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  1. Well I was late checking out cc today and as someone else said there was pages and pages to catchup on😂
  2. When are you going? I'll be home from Balmoral on the 5th of June if you're after me I can find out for you.
  3. I'm another shorty at 5ft mind you I may be shorter now 😂
  4. Thanks, We've been with FO before Braemar was our first and loved it😀 We were booked on Balmoral before but it was cancelled due to you know what so it will be a "new" ship for us We like Colours and Taste (?) The Asian speciality restaurant well worth the extra We're really looking forward to the cruise feel we badly need a break
  5. We booked our cruise last weekend and feeling happy to be able to go. The reason for choosing this cruise was it stays in UK so we were able to get insurance that didn't mean getting a mortgage 😉
  6. The two previous years I've done one P&O and a FO as has been said FO is more expensive but the food etc was much better. The two P&O cruises I went with our daughter and grandson and of course that was good for our grandson which is why they were chosen. The FO cruises I went with my husband and it suited us just what we like very much like what P&O used to be. We like the small ships our first FO was on Braemar reminded us very much of Adonia I've just booked a FO at the end of May for 8nights from Newcastle which is so convenient for us as it saves having to go to Southampton. Jean, I'll look forward to your posts hope you have a good time
  7. Thank you everyone for your help. He's going to try an Omron as he can get it on Amazon and if there's a problem easy to return. I knew this group of people would help thanks again😁
  8. It's a slight change of topic but I'm confident that someone can help me. My husband has been told to get himself a blood pressure monitor as he's to keep a record for medical treatment. I'm sure I've read that some of you have to do this as well can you give me a recommendation for one. thank you
  9. If you have time in Stirling the old jail is worth a visit as well. Eglesbrech has given excellent information 😁
  10. Very funny, you know what I meant I said we'd been on two cruises😉
  11. I've been on two cruises with my daughter. We share a cabin I make the booking (and pay) we were given times two hours apart. That was because I'm Caribbean level and she was a beginner 😂 I phoned and was told as we were sharing a cabin she could board with me and go to the welcome lunch which we both enjoyed😁 We were on Britannia and Ventura
  12. Yes, we always do self-disembark
  13. I really enjoyed reading your posts, it's always interesting reading about what people do and it always brings back many happy memories. Well done and if you go on another cruise I'll look forward to your posts 😁
  14. What a lovely family you have surprising you for the cruise/Birthday 🙂
  15. When we went on an Australian Princess Cruise it was much cheaper to book our own flights. We flew from Edinburgh to Dubia 3.5 hr layover. Dubai is such a busy and huge airport we were glad we didn't have the shorter one as I would have worried. We didn't want a stopover enroute as we've been to Hong Kong etc a few times. We went a few days earlier to get the benefit of see more of Sydney which we loved.
  16. Well done Selbourne, I've really enjoyed reading your posts about the cruise it has brought back many happy memories
  17. I've been getting the ads on both laptop and kindle! Perhaps I'm getting someone else's share😂😂 They are very annoying🤐
  18. I'm really enjoying all the "livish" reports lots of people are doing 😁 keep up the good work and enjoy your holiday
  19. We live in Scotland and School holiday starts Thursday 28th March. Have been on two cruises with grandson 4+5 (Oct half term) and he just wanted to go to the kids club both times
  20. Selbourne, I enjoyed reading your report better late than never 😂
  21. I tried that and it came up with the message that there was no quotes available. I'm going to leave it until we see the consultant in 4 weeks hopefully we'll get good news about the treatment. Thank you everyone for the kind messages😘
  22. Thank you all for your kind thoughts as you can imagine it's been stressful waiting for the tests etc.
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