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  1. Lots of people excited by this topic. Just understand this this rule is in place the same way as the rules to not leave a chair unattended for 30/60 minutes, no seat saving the theater, no children in the adult pool, no running in the halls and many other rules that are enforced all of the time on NCL.
  2. I find that I like items on the main dining room menus early in the cruise better than the menus later (days 6 and 7 on a 7 day cruise). I also prefer booking specialty dinning on sea days. Thus, I tend to book a specialty restaurant the last full day of our cruise. But that is only my preference. Everyone else is different. Regarding the experience, service and food, I see no difference throughout the cruise.
  3. I always book for next highest option (party of 3, book a table of 4). When I am on board (sometime when I have free time), I stop at the dinner reservation desk and have them change my reservations to the correct number. You don't have to do this immediately when you board as there usually will be a line then. Enjoy. By the way, this works with a larger party too. The max I can usually reserve online is a table for 8. Last cruise, we had 12 people (too large for a single reservation made online but not a group status yet). So I have one other couple reserve a table for 4 (plus my table for 8 at the same "bat time and "bat"place. On board, I talked to the maitre d at the restaurant early in the cruise to let them know to seat these two reservations together or at least close by. They were always accommodating.
  4. I cannot find the words for this discussion. First-World problem does not come close. People are upset because every cabin on a ship will not get towel animals? Why do you care if I get them? The solution: Ask for them! Every cruise, I leave a note for my room steward once I get into the room with any requests that I have. Things such as: Distilled water for CPAP, maybe empty the mini-bar, whatever I might want/need. I typically leave a tip too. The easy solution is to add a line saying that I would like towel animals (personally, I find them a complete waste of time and resources). Problem solved. And the solution is much easier than posting a response here.
  5. When I was on the Bliss and Escape, Elevators were not much of an issue. People need to press the button for the bank of elevators going to the floor they want. Not all elevators go to all of the upper floors. And, most helpful for us, was to realize that the Alt elevators were not used nearly as much as the forward elevators, especially later in the day. So if you really need to use the elevators (instead of the stairs), choose the aft elevators.
  6. There are no additional perks for a mini-suite on NCL. You do get a wonderful shower and expanded bathroom. The cabin and balcony are basically the same size as a standard balcony cabin. But no other advantages to speak of.
  7. For me, the key is to spend time the first day or two experiencing my drinks of choice at various bars. Notice and talk to the bartenders. In other words, get to know them early in the cruise. When you find a bar and bar tender that makes the drink the way you like, go to them as often as possible. They will get to know you by name quickly and almost always strike up a conversation with you while making "your" drink. For me, it is worth an elevator ride or a walk to another bar to get a favorite drink of mine made how I like it. Plus, it is always great to get the "Norm from Cheers" treatment when you walk up to a bar and they welcome you by name.
  8. The Vibe sells out so fast, most people have no chance of getting it. Sounds like a money making opportunity for NCL. My point is that people are going to be so rude and unconcerned for others that they will reserve chairs at 6AM so that their group can use them at 11AM, charge them money. Enforcing the rules is either not working or not being done. So find some other way that a large percentage of NCL customers can better enjoy their cruise by using a chair for a little while when they want. And don't give me the usual rant of "I get up early and plant my butt in a chair for the entire day". Good for you. You are following the rules and this discussion of Chair Hogs is not about you. Every cruise I have been on has had at least half of the chairs in the main areas sitting idle at 7AM with towels or some knickknack. And they remain idle for well over an hour. This thread's ranting (myself included) has happened here for over a decade. If it is such a problem, cruise lines should try to fix it and charging money is one way to deal with it.
  9. I think that the chairs should be rented by the hour. If people want to pay so "their" chair can be unused all morning, let them.
  10. It might be worth a couple minutes to check if the credit card you used provides any travel type of insurance. That might provide a little relief.
  11. I am starting to realize that some people only have what they consider to be fun when they are complaining. On cruises, I see people enjoying the entertainment, meals and even the water slide. But until this thread, I never noticed that some people actually enjoy complaining. They are only happy when perceived negative things happen around them and they can drone on and on and on about the small insignificant wrong that happened to them. The elevator is too slow, I have one meal where something was cold, My room moves at night when the ship is moving, it rained, etc. I suspect their cruise enjoyment comes from enjoying the time waiting in line at Customer Service with their fellow complainers. In fact, I think that marketing opportunity for a cruise line would be to have a ship with 2 customer services. That way, the complainers would have double the opportunity to enjoy their cruise. Think of it as adding a second water slide or go kart track. Regarding the itinerary change, so what. Something at the previous port changed and NCL replaced it with a comparable site. Maybe it is a safety concern. Maybe financial or other reason. Reality is you have to deal with it by either canceling or going on the cruise knowing you already have a negative event to complain about to everyone one you meet. It is a Win/Win for the OP.
  12. Don't forget that the people are in line for the service desk while they have an entire wing of chairs reserved and unused all day poolside. People, if you do not like the way NCL handles their cruises or their itineraries or even their company, don't cruise NCL. I don't volunteer my money to a company that irritates me they way some of you sound. By the way, I have never cared if any of my many cruise itineraries have been updated or ports missed. I cruise to enjoy the cruise and I choose not to complain about every little thing that may occur.
  13. Found my answer in another thread. Q is where the set up reservations for Entertainment and Go Karts (separate lines) at embarkation starting at 11AM. Guess I go there when I board. Good thing I am Platinum. Thanks for all of the help.
  14. Thanks for the information. I was able to book shows and dinners this morning for our 1/19/19 cruise. One question: where on board at embarkation do I go to get reservations for Cavern Club shows (Beatles tribute, comedy, etc)? When I board, do I go to Cavern Club or are they set up somewhere else ? Thanks again for all the past and future info! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  15. I thought show and dinner reservations were available 90 days out (100 for suites). It looks like September 21 (20 days from now) is 120 days prior to 1/19. I am on that same cruise on the Bliss and am waiting to book 90 days out. Or am I? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  16. Can I sign up for this to happen to me. I would respond with %#*} NO where the first word changes based on my mood. I would also remember the face so I can say it to them all cruise when I see them. I would make it a game for me to enjoy. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  17. This poster has failed to comprehend countless intelligent, simple and logical explanations of this product. Despite this, they are failing miserably at any comprehension. Yet you want to assume their recollection of the sales pitch of a product they still do not fathom is 100% accurate. Is that a correct summary? And this has nothing to do with NCL. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  18. I think I figured this out. OP bought 4 Cruise Next certificates for $1000 on her ship account with $500 credited on the same account. So, $500 for 4 certificates. The other obvious fact is OB does not understand any of this. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  19. Call NCL to set the order. I do this frequently as my wife doesn’t drink. We have an adult daughter travel with us sometimes and she is always #2 on the reservation. My daughter and I drink and all 3 of us are happy. If my wife wants a soda or whatever, she buys it. I am happy buying a soda instead of my unlimited bourbons each day! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  20. I am curious what satisfactory outcome you expect from engaging a lawyer? I assume you expect free legal assistance for this enormous tragedy of humanity? Should they charter the ship just for you to take the itinerary that was scheduled before it changed? And before you think I am being too cold, you purchased certificates that currently have a value of exactly what you paid. So you are not out any money. The cruise itinerary you wanted to sail in 2019 has been changed so you want to engage a family lawyer. If this is the biggest worry in your life ...
  21. For me, free drinks definitely. I add dining too since we are platinum so we get some WiFi. If we have three people in a cabin, I always get the third person free deal instead of the meals. Much better deal! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  22. The answer is Yes. I typically get a double bourbon or two wine servings in one glass. Easier for me and the server. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  23. I like the look of it. I hope I can get some shade there occasionally. Otherwise, I have to stay at the bar, [emoji41] Sent from my iPad using Forums
  24. Thanks for the quick answers. And that video is amazing!! I looked at many of the videos going to and from NYC. But missed this one from Miami. Can’t wait for our cruise on the Bliss in January. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  25. I loved the cave, waterfall area in Spice H2O on the Escape. I heard it called a grotto also. Does anyone know if there is a similar area in Spice H2O on the Bliss? I loved this area to escape the sun and cool down. But pictures and videos of the Bliss do not show it. I figured a quick question was better than assuming. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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