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  1. Calendar Day 62 or Business Day 62 ? I’ve been told by MSC USA Escalation Department Rep that MSC counts by Business Days. I am far over 60 Calendar Days but short of 60 Business Days after my cancellation early March.
  2. I have been told from a MSC Escalation Department Rep this week that the 60 days are not calendar days (see post #100). Quote: “The service rep in Escalation Department told me that the time frame for refund is 60 BUSINESS DAYS and not calendar days since the financial department doesn’t work on Saturday and Sundays.”
  3. I called MSC USA today to check on the status of the refund for my cancelled cruise (cancelled 03-05-2020 / cruise date 03-21-2020). The customer service rep pulled up my booking but couldn’t help and transferred to Escalation Department. The service rep in Escalation Department told me that the time frame for refund is 60 BUSINESS DAYS and not calendar days since the financial department doesn’t work on Saturday and Sundays. He explained that I am still within the time for refund and have to wait until 05-20-2020 . What the heck ?? BUSINESS DAYS.. really ? or just another excuse to delay the refund ? I getting more and more frustrated.
  4. Hello Bob, I like to confirm your quoted facts and add that I have not received the balance of little under 10K as per today. All pre-paid items ($2,500) were refunded within minutes after I cancelled the items on my booking and the partial refund of $3,500 was processed a day after cancelling the booking calling MSC USA. I am over the 60-day period but 11 days short of the cancellation policy of refund upon cruise date. My level of confidence and trust in MSC is going down by the day. I have 3 future bookings with MSC, including 2 Grand Voyages, and need to be sure that I am dealing with a trustworthy company who appreciates loyal passengers.
  5. Well written ! It could be a opportunity for MSC Cruises to increase market shares if one of the major cruise lines are in trouble. by the way.. the title of the thread is misleading as he implies news or information which are not presented by the OP , just “wild” speculations.
  6. I cancelled my repo cruise booking (Dubai to Yokohama) on 03-05-2020 and was told that the refund would take 6 to 14 days after cancellation. Shortly after MSC changed the policy to 60 days , I learned about it while calling them to check the status of the refund. Today is day 61 after cancellation and no refund to CC yet... I need to call again.
  7. @BermudaBound2014 Hello, we were booked on MSC Bellissima repositioning cruise from Dubai to Yokohama (03-21-2020 to 04-19-2020). The itinerary changed two times and we received the offer to cancel with full cash refund on 02-19-2020. After another itinerary change we cancelled on 03-05-2020, just days before MSC cancelled the entire cruise. MSC refunded the pre-paid items the day following our cancellation. The cruise fare was partially refunded to our credit card ($3,500) , the balance of almost $10,000 was marked “penalty”. I called MSC and was told that the balance need to be authorized by management and that the person responsible is overwhelmed with work but the refund should take up to 14 business days. Needless to say.. no refund after 14 days. I called again , only to get the information that refunds now take 90 days and I have to wait until 05-05-2020 . I am kind of frustrated with MSC holding my money for 90 days after changing their refund policy. We have three upcoming cruises booked with MSC including two Grand Voyages but I am not sure today if I will be loyal... all depends on the outcome of the refund.
  8. The destination category for transatlantic cruises is “MSC Grand Voyages”.
  9. MSC Cruises is a subsidiary of Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A. (MSC), a privately owned company. MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A. (MSC) is the world’s second largest shipping line with more than 500 vessels, over 70,000 employees and 480 offices worldwide. Revenue: over USD 28 billion. (source: https://moverfocus.com/shipping-companies/ ) MSC Cruises has posted net income of 348 million Euros on revenues of 2.6 billion Euros for 2018. (source: https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/20740-msc-cruises-posts-2018-financial-results.html )
  10. The CDC has already shipped 15,000+ test kits and another 50,000 are in production. Each test kit can perform between 700-800 tests (patient specimens). As per today a patient needs a lab order from his physician. CDC and laboratories are not accepting samples without a suspected Coronavirus infection. That means the physician needs to order all regular test for flu (full respiratory panel) first to exclude any other infections. I hope that much more test kits will be available in the near future and patients can be tested quicker. That said the bottle neck will be the capacity of CDC and laboratories. The can only run so much samples on a 24/7 basis equipped with the number of analyzers.
  11. I appreciate your information. The itinerary of MSC Bellissima has been revised and 3 ports have been replaced. China (mainland), Hong Kong and Taiwan are no longer on the route. They are replaced by Sir Bani Ya Is (UAE) , Laem Chabang, Bangkok (Thailand) and Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam). Disembarking is in Yokohama (Japan)!?! I am speechless if we don’t go to Sri Lanka and maybe other ports if the situation worsens in the next 2 weeks.
  12. Noooo!!! Not another port! We are booked on MSC Bellissima Grand Voyage (29 nights) from Dubai to Yokohama , embarking March 17th. MSC revised the itinerary already and replaced 3 ports.
  13. @paulsurf @BermudaBound2014 You are both right... sorry for the confusion. I was referring to the CDC recommendation for Health Care Professionals. We just implemented a new office policy in the office for phlebotomists to wear face masks when in contact with patients. We have trained employees how to properly fit a face mask and how to take the mask off. @BermudaBound2014 I hope the CDC will extend the recommendation for face masks to the general public. Public transportation in large cities can be a potential source for getting infected. I guess the CDC and government just don’t want everybody running around with a face mask and creating panic for people who have no face masks.
  14. @Dred pilot Roberts This is from the website of CDC : “ Person-to-person spread The virus is thought to spread mainly from person-to-person. Between people who are in close contact with one another (within about 6 feet). Through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes. These droplets can land in the mouths or noses of people who are nearby or possibly be inhaled into the lungs. Spread from contact with infected surfaces or objects It may be possible that a person can get COVID-19 by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their own mouth, nose, or possibly their eyes, but this is not thought to be the main way the virus spreads. “ CDC recommends to wear face masks for protection !
  15. How can the management of your office can be sure that there will be no community outbreak in the U.S. in the near future ? Do you have to stay home if you have the flu ??
  16. @BermudaBound2014 We are going ‘hardcore’... booked on MSC Bellissima 29-nights Grand Voyage from Dubai to Yokohama on March 21st 2020. MSC changed the itinerary, replacing China, Hong Kong & Taiwan with Sir Bani Ya Is, Laem Chabang & Ho Chi Minh City. We are monitoring the situation and still planning to go on this cruise. We are concerned but not to the extend to cancel and we are well informed about the risk. We still have the option to cancel if the situation changes dramatically within next week.
  17. Rapid Flu Influenza A+B tests are screening tests and known for “false negative” results. The CDC estimates the accuracy rate of Rapid Tests between 50%-70% , being more accurate detecting flu in children than adults. The most accurate method of testing is PCR , which requires additional equipment (analyzer) and is done in reference laboratories or labs in hospitals.
  18. I count a higher number of Deluxe Grand Suites: Deck 16: 2 Deck 18: 2 Deck 19: 37 (!) I might be wrong since the color shading of the categories on the deck plan is slightly off on my PC compared to mobile device. I have called MSC USA regarding the new Deluxe Grand Suites but couldn’t get any reliable information of size. It seems that the Grand Suites are slightly stretched to fit a walk-in closet between Bathroom and Bed-/ Living Room and the higher price reflects only the additional closet space...
  19. I am kind of speechless... do you really think DSC is the sole source of income and that officers including the captain work for the amount you calculated ? wow !
  20. Please explain what you are calculating. I can not follow...
  21. @jkgourmet You did the right thing bringing this to the attention of the forum and fellow MSC passengers. This is very important and we are certainly prepared how to react in such a situation. Thank you !
  22. Once you are on the ship go to the spa and schedule date & time.
  23. I can not follow your thoughts... the cabin attending is making his living on a cruise ship like thousands of his fellow crew members but is asking for additional income (gratuities) to be paid directly to him. Do you want all crew members asking for money... waiters, pool attendants, housekeeping, bar keepers ?? That’s what DSC is for. The cabin attendant can complain to MSC or simply walk and search for another job where he is paid fix hour wages but NEVER talk to passengers about DSC and begging for money. I don’t want anybody soliciting money from me or my wife while on a cruise ship and would take drastic measures to prevent this. PS: I give to panhandlers and persons in need.
  24. To sum it up.. 1) Cabin attendant is aware of conditions of contract with MSC , including wages & tips. 2) Cabin attendant made a bad decision by talking with a passenger about DSC. 3) Cabin attendant advised passenger to remove DSC. 4) Cabin attendant asked passenger to pay gratuity directly to him. 5) Cabin attendant violated multiple paragraphs of MSC company policies. ... Cabin Attendant needs to be reported. ... Cabin attendant is responsible of breach of contract with MSC and has to face consequences. ... MSC needs to apply disciplinary actions against Cabin Attendant and evaluation of possible termination of contract. * This is my personal opinion. This is not legal advise. I am not a lawyer. *
  25. @jkgourmet The cabin attendant made a wrong decision by talking to you. He presented something as fact which you can not proof right or wrong. It’s not up to us to judge how DSC is split among crew since we don’t know how it’s done.
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