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  1. https://www.volkskrant.nl/kijkverder/2020/tijdelijkgesloten/#/museums/stedelijk-museum-amsterdam/kunstwerk-1 I hope sincerely that it works outside our country too. Quite interesting digital presentation of 5 dutch musea. For all happy cruisers who will not be able to visit our country this spring.
  2. You can absolutely be right. I learned from this conversation that I have to check luggage and (hotel)beds in the future. And Google to see how those bugs look like. Never saw any in my quite long life.
  3. You could copy that at home...to have a bit of cruise feeling next months. As in a certain village in the Netherlands it was/is the habit of housewives to make rolls of quite a few household linens, I started rolling quite some years ago. F.e. All towels in the bathroom, restroom etc in my house are rolled.
  4. Please see #104 about the 13 and 17 suitcases and my answer that luggage can be send by freighter. (However in an earlier post I mentioned the possibility of booking a cabin on a freighter with passenger accommodation for passengers who do not wish to fly home. And you are right of course, you better be in good health.)
  5. Might be a possibility to ship it back by freighter. Takes a while to arrive. HAL agent must be able to arrange something.
  6. check your conditions, because in certain circumstances the surplus FCC could be considered as cancellation fee for the original cruise. It all depends on your conditions (if not changed in the meantime).
  7. And it is contagious, because in the region of Rotterdam in (and the whole of) the Netherlands the supermarkets were emptied of a.o. toiletpaper..... RIdiculous.
  8. I do not know what will happen, but I have one suggestion: maybe a good travel agent can find them a freighter company with a ship going in the right direction and offering the possibility to carry a few extra passengers. Must admit that it a long time ago that I booked quite a few of those "passages". https://www.freightercruises.com/ http://www.freighter-travel.com/travel-itineraries.html Problem can be that passengers are not allowed off in ports too. (Hope you can continue your travels B&D, greetings, Lenny and Joost).
  9. Does not sound good to me, "last post". Hope it will have another meaning than it often has and I wish you all the best too.
  10. Non Schengen countries in the EU: Bulgaria , Cyprus; Ireland; Croatia; Rumenia.
  11. Dr Farucci specified: people with heart disease, chronic lung problems and diabetes. So, I myself would certainly listen to him if I felt addressed by Dr F. And I like the opinion of @Himself, nearing my eighties 🙂
  12. You will have to call your TA for the cancellation and/or rules. TA's are duly informed.
  13. "virus" was added by Caribbean Chris to "Petri dish". thanks for pointing extra to the metaphore 🙂
  14. In my humble opinion a Petri dish is used for bacteriological purposes 😉
  15. Easy to say. What about the (number mentioned by you) 800 (extra!) passengers left in Hongkong in that case?
  16. Quite a few were not allowed to board depending on passport and countries visited, if I remember well.
  17. But you certainly read in USA that tests were flown out to the Princess ship on the Californian coast? And I understand that worldwide there will be a lack of certain parts of the test instruments because of the more or less stand still of the Chinese production facilities? And how many personnel at a laboratory will be needed to test the samples from all passengers and personnel on ONE cruiseship? The right thing to do IMO is: controll embarking passengers. I read the HAL "rules" and it seems to me that is the best thing to do with the knowledge of today. But, of course, we follow the news and rules of our health authorities, both nearing our eighties and with light health issues (like almost everybody our age). I understand your concern and wish you wisdom with your decision.
  18. You could write to the CEO's of the cruise companies you are interested in. 😷
  19. As far as we know at this very moment: no HAL ship had infected passengers up to now.
  20. Came to the same conclusion when reading another (earlier) posting of this "pessimist".
  21. Interior and Ocean View Cabins etc: US$ 14,50 per person per day. suites: see above.
  22. It would be a very nice suprise if that $ 100 OBC would be applied for one of the grandchildren, because only port taxes are paid for this 3rd passenger in a cabin. We do not expect this at all.
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