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  1. That’s crazy. People should have to suffer in minus 40 like we do for at least a couple weeks per year. I’m so happy I’ll only have to endure one more winter of working before I’m planning to retire. I won’t miss going out in that.
  2. As Canadians we are used to the cold. I remember being in LA one time when it was 60f and people were wearing gloves and shivering. We’d be wearing shorts and no coat with those temperatures.
  3. I renewed mine in the last year or so. Couldn’t tell you how much it was. Even with the $120 fee that works out to $2 a month. It’s time to stop traveling if I can’t afford that.
  4. Hal gives you money back, not a future credit. Princess gives you a future cruise credit unless it’s for a covered reason. Things crop up closer to sailing in my experience than 120 days out so CFAR works for me. If it doesn’t work for others so be it.
  5. I may decide to do that. I'm good at following instructions.
  6. Yes, I can imagine in a tiny town it would be. I live in a major metropolitan city. Just for giggles I looked on line the other day. The wait was 3.5 hours. I still work so never mind the 3.5 hour plus the time to get there you are looking at a half of a day minimum. Just because something works for me or someone else can you assume that’s the way it is for everyone? The only good thing for me is that I’m hoping to be retired by the time I need my next passport.
  7. I was looking on behalf of someone else about a month ago but I didn’t look a lot. Took a better look today. Mine doesn’t expire until Dec of 2026 I believe so maybe the govt will have it ready by then 😛. Thanks for the reply.
  8. I thought renewing a Canadian passport online was supposed to start in fall of 2023. It doesn’t look like that is happening. Has anyone heard anything further on this? I don’t keep up with the news that much but I wasn’t able to find anything by googling. Thanks for any help.
  9. I was on a partial Panama cruise that started in Fort Lauderdale on November 12 and we definitely got to Cartagena after the 14th. Didn’t hear a peep about this.
  10. I’m not sure why anyone would wait to pick a cabin unless you don’t have to pay for it immediately. While club orange can be difficult to get on the pinnacle ships I got it no problem on my last cruise on a non pinnacle 7 weeks before sailing. I’m not saying that will be the case on every sailing but there is a lot less reason to get it on the non pinnacle.
  11. It seems when you do this they have to speak to a pricing specialist whatever that means because club orange does muddy the water with the upgrade and all. Good luck!
  12. Yes it is correct. It's been the situation for about 6 months or maybe slightly more.
  13. Do lots of research. I know at one time transportation was not all that reliable to do it on your own. That was probably 10 years ago so I may be better now.
  14. That’s getting earlier and earlier all the time. I know a lot of people post that it’s at 5:30 which I knew was wrong so thanks for providing correct information.
  15. Yes, I deal with a pcc and it was no problem. I kept my room. I do have club orange in case that’s not clear. I did lose some obc getting the new fare which was expected and she told me before we proceeded. That low fare guarantee is a bit of a joke if you read the parameters around it.
  16. Absolutely, especially since the only benefit in my mind on a non pinnacle is the room upgrade. If you can’t get that, it not worth the money.
  17. There was a thread here but on the Canadian website it was blasted over the front page. I assume it was on the USA site but I don’t see it so I’m not sure.
  18. My last cruise was 15 days. No special dinners. I’d bet my next paycheque there won’t be anything on the 7 day. I’m assuming you are getting closer to sailing. If it’s this year, if there are special dinners they should be showing online under specialty dining. There are a number of specialty restaurants on the koningsdam. I don’t think you’ll miss it.
  19. I always ask. I can’t remember a time I’ve paid anything extra but they are making money on me for sure. I used to but wine packages where I have a 50 percent discount but I really find I prefer a cocktail. It’s kinda nice to try new things. My boss suggested a limoncello Moscow mule. It was 🤮. I’m glad I didn’t have to “pay” for that puppy.
  20. I'm not asking for the list of super deals. I can find those easily on my own. I was asking why the $1 deposit was a "super deal". I understand that a normal deposit is more. It's still not a "deal". Pricing is the same.
  21. I think that’s likely the case. I can’t find it but I know I’ve done it. It’s been a waste of time for me. I’ve uploaded a professionally taken picture so it’s not blurry and it looks like me and they ended up taking it at check in anyway like they always do. I don’t bother anymore and it’s not an issue.
  22. Apparently it’s still not a lot. I overheard on dude saying to the server that’s double meat? I’m not a smoked meat fan but I do like a rueben. I’d be happy with a couple of slices myself. I really enjoy the 12 oz lobster tail in sel de mer and the pizza is pretty good at New York pizza.
  23. How is it a super deal? You still have to pay for it, sometimes its more $ than the day before. Give me 40 percent off any day.
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