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  1. With the exception of embarkation day, during muster (going to and coming from) I have never felt crowded on Oasis class. I have not been on Quantum class yet.
  2. You can use the value of the cruise (Prime is $500 I believe) for any cruise. You are not required to PRE PAY gratuities, they will still be charged daily to your account once you board. I have not tried a TA.. not sure what benefit it would be to them, as there would be nothing commissionable on a free cruise. Maybe they were referring to if you used the discount instead.
  3. I am not referring to originally arriving at the cabin, of course it should be fully cleaned. I am referring to daily service... this and I did forget to mention cleaning the glass shower, is really all that we need. I am not saying this is all everyone needs... just us.
  4. The letter given on Symphony to us just stated no shorts on formal nights. I saw quite a few people in there with shorts during cocktail hour, on non formal nights. They didn't look like slobs at all.
  5. Both times that I booked a GTY interior, I was upgraded to a PR. Not a big upgrade, but actually I like the PR's better than OV, so it worked. As the previous poster said... not sure now with the "Royal Up" thing. Both of my experiences were before this bidding system.
  6. Agree. That foolishness is not okay. I amend my comment to say.. not for fun and games. Silly kids, I would have put an end to it as well.
  7. They opened in St. Kitts at 2pm, and the ship did not sail until 6pm. Their casino was still open at the end of the pier. They probably have agreements in the various ports.
  8. Anyone can ride the elevator, for any reason, for any number of floors, up or down.
  9. You actually listed what the cabin attendant does to earn their tip, which is exactly what I said they do to earn their tip from us... so I don't understand your question?
  10. Thanks. Excellent comparison, and you are right... no complaints about sharks, and I have been there several times myself. Thanks for jolt back to reality. 🙂
  11. Ok.. ok.. I had a little melt down there. My eyes will be peeled in June. 😳
  12. I cannot see the pics at work, I will see them when I get home... BUT Over by the floating bar is where I ALWAYS hang out, I have never seen a shark, and now you have me scared to go back out there. Are these sharks dangerous to humans? Ugh.. now I am going to be stressed. Usually I just float around in the water, and now I think I will be scared to.... I don't want to just stay on land. ok this is me freaking out... just looked up lemon shark.. that thing looks like jaws. 🙄 Tell me these are not aggressive? I think I need a xanax now.
  13. You should be able to use your BOGO D+ benefit. Check your cruise planner, there is sometimes a BOGO for night one & two as well. I am of course assuming that the D+ benefit does not go away when reaching Pinnacle. I would hope not.
  14. I read it as retired. Still should be someone who understands the laws of their jurisdiction. To stay on topic... I receive my partners emails from time to time. Lately the emails from the casino have been good... mine coming to me, his going to him. Then this last promo (the tax one) I got one, and it was a crappy offer. I looked at the bottom and it was in his name. I never got one at all... then I log onto the clubroyale website to see that there is a different offer for me. I don't understand how it can be fine one day, and then a week later... not fine. Frustrating. There was a time some time ago, that I had to call after every cruise because they were not posting my points. They were being posted to some other C&A number they said I had. Something about my DOB being wrong, or flipped. I think they have that fixed now.
  15. I hear ya, but I think the vast majority of the people on these ships that depart from the US, will be US citizens.
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