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  1. Thanks.. I had to think about that one but got it. I'm a little slow on the pick up sometimes:)
  2. I used FCC from I think 2019 for a cancelled cruise 4/2020. I opted for a complete refund for the cancelled cruise. I was told the FCC I used is now good till 4/2021. I sent an email asking for an extension of that date. They declined. I guess if we are unable to cruise before 4/2021 I will revisit that plan. But hopefully we will be cruising again by then.
  3. thank you for putting this together!!!! I have added our information.
  4. We were able to request a refund on our cruise on 4/13. The cruise next certificates were posted back on our account on 4/17. We booked the cruise directly with NCL Cant wait to cruise again at the right time.
  5. Well said. We are booked on the Escape TA to Rome on 4/18. Booked return won AA with NCL. I’ve heard AA isn’t flying into Italy at this point. So many potentially problems. I’m worried.
  6. I completely understand that!!! But it also depends on the port. Get a great deal and go for it!
  7. just don't count on getting into the ports. That's another unknown. But I bet there are a lot of people on cruises as we speak! So enjoy
  8. I agree on calling back. I have done it twice. Got a better offer the 2nd time but decided to still wait and see. So call again!
  9. also- there are many shows but each one was packed when we went. It was really a lot of fun!!!! They had a show in the main theatre also but Cavern club is much more fun
  10. When we were on the Epic a few years ago you could get into the cavern club way before 30 min before the show. I would say if you want a seat to get there at least 1 hour before the show. Really!!!!! We loved it!!!!
  11. that summary is fantastic!!!!!! Thank you
  12. Roger, Someone asked a question about what to do when visiting Palma when our ship arrives on 4/29 for 4-11. You had mentioned going to a restaurant. Do you know of any vegetarian friendly places? Also will the shops be open to stroll around? Will we be taking a taxi into town? Thank you for your suggestions in advance Kathy
  13. Yes. Too bad. But I think they killed it with a cover charge. Also the locations on the ships weren’t very good in my opinion
  14. Can you suggest some restaurants? Maybe some that have great vegetarian options? Are the shops open in the evening 4/29 I believe. Thanks
  15. I have checked in on embarkation and left the ship after getting shows arranged etc in both New York and New orleans ports. They will tell you when you need to be back-if not ask.
  16. I'm with you!!! I always buy a specialty coffee card on other lines. With RCL you can't use the specific coffee card at Starbucks but there are many places around the ship to use it - the vitality café, the place on the promenade, at dinner. Hope NCL reads this!!! I am sailing in April on a TA. Would love a nonalcoholic drink card that included specialty coffees.
  17. Unfortunately no. I heard it was a great show. And don’t remember names. They said it was the same show all week. But completely booked and I wasn’t standing in any line. I asked the diamond concierge for tickets but didn’t find them in the app till after the show☹️
  18. Just off harmony of the seas. A couple days into the cruise they offered 50% off specialty dining. Also 50% off captains table and galley tour. Probably depends on availability
  19. Just off Harmony of the seas. We are diamond level. Loved the perk of Diamond lounge. Had my time dining and the service was fantastic. Food good. I recommend asking to sit in Yula’s area. Such a fun and great waiter. Other waiters good too but she was special. loved the Columbus show. I was prepared for a totally different theme and was pleasantly surprised. Ship was well attended to. Ship was full. Can’t answer about kid stuff.
  20. If u connect with her at all please say hello for me. I don’t see us going on the bliss anytime soon. She made our dining so special. I eat a vegetarian diet and she would ask me what I would like the chef to make. I had a full spread Indian curry. Amazing. And that was in the Manhattan- not Haven.
  21. For the future it’s easier to take a pic of them with their name badge. I was hoping to read it was a lady called Ching. She was in the haven on the escape. I know she went to the bliss but unsure wherr
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