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  1. Oosterdam is scheduled for dry dock 5 April 2025 - 19 April 2025 as per your list at the top of the post PLANNED DRY DOCKS Noordam 24 November 2024 – 08 December 2024 (Singapore)? Oosterdam 05 April 2025 – 19 April 2025 Volendam 19 October 2024 – 09 November 2024 Zaandam 18 January 2025 – 08 February 2025
  2. That's an interesting point about using gift cards onboard that I hadn't thought about.
  3. Wow, that seems expensive for a 14 day, OV, with no inclusions. Our 22 day, South America w/Antarctica (2025) is that price, all in. It is for a veranda cabin and includes gratuities, WiFi, drinks and 3 specialty dinners. We also were able to choose our cabin. What itinerary is this?
  4. But 10 days for a confirmation isn't really a drop everything situation or an unreasonable expectation.
  5. I did not try them. I wasn't in a hurry so I waited for freshly made.
  6. We loved the BbKing bands on our last few cruises! Unfortunately, on the Oosterdam, only Rolling Stone is offered. I'll hope for the best.
  7. And if you actually like production shows. I don't but will be happy to hang out and listen to the band in Rolling Stone. Something for everyone!
  8. Are you sure they are paying less? From what I've seen with other groups, participants pay higher fares to be a part of the group. It may be different though for a sales driven situation?
  9. Thanks @Mercruiser, for the information! I didn't realize how close that airport was to the port.I was expecting it to be further from the city. I did see your currency thread and appreciate that information also. Our ship will be in port for the final 2 days of our cruise. We will leave the ship on the first day and not return to the ship. We've contact HAL about this. I do know there has been a change in the process for embarkation and disembarkation due to storm damage at the port. I think I will plan for an afternoon flight just to give us enough cushion to plan for unforeseen issues.
  10. Unless it is that the hotels etc are just not available yet and they are putting people on the wait list for when they are ready for bookings?
  11. I would contact your TA or HAL and ask them the best way to accomplish this. Especially if there is one of the cabins that you would really prefer to keep due to location. Good luck and I hope you and your MIL are able to cruise another time!
  12. Can someone who has recently done the trip, with the current port set up, tell me how long it took to get from your ship to AEP for a flight to Iguazu Falls. Trying to figure out what flight time is reasonable. Thank you!
  13. If you look at the thread by user WCB, who are on the world cruise right now, you will get some insights. Many of their posts contain some mention of the Presidents Club.
  14. The OP is asking about using gift cards that are sold by AARP to be used for HAL. They can be purchased for a 10% discount.
  15. No reason to wait until after you book or to call HAL. I just email my TA with the number of the cabin that I want, when she makes my booking. If CO is no longer available I would still have her book that cabin but pay the going rate. That has not happened yet but I book pretty early.
  16. It just shouldn't be that hard but getting your daughter's input wouldn't hurt. Good luck!
  17. That is so frustrating! That sees to be an ongoing problem for many people. I don't understand why this is such a big deal for the IT dept. of HAL to figure out these log in issues.
  18. It could also be that only double occupancy cabins are being shown, not triple and quads?
  19. Once you log in on the website, go to Manage Your Booking, select the cruise and then under Extras you can purchase the OBC. I can't provide a general link because you have to be logged in and purchase thru your booking.
  20. We found that $50 credit shows as available on your account when AARP is verified. That is just a default amount. In our case, after the correct $200 amount was applied to our cruise, the $50 available credit no longer showed in my husband's online account.
  21. The higher cost packages don't provide more speed, there are just fewer types of sites that are blocked. https://www.hollandamerica.com/en/us/onboard-packages/cruise-ship-wifi
  22. What tour company was this? It would be nice to know who to avoid if I ever need a guide in England!
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