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  1. depends on where you are flying too, and from. North America to europe can be very substantially cheaper, especially for Premium Economy or First/Business Class. The same can be said going to Asia.
  2. The benefits of the Sanctuary is of little use when travelling with a 12 yo.
  3. totally waterproof.... not reusable...you get a new one each cruise
  4. You can not prebook....you must go to the Sanctuary itself to book.
  5. I agree with Coki Beach in St Thomas...have had some excellent views there
  6. It never shows on the deck plans, and it can and does change depending on the number of people that they expect to attend. We have actually seen it change locations mid-cruise because of the numbers
  7. The minimum fare is now $13....and yes, it would be much too far to walk
  8. not always...sometimes they close the fire doors and not allow any access to cabins.
  9. We did the Moorea Sail last November....and yes, they supply fins and vest. I should warn you however, that the snorkeling area is a long swim from where the boat anchors, and the current was very strong the day we were there.
  10. the amount would depend on the length of the cruise, I presume
  11. Feb, 2023.....they didn't even go to Barbados is 2024
  12. that's like saying don't go to Korea because it's close to North Korea...
  13. while recently on the Enchanted for multiple cruises, on our first turn around day, embarkation was put on hold for about 2.5 hours because someone going thru security apparently had a lighter shaped like a gun. It was a mess....USCG and the police got involved.
  14. we just got off from 40 days on the Enchanted....dining room service was excellent, and the food was generally pretty good. Buffet food was very good at breakfast, as was the couple of times we had lunch there. The only one time there for dinner....it was very quiet and food and service was good with lots of choice. Our first 10 days saw very poor service in Good Spirits, and they must have done something because the service greatly improved after that. Early morning coffee service in the IC was outstanding. We never ordered anything from the App. But, I should add that we heard a rumour that staffing on the ship was down between 200 and 300 crew members.
  15. only if you get up early when the deck crew are putting out the loungers....7am or shortly before. Especially on a sea day
  16. Not trying to "one up" you, but we were there 4 times on the Enchanted....3 times bow facing out and once facing in.
  17. we were on the same ship to the same destination last Oct/Nov....and arrived at the port and 10AM. What a disaster......having experienced that, I would suggest to arrive at noon or later. It was a total mess. Princess blamed both the port folks and the USCG....no matter whose fault, it was the worst ever.
  18. We are just home from 40 days on the Enchanted, and 10 sea days in the Sanctuary. Not sure that I ever saw all the Cabanas full. However, service levels were not as good as previous voyages on the ship. Examples: On one of our last days, at 9:30am and never having been asked if we wanted breakfast, I asked one of the crew if it was "too late for breakfast?"....I got a "Maybe"...so I asked if that was a yes or a no, and I got another "Maybe", and the guy walked away. Another day, at tea time....there were still 7 guests to be served and they only had 1 pastry left on the cart with no refills underneath. When I saw that, I suggested that maybe some days they should start the service from the other end, and that just drew blank stares. Some days, coffee service in the morning, came in cups from the buffet area, and was cold when it arrived. Anyhow, standards we experienced in the past were lacking for sure.
  19. nothing.....it is irrelevant now. Just arrive when you want
  20. we got them 20 days ago on the Enchanted
  21. we just got off the Enchanted....40 days...b2b2b2b...and we got them on the last two cruises. Design has changed, and slightly different colour
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