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  1. The ice , water, and late night comedy shows are a must for Oasis class ships.
  2. Usually every other day. A little cash on the side may get them every day.
  3. In my opinion, Scootaround is a little more expensive BUT easier to deal with if there's a problem. Anthem is leaving Cape Liberty in May. I don't know if you are leaving from Bayonne, or Europe or Asia. The process may be be different in the other countries.
  4. It seems kind of late getting into, Nassau. Sailing time from Cape Canaveral or Coco Cay shouldn't take that long. Anyway, if you dock at 12:30, you should be off by one
  5. You forgot to mention the conch fritters at Jacks.
  6. Many threads already on this topic. Book now and understand you can always reprice if prices go down.
  7. I've heard others say that it's not worth it for the money. Food and drinks are somewhat pricey. I'd much rather go to Fish Fry for authentic food and much more reasonable drinks.
  8. Last week I made a reservation with some next cruise certificate s I purchased 3 weeks ago. Three days ago, I got an email saying I owed money on the deposit, which of course was an error on their part. I always say that if Royals IT department worked for any other company, they would all be fired immediately.
  9. Day of week and time of day need to be considered. A week day during morning or evening rush hours would be very difficult. Much less traffic on weekends.
  10. It's just the opposite with us. We always cruise out of Cape Liberty and on most cruises we see scooters, walkers, and even baby strollers in the hallway. I guess it's up to the Hotel Manager how much they enforce the rules.
  11. Thanks. I booked all ours for or May 24 Symphony sailing except 1977 which wasn't showing yet.
  12. It's the same for this year as well. Sydney was substituted for Bar Harbor.
  13. Many years ago, at least 15, I was able to sign a waiver in Barcelona to allow my then 18 year old son to drink beer and wine.
  14. Cruises from Bayonne were released last month for April 25 - Feb 26. I booked accessible balconies for 6 different dates. Less than a month later, there are no more available on three of them. I fully agree with you. Unfortunately, there are people who book them for the size, and don't really need them. Don't flame me on this comment, I can't tell you how many times I see two normal walking people walking out of a handicap room.
  15. How was the seafood restaurant? My wife wants lobster rolls for lunch one day and I am trying to determine if it's worth the trip.
  16. The only issue I have with the Liberty and Voyager class for that matter is the casino layout. There are no dedicated smoking and non smoking areas. It's more like one aisle smoking and the next non smoking. So smoke permeating the whole casino.. and casino staff has no problem with letting people come in to smoke with out actually gambling. It just adds to the problem. That's my two cents and I'm sticking to it.
  17. Fyi. There is a 11 day southern Caribbean on Odyssey in Nov 2025 from Cape Liberty.
  18. I totally agree with what you're saying. All Royal needs to do is make a stand. On the Anthem last week, they were constantly making announcements in the casino that you must be physically gambling if you want to smoke. Many non smokers appreciated that. I wish they would do that on all ships.
  19. I would hope you're older and wiser. But after seeing your response, I doubt it.
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