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  1. Prior to this current dry dock you could smoke on deck 15 port side by the pool area, which I am sure will get moved further aft when the slides go in. Also, you could on deck 16, but not sure if that is staying. What the other two are referring to is the casino. There is a smoking side & non-smoking side. When I was aboard and in the non smoking side, it did not bother me, but others say the smoke still affects them on that side. You can smoke in the casino, on the smoking side, when the casino is not open for gambling. I am not sure why anyone who does not smoke, allows themselves to be bothered by those smoking in there when the casino is not open for gambling. It's not like non smokers would have a reason to go in there. Some folks just like to complain.
  2. +1 - Yep... the meal with an officer is not something I will be doing either. The Bridge and Galley tour would be cool... once each and then I would be done with those.
  3. I can empathize with your situation, and my thoughts are with you and your family during your wife's battle. However, I think that the title of this thread is a little dramatic. In the future, I would suggest travel insurance for cancellation.
  4. Choice is basically if you walk in the casino and spend $1. You will need 2500 points to get to Prime. 1 point is equal to $5 spend on the slots, or $10 on video poker.
  5. I have been on both twice in the last three months. I like both of them, but I prefer the Navigator as I feel the Amp'ing was better. Hooked Seafood was excellent. I use the gym each day on a cruise (except embarkation/debarkation) and while the gym is much smaller on the Navigator, it has plenty of cardio equipment available and I did not have to wait for machines during peak times in the morning. Did I mention Hooked Seafood... ugh so good. My problem is Mariner is half the driving distance - so I have another booked on her because it is just convenient. (They need to switch MA & NV embarkation ports) 🤣
  6. Not quite related.. but do we know the total count of Pinnacles in CAS? There were quite a few on Mariner Sept 16th. I was reading my book in the VCL, not really paying attention to folks around me and a waiter came up and asked if I wanted something to drink. Funny, I was just thinking about getting a Coke Zero. He came back with it and didn't want my card, which was odd. I started to look around and the VCL was packed.. turns out it was a Pinnacle event and someone was just turning Pinnacle. At first I was a bit offended as I thought... "did he think I was old of enough to be Pinnacle?" 😂 I would have stayed an observed, but I was not dressed for the occasion so I just high tailed it out of there... with my free Coke Zero.
  7. I just booked the Coco Beach Club for April 30th. $54p/p... won't know if it is for us unless we try it.
  8. Yep... I am sure. Was on again on September 16th. There are no blackjack games with the video dealers or the "Shoot to Win" bubble craps machines. That is what I responded to, not video poker.
  9. I've just looked through a few threads and cannot find a definite answer. Can you book a specialty restaurant on the cruise planner for 1 person, and then use the D+ BOGO to bring the second person with you? I think this is the only way I am going to get a time that I want.
  10. No.. the sanitizer is garbage. Hand washing station should be at the entrance to all eating venues where people help themselves, and that should be enforced, or the crew should serve. Now if I could get the idiot guests to stop putting the serving utensil in the food when they are done with it... that would be great.
  11. Guys beats JR (or anything else RCI has for burgers) any time. Blue Iguana is so much better than El Loco Fresh. Guys Pig & Anchor Smokehouse and Brewhouse is amazing BBQ, and it is included for lunch. Lunchtime Italian & Mongolian is really good. The included dining options on CCL are just so much better. The MDR on CCL is a bit lower than RCI, but not that noticeable. My line in the sand involves the casino. Should they stop the comp'd sailings, then I would go to CCL for a larger portion of cruises. Edit: This is not to say that I do not like RCI.. quite the opposite. If I did not like them, I would not sail period... comped cruise or not.
  12. It's still not that good, and I try it on almost all sailings. Mariner, Navigator, and Majesty were all still gross. I probably won't bother on Adventure, but will try again on Oasis in December.
  13. I don't think so. I don't know what business you work in, but it seems to me that most employers constantly add more work without adding more employees. Seems normal for me. In this case, I would think that might result in more gratuities as well.. who knows? As far as grumpy crew members.. well they are human first. We all get grumpy from time to time, but I have not noticed a trend with grumpy RCI employees.
  14. Yeah pretty much the norm. I know many think RCI is a step up from CCL & NCL... but it's not. It's just different. I get the WiFi on every cruise, and have not had a problem in my cabin, so that may just be that particular cabin. Yes their beach towels are raggedy looking, and if they would just put them in the cabin at the beginning of the cruise and the cabin steward exchange them throughout - would be so much easier. The mattresses do suck! Big time!
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