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  1. I always pay to upgrade my internet. On past cruises, the internet desk let my husband use my free 90 minutes on his phone in addition to his own 90 minutes.
  2. Mine was in the desk drawer.
  3. We did a NE/CA cruise last October 5th and saw 100s of whales on our way back to NJ. It was about 3 in the afternoon and they were near the ship for about an hour. I think it’s mostly luck. We only saw them the one afternoon. We were out on the deck a lot trying to spot them.
  4. Try using a different web browser. Sometimes I get the button and sometimes I don’t.
  5. Have you been there lately? The shuttle driver told us that beach is no longer public and told us not to go there.
  6. I’ve had that happen. Your promos dropped off. You can have them restored and it will fix the cost.
  7. It’s beautiful! Our cab driver dropped us at Wai Plage. They have chairs, umbrellas, bar and food service on the beach.
  8. I’m usually in my Uber by 730 am.
  9. For my cruise, it was cheaper to do the 1 device upgrade for each device. (6.99 x 2)
  10. I like the loyalty program better on Royal. I don’t find the Celebrity loyalty program of much benefit and I purchase the upgraded drink package and upgraded Wi-Fi when I sail on Celebrity.
  11. In August there will be plenty of families on board and the kids will enjoy the pool.
  12. Yes, 🙌 would like to do it again that week!
  13. This year we left New Jersey on 10/5. There was some color, but nothing special. It seemed like some places we were too early and others we were too late. The best thing we saw were whales! They put on quite a show on the way back to New Jersey. Even if the leaves aren’t great it is still a scenic area to explore. I’d like to go back.
  14. I like using the Emerald Aisle at FLL through National car rental. You pick your car in the lot and check out at the exit booth.
  15. I like going to the beach in Bermuda and love being there for multiple days so you don’t have to rush back to the ship. It’s a beautiful, friendly, clean and safe island. There aren’t any other islands close by for port stops. There are videos on you tube that show interesting spots to visit on the island.
  16. Still $13.99 for my 11/25 cruise. Hoping for a drop by then. 😁
  17. We’ve been to grand cayman a lot. On our past trip, we decided to try stingray city. You take a bus to the dock and then catch a boat to the sandbar. At the sandbar, the water is about 4 feet or so deep depending on the tide. They have life jackets if you want to use one. Everyone gets into the water (or you can stay on the boat and watch) and the stingrays start swimming around you. The crew will have squid that you can feed to the stingrays. You hold your hand flat and they come by and suck it off your hand. The crew will show you how to hold the stingray and take photos of you with the stingrays. Some of the stingrays are huge and it’s really fun to be in the water with them. On the way back, our boat had a snorkel stop. They provided snorkeling equipment. The reef was nothing special, but it was still fun swimming around. We plan to do it again the next time we visit grand cayman. The sandbar is a great place to be on a hot day.
  18. Do it the less expensive way. 2.99 per person. What a bargain! My sailing is 5.99 per person.
  19. Yesterday it took me 2 hours to upgrade drink & wifi packages.
  20. Your WiFi cost is good. I haven’t seen it drop less than that, unless you reserve multiple devices.
  21. Nice Shots! Wondering how your weather was on the crossing. Jackets & pants or was it warmer?
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