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  1. Thank you everyone for your help. I ended up just canceling and will probably just book a shorter cruise out of Baltimore. If it’s a less appealing itinerary it will sting less if they cancel 😂
  2. We have a cruise booked for the end of December out of NY and I’m starting to wonder if I should cancel and make alternate plans. I know at this point the best anybody could do is guess but with Carnival canceling all 2020 cruises out of NY do you think Norwegian will follow suit? I’m eyeing a similar cruise with Royal out of Baltimore in November. We have a cruise with them booked in 2021 also so if they cancel I’d at least have use for the FCC.
  3. We did cash on our first RC cruise and it was kind of a pain. At that point we’d only sailed carnival who has kiosks where you can add cash. We got sick of having to go back and forth to guest services so next time we just did credit.
  4. We went to the zoo and really enjoyed it. We have young kids so obviously that factored into what we did but I think it still would have been a nice day as just adults.
  5. When we went they were using Chic and The Grande as traditional main dining rooms for those with set dining times and the other two for my time dining. We had mtd but only went once. There were 2 separate lines for those who made a reservation and those who didn’t. It seemed like that’s also how they divided those two dining rooms but can’t say for sure because we didn’t observe long.
  6. If you’re going to play in the arcade I recommend buying the arcade credit in advance that way you get a bit of a discount. We spent a lot of time in their with our oldest and it adds up quick 😂
  7. You still have to pay taxes and port fees. We ended up with a great deal that actually ended up being less then a cruise I took alone with my husband a month and a half earlier. We had the same room both times and it was actually listed as a 3 person room but because my youngest is still in a pack and play they put us there (I booked by phone). Not sure if the room maximum being smaller had anything to do with it but I think it was the same or really close to the same when I did the mock booking online myself with a 4 person room.
  8. Some ships have a little something for the diapered ones. Anthem had a little ankle deep area with a fountain type thing in it for kids in swim diapers. edit: ignore me. I missed that op stated the ship.
  9. We cruised last week with a one and a half year old and a four year old. We ended up doing all but one meal in the windjammer. The one night we did in the dining room went fine and my kids are used to going out to dinner so weren’t as antsy as I was afraid they’d be but overall I still preferred being able to set my own pace (i.e. fast) at the windjammer. As for the main dining room the waiter was wonderful and brought out fruit for the kids immediately without me even having to ask which kept them occupied until the next course. I also feel like they moved quicker then they did the previous month when it was just Dh and I. I think in general they know what to expect with kids and try to do what they can to make things go as seamless as possible for the benefit of all the diners however at the end of the day the parents need to take the responsibility and be able to judge if the kid maybe needs an added distraction or needs to be excused early. Maybe do dinner there and dessert at the windjammer to shorten the sitting time and break it up for the kids.
  10. Thank you. Definitely helpful. I must have overlooked that one.
  11. Just booked this room for our September 2021 cruise on the oasis. I see a lot of reviews and videos for this type of room on the 7th floor and some mention that the layouts of the two are different but not really any mention on how they’re different. Has anyone stayed in this room or this type of room on the 11th floor? Just like to know what to expect. Thanks!
  12. Glad you had a great time! We board tomorrow and can’t wait to get away before the weather starts getting crumby here in Jersey.
  13. I was skimming through this as I have one potty trained kid and one in diapers so I like to know what to expect. According to page 13 swim diapers are allowed which was actually a surprise to me. Still not sure we’ll venture over but could be useful information for anyone with a baby into techno music 🤷‍♀️😂 https://www.royalcaribbean.com/content/dam/royal/resources/pdf/perfect-day-at-cococay-frequently-asked-questions.pdf
  14. Not sure if it’s a full service Starbucks but if it is you can actually get peppermint in your drinks year round.
  15. I’m only speaking for summer when Anthem is gone. Someone posted the announcement a few pages back.
  16. It seems like they will only be doing 7 nights and then Freedom will do 5 and 9.
  17. When are the remainder of itineraries for ‘21 sailings supposed to be released for the US?
  18. Correct and I should have said some. Like I mentioned my first would only eat purées however some kids (like my second) will eat a decent amount of food.
  19. Baby led weaning has become a big thing now so rather then purées you cut whatever food into easy to hold pieces. My first refused and we packed purées but my second is a tiny garbage disposal. The only thing I’ve found that he doesn’t like is oddly enough ice cream 😂
  20. A 6 month old can eat a decent amount of “regular” foods.
  21. My husband and I sailed kidless on the anthem last month in a large balcony room. Next month we sail with the kids in the exact same room for less then a hundred dollars more thanks to ksf.
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