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  1. No offense taken. I don’t know how true either of those numbers are... what I do know is I went on 10 cruises in 2019. I took between $1500-$2000 to gamble with on each one. End of the year spreadsheet shows I am down a total of nearly $5000. That may not make me a “winner” In some eyes, but I see it as about $500 per cruise including taxes, gratuities, a ton of time gambling... plus all the entertainment and activities. It was a good year in my book. This year so far is not going as well. HAHA.
  2. I can't live in constant worry that I will not get to do what I love most. I will continue to book, and have something to look forward to. If they get cancelled... then they will be cancelled and I will have the next one to look forward to.
  3. Signature here and got nothing as well. Did you ask your host about it? Sent mine an email... nothing yet. What was funny is my best friend who went on the Cuba cruise with me June 1, went into the casino with me (kicking and screaming) put $20 in a dancing drums machine and won $860 after about a half our of spins at .88 cents. She immediately cashed out.. gave me half and did not spend another dime. She has not spent money with Royal before in the casino.... SHE got the offer for 20SUN04.... WTH?
  4. Yep gotta love it. They would have had to have added it since Feb 2nd. There were no Let it Ride tables on Allure the week of Jan 26 - Feb 2... otherwise I would have played them.
  5. No. It was not on Allure last week. There was BJ, 3 card, UTH, roulette, craps.
  6. I couldn’t care less about the lounges. I like that the specialty coffee is loaded on the card.
  7. ETOH is alcohol. Will check it out on Allure this Sunday. Although they already sent us letters saying that there were so many top tier that Blaze will be used for over flow, and a complimentary specialty coffee will be added to the card each day... Love that.
  8. Exactly. Which is why I will never sail on a holiday cruise. I would guess they sell a lot of triples/quads on those sailings.
  9. Not sure what else I would expect on a popular holiday cruise. I prefer sticking to just after Thanksgiving, or Jan, Feb, and early March.
  10. I have been being told over and over that they will split them. I guess I will find out this year.
  11. Something with my posts must be off. Those posts don't have anything on Aqua80. That is okay though, I saw it last week. It was fantastic! Thanks 🙂
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