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  1. Personally I would not book a cruise until 2021.
  2. There will be no cruises in April. There will be no cruises in May. There will be no cruises in June. There will be no cruises in July. Stay safe everyone!
  3. I would prefer to NOT give my tax dollars to foreign corporations. If they go under, so be it. BTW you are a day late and a dollar short, the law was passed and signed with no aid to cruise lines.
  4. when the different airlines went bankrupt (over the years), people kept their status and miles. Also vouchers were still honored. who knows what will happen with the cruise lines?
  5. not a chance this cruise will go. when they cancel it take the refund. pretty sure Delta is allowing refunds of award tickets with no penalty, but look online to make sure.
  6. The Cruise industry (in general) does not employ many Americans, and is definitely not crucial to the economy (like the airlines.) Odds are against a cruise industry bailout from the US government/taxpayers. There will be large cruise lines going out of business, and consolidation, just like in the airline industry after 9/11.
  7. Kitty9, hope you stay healthy. Were you contacted by any public health agencies also? just curious
  8. Bon Voyage! have fun but remain 6' from everything!
  9. private messages are not allowed on this site. you can email her directly, she posted her email in post #42
  10. It would be most helpful (and you would get more accurate responses) if you would give some basic details, such as: 1. what cruise are you referring to (Ship/dates/embarkation & debarkation ports) 2. where do you live, what is your citizenship, and how are you getting to/from the ship good luck to you.
  11. this right here. you are not going to see a return of prior passenger numbers until they develop a vaccine or cure. The majority of cruise ship passengers happen to be the same age as those with the highest death rate from COVID-19. not a good mix.
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