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  1. It’s my belief that the cruise lines have no set standard as to changing the clocks crossing over time zones/ clock changes in order to drive bookings to the “certainty” of their onboard excursion desks....... that being said we always check the schedule at the local port authority for docking times, that’s the time your excursion provider will likely be using.
  2. There are some that upon reading the book and understanding exactly how it affected the people it was done to who might feel like the outcomes, whilst different, were fairly equal. But I digress .... back to cruise commentary and discussion.
  3. https://www.visualcapitalist.com/global-chinese-financing-is-fueling-megaprojects/ But it before you get too carried away slinging comments at other countries have a read of the book referenced here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Confessions_of_an_Economic_Hit_Man
  4. A viable strategy by any state, country, business, or individual with cash. I’m sure there’s a few oil sheiks out there that could float the whole number themselves too.....
  5. Lol. Bit of a funny word picture I guess. I do wonder if there are itineraries where the ports aren't open and a ship is out of service due to a missed 5yr drydock, or heck even bookings are abysmal on a route how much mix and match can happen on the RCL end to maximize profit.... I mean enhance the experience....
  6. We're scheduled on her in Dec..... from what I gather the drydock was required maintenance in order for her to continue sailing..... was hoping both drydock and amp would happen as keeping hope alive we'll be boarding in 7 months.... if they aren't possibleI wonder if the itinerary would be cancelled or another ship parachuted in.....
  7. Was it just a rumour, or anything more concrete like an announcement or a schedule release?
  8. Likely a silly question.... but I thought drydock for Explorer was cancelled completely?
  9. To get people booking again for following seasons they’re gonna have to do something though because the amount of posts with people saying they’ll walk from deposits to avoid giving RCL more money is interesting, as is the “never again so far out” crowd. Last minute deals is a very near term strategy.
  10. Pre-Covid in the last couple years were you seeing big price drops inside final payments? i thought they had come out and said they were doing away with the practice and would sail empty cabins instead if need be.
  11. Agree completely. In the face of people doing exactly that, which I think will be a majority, in order to get commitments for people’s vacation plans they’ll have to do something with final payments/deposits. I’ll commit 12 months out if I don’t have a large deposit due till 30 days out. Still mentally and financially committed to going also. ( my excursions and packages will be purchased and planned)
  12. Based entirely on how they’ve handled refunds, they’ll have to do something about deposits and final payment dates. It’s entirely their own doing Less of a deposit and a final payment date +/- 30 days. If they make no changes to deposits I don’t see people booking a year or 16 months out anymore. If they leave final payment out so long I see people not bothering to book until inside final payment.... and I think demand will allow them to wait.
  13. I can’t help but wonder if you’d extend all your accounts receivable in such a magnanimous way for your own personal finances....... or if you’d perhaps have issues with missed due dates.
  14. Whilst I understand the economics at play here, rolling up all FCC and refunds to a $0 return would have to be a last resort. You’d effectively be killing off the client base that had A) committed to sailing again and B) any future business from those losing deposits. If a cruise line goes this route even a restructure won’t save them, they’ll have no customers left, even under a new name.
  15. I've been wonderng this for a while now. Wouldn't it be prudent of RCI to decrease the final payment dates on cruises to, I don't know, 30 days out? Perhaps people would hold out longer with their bookings if they weren't totally pot committed 90 days out or more. Unless they're using final payments coming in to try to offset refunds going out right now, which is likely part of their business strategy.....
  16. Whereabouts are you located? We’ve done the drive almost at Xmas and found it not bad at all. In our experience: New York State boring drive. Roads well maintained in winter. Pennsylvania has some hills, but similar to NY State. The Virginia’s is where ya gotta watch the weather reports and the road conditions. Once you’re into N. Carolina you are generally home free. We time our drive so that we are in the Virginia’s around lunch time and outta them before daylight is gone. I do much prefer the current plan of fly to Fort Lauderdale, a couple days at Hollywood Beach in Fort Lauderdale, then over to Port of Miami morning of sail away. Same as last time.
  17. We do. We're in Southern Ontario so it's likely we won't look at flights till MUCH closer to sailing. Normally we'd book them right when the dates opened by Southwest. Fortunately (depending on how you view driving lol) we can make the drive to port in about 21 hours if need be. (Port of Miami) We've done the drive to Florida several times now with the kids, they know the deal.
  18. what if that $20 000 suite is a once and only, but that Pinnacle will be coming back for the next 30 years and their total revenue’s add up over $20 000?
  19. We’re booked in December, right around “wave 2 Covid” predictions. If the ship sails, we’ll be on it. If not, we’ll take the 125% if it’s offered. If prices go up maybe we’ll come out even. If prices go down maybe we’ll hop on a longer or 25% more expensive itinerary!
  20. Part of me does wonder if some of the lower tier rewards levels will see things added. If bookings are slow, in the grand scheme of things adding a welcome aboard bottle of wine to the stateroom, a free picture that’s really only an electronic transfer of a pic already taken, or a drink or two to the loyalty level, or items like these may attract bookings.
  21. I think that goes without saying, but I should have specified “price wars across similar lines”. Valid points all around.
  22. It’s mind boggling. If there’s price wars in the near future who’s desperate enough for a few free drinks and a coffee machine to pay more? And the tiers below Diamond are a majority of “bonuses” that could easily be outdone by lower prices elsewhere. If they reduce anything I could see it being ports of call, shuffle more wallets, I mean guests, through the private beaches.
  23. Advice given on these boards over and over and over again: Book your cruise at a price you’re comfortable with and then enjoy it. If you get a price drop, great. If not, enjoy the cruise. This goes for customers regardless of “loyalty level”. If you feel a cruise is cheaper elsewhere even factoring in buying the 3 free drinks and a couple welcome onboard cookies in your stateroom, book it elsewhere. If the feeling of “status” is impossible to put a price on, stick with one line and live with the cost.
  24. I’m expecting more voodoo around fake sales that keep prices about the same for the trip. I’m also betting the booze package will be lowered slightly to look more attractive but then look to see total limits placed and more $1/$2 per drink surcharges for “above package grade” items. Basically we’ll have the appearance of no price increase but they’ll get more out of your pocket on “discretionary” minor charges that will add up, that you don’t necessarily think twice about.
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