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  1. This is the public bus site for Reykjavik: https://straeto.is/en/about-straeto/route-system Click on the Capital route system. I've never been able to figure it out myself. Taxis are easy but not cheap
  2. True, but if you go that far I'd just go to Hook, if it's lobster you want. If it's Young Urban Professionals, then Barking Crab is your spot!
  3. Yankee Lobster is a short walk from the Boston cruise port
  4. I bet you'd get great local knowledge on the specific local forums over at TripAdvisor
  5. It's all about percentages. And it isn't hard to find examples of extremely safe places. How is the theater in East Hampton, NY?
  6. There is substantial room for luggage at the end of each car. Let's leave it at that
  7. Unfortunately, incidents happen in every major city And in smaller cities, too And in the suburbs An in rural areas.
  8. Depends on your definition of "best". Public transit is an option, if Best = Cheapest. Taxi/Lyft/Uber is an option if Best = Easiest. Fancy limo is an option if Best = Poshest. BTW, "Ground Zero" isn't a term that is much in favor. World Trade Center site, 9/11 Memorial, One World Tower, etc are more often used
  9. Safer than driving but anyone who wants to stay in bubblewrap in their basement is welcome to their choice IMHO. I'm going to get out and enjoy life while I can. Carefully.
  10. Understand that the outside looks like Cheers on TV. The inside looks like a gift shop full of T shirts and shot glasses and never looked like the TV Show. There is a Cheers Bar at Faneuil Hall that does look like the TV show.
  11. Dates and budget in USD, not in body parts, makes this a much easier question to answer. I mean, I know a place that is only an arm, but it is the right arm which may be an issue for some folks
  12. As temperatures warm, the dates puffins leave Iceland has been getting later each year. It's about a week later now than it was a decade ago. It also is adversely affecting their feeding which does not bode well for the future of the breed
  13. Out of 3 million? Safer than driving. Or you can wrap yourself in bubblewrap and never leave the house and hope the asteroid doesn't hit you.
  14. To use your words, "where did you find those statistics"?
  15. The point is the transit system is INCREDIBLY SAFE. Safer than driving your car or going to many many other major cities in the US and around the world
  16. Really? Not hard to find these numbers https://new.mta.info/coronavirus/ridership
  17. We did SilverSea for Antarctica in 2018 and thought it was amazing. It was our most recent of about a dozen cruises we have taken and the facilities were incredible as were the staff and of course the destination. Zero complaints.
  18. Depends on what you mean by "best". Cheapest is MBTA Silver Line bus/train Easiest is taxi or Uber
  19. Take the Rowes Wharf Water Shuttle across the Harbor from the Airport to the Boston Harbor Hotel area on Rowes Wharf. The price of the shuttle includes luggage storage at their downtown site.
  20. Lots of rental options in Reykjavik. Fewer in Akureyri, but you can find cars there, too. Cheaper cars are generally Stick shifts which surprises a few folks who have no idea how to drive one. They are labeled as such on the websites, but who looks for that kind of info when you really don't expect it?
  21. Fear sells. Remember the old "If it bleeds, it leads" mantra of TV News? 3,000,000 people ride the NYC subways EVERY DAY. 99.99% of them experience zero harm.
  22. Not sure which train goes from Coney Island to Canal Street, but definitely more than 30 minutes. I did notice more masking the closer we got to Manhattan
  23. We have a two week trip to Boston coming up in late November and have a "pay later" rate of under $700. Which I think is a great price now and a decent price pre-pandemic.
  24. That's a shame. I've been on the subway as early as 6AM and as late as just after Midnight this year. In Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn. And never felt unsafe. Nor has my wife.
  25. I agree. Port parking is close and not too expensive.
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