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  1. Charles, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful video. You and Judy had so many wonderful years together. You will be in our prayers. Bob and Meredith
  2. I am totally enjoying the "live from" from both of you! Thanks so much for taking the time to do it, not to mention your internet minutes. We just returned home from a B2B on the Island R/T Vancouver. The weather was beautiful, so hope it is the same for your cruise.
  3. Love your sunset pictures leaving Skagway!! Looking forward to reading more!
  4. Your photos continue to amaze me! There isn't a poor one in the bunch. I would like to commend your mom for being such a trooper after her double knee surgery. Wow. One knee at a time is bad enough, but both of them. I can't imagine. It appears that she is walking around on her own and not in a wheelchair or using a walker. Double WOW!!
  5. Your photos are spectacular!!! I'm really enjoying your review. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. We are going to Alaska in a week and a half on the Island.
  6. Two out of three of my favorites are missing: the Raviolis and the Salmon. At least, they still have the shrimp appetizer.
  7. I will be following your "live" as we are leaving for a B2B on the Island in a couple of weeks. Have fun!!
  8. We will be doing a Southeast Asia cruise next Feb. 2 and I'm wondering if anyone may know which pier our ship will tender into.
  9. Thank you all for your answers. I think I will book online because in the past I had either a 5:30 or 9:30 time available. I was hoping to be able to use my loyalty OBC once onboard. Oh well.
  10. When booking a specialty restaurant online, do you pay then or will it be charged for on the ship?
  11. I sure will miss reading your "Live From" every morning. If you do go on another Alaska cruise in August, will you do the same itinerary? The 10 day on the Grand goes to Sitka and Haines. However, if you happen to be on the Island on the Aug. 7, let me know. One final question: what time did they have the Voice of the Ocean? I hate it when it conflicts with 2nd seating dinner, because we have to leave the show before it's over.
  12. I am following along with interest. We are doing a B2B on the Island out of Vancouver in a few weeks. Thanks for taking the time to do this. What a shame about your grandparents missing out on the first couple of days of their cruise.
  13. I believe you are talking about "breakfast in Sabitini's". This is only for full-suite guests.
  14. I'm not sure if you mentioned whether or not there was a barrel chair in your cabin. We will really miss it if we're not able to get one. The last couple of cruises we took, it wasn't there, but our steward was able to grab one.
  15. Where is the National Park Headquarters located? That sounds like a fun thing to do.
  16. I was happy to hear how much you enjoyed the "26 glaciers cruise" in Whittier. We are also booked on that on our turnaround day. Did you make the top 40 on the southbound? I would be interested in hearing the numbers of this sailing. Thanks again for all the time you are devoting to your "live from". Meredith
  17. We have been to many MT luncheons and I still take photos of the food and people!! If the numbers on our cruise are as low as yours, we will be dining with the captain!! We also love Alaska and the B2B coming up will be #14 & 15.
  18. Love your photos! I believe you mentioned that Juneau night was not open seating. How about Skagway?
  19. I can't wait to read your "live from" every morning! Thanks so much for taking the time to do it. When we go to Icy Straight the beginning of August, we are going whale watching at 12:30 and bear searching at 4:00. Did you talk to anyone who did either/both of these and if so, did they have success?
  20. Congrats on making the top 40!!! Great to hear that they are having the MT luncheon, as opposed to a cocktail party. What day is it on? What number are you? Meredith
  21. I am really enjoying your "Live From". I'm interested in hearing how you like the cruise director, Natalie Costa. Is she new? Will she still be there the first two weeks of August? It sounds like you have a fun table for dinner. That makes a huge difference. Have a great time!!
  22. I will be following your "live from" and will be very interested in hearing all about your B2B. We will be on her doing the B2B the end of July. We have been on over 60 Princess cruises and the Island is my DH's favorite ship (yes, we were on it after the remodeling!). Enjoy!!!
  23. Don't forget to apply for the Best Price Guarantee!
  24. I would do the Voyage of the Glaciers cruise and add a land portion tour.
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