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  1. Going to be on the Oosterdam this July. Are Pinnacle lunches an up-charge or included? What exactly is a Pinnacle lunch?
  2. Scenario: Two adults sailing in the same stateroom. Neither wants either of the alcohol packages. If one passenger wants Quench or Unlimited Coca Cola Package, do both have to get it? There is conflicting info on the page. The top part makes it seem like only if an alcohol package is booked do both people have to book it. But then down below it says that all guests must book it. When I go to actually book it, it gives me the option to book for just one passenger, where if booking the alcohol package it forces me to book a package for both. This makes me think I can book for just one passenger.
  3. Hey neighbor! I don't know the full story; what she said is that the casino was unexpectedly closed on the last night of the cruise (maybe an IT problem or a delay leaving the port?). Definitely could have been on her -- don't know the full story.
  4. I would also recommend you cash out most of your money at least two days before the end of the sailing. I spoke to a passenger that didn't do that on a previous cruise; only to have the casino not open the final night and her money was "stuck" in the casino. She had to fill out a bunch of paperwork online and is still waiting 6 months later to get a check.
  5. Since the Freestyle machines were broken (and then removed completely half way into the cruise), there was no need to have the plastic cup at any time on my sailing. Instead I just showed my "Coke" sticker on my room key and was given soda at the bars. I did sometimes use my Coke cup, but often the bartenders wouldn't serve the drink in the plastic cup (probably because of germs) and instead would pour it in a fresh glass and have me pour it into the plastic Coke cup if I wanted to do so. I agree, if there were Freestyle machines all over the ship (or at least Lido and Promenade decks), it would be much better (and I would have carried around my cup). I'm guessing you are right, there is probably a chip in the bottom of the cup. I've seen much smaller Freestyle machines now so they could place them around the ship without it being an eyesore.
  6. Check out Cedarbrook Lodge if you want to stay by the airport.
  7. Some of the Verandah rooms on Deck 4 have the extra large balcony; if that's your thing... I was in Stateroom 4034 last week. https://singleflyer.com/2024/04/06/hal-koningsdam-verandah-vb-stateroom-review/
  8. You don't have to carry the cup. You get a "Coke" sticker on your keycard and can show it at any bar to get a soda of your choice (from the "gun", not cans).
  9. On Koningsdam now. This morning they removed the Coke Freestyle machines (that hadn't worked at all this trip... or probably most any other sailing). Bar tender told me they were sending them back to Coke... Not sure what that means!
  10. I'm curious why Oosterdam is in last. I have a sailing on the Oosterdam coming up... is it really the worst ship?
  11. The officer in the blue is unprofessional.
  12. Random question. Have you seen people using the Coke "Freestyle" self service machines? I'll be on Kdam later this month and wondering if they are working.
  13. Thanks. Yeah, it was worth it for me to get a better room (not under Lido and with a larger balcony). Figure anything else is icing on the cake.
  14. Can anyone share how Club Orange in the Main Dining Room works? Is there a separate area?
  15. This was on my cruise on Nieuw Statendam in July. Not sure why this is "news" -- I'm guessing because it is expanding to more ships?
  16. Seems like they are trying to follow Holland America's lead with Club Orange, but more expensive and not as good of perks...
  17. Going Club Orange on Oosterdam this summer. I did CO on Nieuw Statendam and really liked it. But not sure how it will be on the smaller ship with no CO dining room. Any recent experiences with CO on Oosterdam? Particularly when it comes to the Main Dining Room (and/or Room Service)?
  18. I think it is especially worth if if you book a "guarantee" level room (cheapest in the category) and then get to upgrade to the top level room. Can save you a lot of money. Plus love the dining in the special restaurant. Much better service than in the dining room. I just booked another cruise today and added Club Orange. https://singleflyer.com/2023/08/07/holland-americas-club-orange-explained/
  19. On the standard balcony rooms there is a true door on the bathroom and then a glass door on the shower.
  20. This is a standard Sea Terrace (what they call a balcony room). Personally I really like the cabins on Virgin Voyages but a lot of people do not. They are very different from other cruises -- more modern and minimalist. Definitely my style but I get that it isn't for everyone. Bathroom is basic and small, but shower is very nice. https://singleflyer.com/2023/04/03/virgin-voyages-scarlet-lady-sea-terrace-review/
  21. Thank you; this is helpful. I am not a huge alcohol drinker and had a "free" $100 bar tab included on my VV. Went over it but it didn't feel like by much. I am sailing Celebrity for the first time this summer. I'm hopeful I won't feel nickel and dimed. My experience with HAL and NCL wasn't so great (lousy internet with data caps, extra money for drinks that went over the package limit, bottles of water not included with my drink package, paying for speciality restaurants). For my Celebrity cruise this summer I upgraded to the Premium Drink Package; but already hearing some drinks are over the limit. I got basic internet, classic drinks, and tips included with my All In package so I think that will help out. I am not trying to bash Celebrity at all (I've never sailed them), but I have sailed VV twice and feel that their email is accurate.
  22. I've taken two VV and I believe the email lived up to its claims. I'm trying Celebrity out for the first time this summer so I am hopeful it will be as good as VV.
  23. I'm not sure I understand @the penguins comment; but I'll say for VV they do NOT nickel and dime you (which is I really enjoyed my cruise with them). Free internet, free water in your room, free specialty dining, no tipping, bingo where you actually can win, free premium ice cream, etc. I sailed with NCL and HAL last summer and felt WAY more nickel and dimed. I'm sailing my first Celebrity this coming summer so will see.
  24. Thanks for your review! I've been on two VV (once on Scarlet Lady and once on Resilient Lady) and LOVED both of the cruises. Both were using points so no out of pocket money which might also have biased me. I'm also their target demographic at 40 years old. I haven't been on X yet but have an Alaska cruise booked on Edge this summer and can't wait; especially after your comments. I did NCL and HAL this summer and was not at all impressed; felt VV was better in just about every way. No kids. Entertainment was amazing. I loved the food and restaurants (and that you don't have to pay for specialty restaurants is big to me). I'm not a big drinker so lack of drink packages was fine by me. LOVED no tips. Staff was more my style (as you alluded to, more real... not just trying to get a tip out of you). Wifi worked so well (and is free!). I like the common areas but agree that the pool is a mess -- I never spent time by it. Not sure I'm allowed to post this (it's just my personal blog, I don't sell anything), but here is a write up of my comparisons of VV/NCL/HAL from the three cruises I went on this summer for anyone interested: https://singleflyer.com/2023/08/15/three-cruises-compared-ncl-vs-hal-vs-vv/ I'll remove it if I need to.
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