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  1. Nice. We have a deck 10 aft on Navigator in October, and this is nice to hear.
  2. Love, love this ship. I hope I get to sail on her again. Thanks for the read.
  3. I have been twice to Coco since the changes. I love the place and both times I have done the Oasis Lagoon and spent nothing. I am going again solo in September and plan on doing the same thing. We did just buy the thrill waterpark pass for October though, and it was $47pp for Navigator. After that I am scheduled to be there in April, and am hoping to spend time on South Beach, since it should be completed.
  4. I think the new Icon class may replace her. I believe that class will be LNG, and PC will have the Mardi Gras there late next year with the same setup. We shall see I guess.
  5. Personally, I like it. There have been too many times I have been searching for something that should be happening, and I say "Well looks like xyz is not going to happen," only to have my other half say... "umm, it's right there." 🙄 Actually... I don't care, I use the app mostly now and it will be really nice when the app matches what is actually going on, on the ship. 😝
  6. Yeah, we got an extended balcony on deck 7 on the Serenade - 15 nights circle Hawaii for $1800 for two including taxes. We booked it in March/April 2006 so not sure why the rate was so low, but grabbed it quick.
  7. I have not gotten off the ship in Nassau the last 3 or 4 times I/we have been there. That is a "sea day" for us. It's unfortunate for others that may want to shop, but not a negative for us.
  8. I am thinking (do not know for sure) that the night time BBQ will be included. Not sure what activities they are planning, but I am excited to check them out.
  9. I have been to Coco Cay twice since the changes, and have not spent a dime.
  10. Just got a letter about our cruise on the Navigator October 4th. Our stay has been extended until 10pm, with night time activities and a BBQ. Just curious if anyone else on any other sailing have received this notice?
  11. That score is sad. I have sailed on her 6 times in the last 2.5 years. Best food in the MDR than any other ship I have sailed with Royal. You can always cancel if you do not trust that they will correct.
  12. Just found this thread, as I was on the Mariner last weekend when you started it. Looking forward to reading the whole thing. We were on (actually debarkation day) for my B-day! Happy Belated!
  13. Aww. It did in June, and it was good. I LOVE the Majesty.
  14. Just off the ship today as well. The answer to your questions about the casino is... no & no. Sorry.
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