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  1. The ship docks in North Shields for Newcastle and the shuttle bus dropped us off at the metro train station where a return ticket into the centre of Newcastle cost around £4.00 and they run every 15 mins well worth it as there’s not an awful lot to do in North Shields
  2. Yes I should have read their t&cs but who does in reality,
  3. I think it could well be the same agent, I’ve just been in touch with the head office who have explained this is a new company policy and they can change their policy and t+c if they wish to, I’m very disappointed with them this year and next year I have over £40,000 worth of cruises booked with them ( not all with P&O) so I’ve been a loyal customer to them, and obviously they are not interested so I will be looking elsewhere from now on.
  4. Hi all sorry for not making myself clear, it was a fee free change with P & 0 as per their t+c my travel agent announced it was new company policy to apply a £50 fee for any changes to all bookings not too happy and will contact their head office today.
  5. Hi just had to pay a £50 admin fee to change to one of my cruises, never been charged before and they are saying it’s now company policy, I have 6 cruises booked this year with them and 5 next year, shame for them as I will now be looking for a new agent
  6. Thanks Graham, can’t wait to be back on-board the beautiful Iona, enjoy your evening
  7. Hi Graham lovely photos, can I ask what deck you’re on ? We prefer deck 14 aft cabins but they were all booked so our next Iona cruise we have deck 10 aft which I hope is not too noisy for us, love your by the sea photos also.
  8. Ok thanks where will I be able to find out the on board prices ?
  9. Hi all sailing on the Euribia from Southampton this month do MSC allow you to bring a litre of alcohol on board many thanks.
  10. Thanks everyone for your replies, I thought maybe it was only the middle and rear of deck 11 was for grill guests and the front narrow section where the wellness centre is situated may have been a running track.
  11. Hi all been trying to find out if the Queen Anne will have a running track on deck 11 as the similar HAL ships have thanks.
  12. Thanks for the info will avoid that area.
  13. Hi all, I’m looking to book a balcony cabin on Arcadia deck 4 but don’t want to be above the smoking area which I know is on the promenade deck but don’t know where abouts can anyone advise thanks.
  14. Oh thanks I was sure last year we could book the Olive grove, our arrival time is 3.30 so it looks like it could be fully booked for that night, by the time we get on board
  15. 14 days till our Iona cruise and can’t book olive grove or glass house but can book the others.
  16. Yay so happy we have our first choice of QG suite on Queen Anne in November.
  17. Yes hopefully we get the suite we want on Queen Anne. 👍
  18. Thanks really enjoyed reading your review, we are also Cunarders Diamond members and have been seriously considering Fred for a while now, we were especially looking for a cruise departing from Newcastle but are also considering a January 24 cruise to the canaries which I now feel confident we will book.
  19. Yes we will definitely be booking QG on Queen Anne whatever the itinerary.
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