it generally has not been a problem.
  4. ask your cabin steward, if you haven't already done so.
  5. I looked for you, and it appears that it was you who asked the question an hour or so ago
  6. someone also asked that recently...check the threads for today or yesterday
  7. likely Sunday night and Thursday night...sea days
  8. We docked in Brest on the Enchanted a couple of years ago...our Princess excursion took us to Quimper, a wonderful ancient town to visit. We also stopped in Cherbourg....and enjoyed our stroll into town.
  9. If you mean flavoured as in Bubly, the answer is no....only non-flavoured sparkling water
  10. assignment anytime from now until you arrive at the ship.. It will be posted when available on your cruise personalizer online or the princess app.
  11. check the princess website....in the FAQs, I think that there is show how to contact while at sea
  12. Most claim that their meters don't work, but they get em to work when I say "let me off".....or they claim "flat rate" which is about 2X the amount of a metered rate. In March, they changed the location for grabbing cabs....the change happened just that morning so it was a mess....
  13. only a full mini bar if you are either in a full suite or are Elite.
  14. apparently not....you get what they give you. Having said that, we always go for forward cabins and its never been an issue.
  15. yes...and the crew make a big deal about it, and really dress up
  16. we have been twice, and have seen a range from jackets/ties to ball caps/t-shirts.
  17. it is not part of the sanctuary....any adult can use it.
  18. on the princess website, they don't seem to offer pre-cruise hotels in Boston
  19. no need to pack up and take luggage on the turn around day of your B2B...you will take your luggage with you and clear customs and immigration when you leave the ship finally
  20. Just so you know, B2B is very easy....all B2B passengers will be asked to meet at a certain time in a dining room, or lounge/theatre. When all leaving passengers are off the ship, you will be escorted off the ship to go thru US immigration, and then escorted back on the ship before newly arriving passengers. If you have to change cabins, crew will assist you doing that. You will be detailed instructions a few days before arriving in the USA
  21. you will queue up when you arrive, and "fair warning", it can be chaos because crew members also have to be processed. Having said that tho, people doing a B2B will be processed after everyone else is done, and should be much much quicker.
  22. not aware of Princess tours (but I haven't looked) A quick google search brought up a number of options. Did you try google already?
  23. We have a cruise booked in August, and one excursion for which was paid $189pp is now waitlisted for $350pp. So, yes....book 'em now when the going is good.
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