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  1. Also, virtually no coverage of the entertainment staff and all the work that goes into organizing trivias, games, shows, etc.
  2. Very fun show to watch, especially right now. I love Timothy! Does anyone know if he is still with Princess?
  3. You are not answering my question. My FCC amounts to almost $1000 and I plan on cruising again, so will use it. Again, for those who chose option two with the promise of getting 25% extra FCC and disputed with the credit card company, did you receive your bonus FCC?
  4. For those of you that disputed with the credit card company and chose option 2, I'm wondering if you got the 25% FCC that was promised by choosing option 2.
  5. We just booked a B2B cruise next February going to Hawaii and Mexico.
  6. They would probably just put our FCC's back in our account if we fill out the form. It sounds like the original FCC is refundable, so what would we lose by taking their offer of doubling it? I wonder if we have to put it on a specific cruise?
  7. We were in Bilbao a few years ago and your pictures brought it all back. I bet you are looking forward to your sea days coming up.
  8. Loving your "live from". Your pictures are absolutely awesome. Nice that you had Sabatini's all to yourselves!
  9. We were on the Sapphire for the Feb. 2 sailing and were also on the following sailing Feb. 13. The Feb. 13 sailing was cancelled on the 12th and all of us were put up at the Fairmont Singapore Hotel, with the understanding that we would be reimbursed for the hotel charge (they paid for the first night upfront, but assured us that we would be reimbursed for any additional nights needed to get a flight back home). Plus, we would be reimbursed for all meals and extra flight fees (we had EZ air). We turned in all of our receipts and actually talked to a customer rep twice (she called us) and said we would be receiving our check within 60 days. That is actually today! No check. I will give them today and call her first thing tomorrow morning. However, we did receive our full cruise amount of the cancelled Feb. 13 cruise back on our credit card immediately, plus the 100% FCC for our cancelled cruise.
  10. I just want to make sure that I am looking in the right place to hopefully find my FCC one of these days. Is it under "My Profile" then would I click on "Captain Circle Account"?
  11. Everything looks so delicious! The problem with us is that my hubby is allergic to seafood and so many of the items have seafood.
  12. I'm loving this!! Great pictures. We are booked on the Regal for a British Isles cruise in Sept. I hope it works out that we can go. Have a super good cruise!
  13. Yes, as long as you cancelled on Feb. 4 or after.
  14. We are also booked for a Japan cruise on the Diamond. Are they offering 25% FCC towards another cruise if you cancel before final payment? I thought the 25% was given if Princess cancels the sailing and not if a booked passenger cancels. Unfortunately, the wait time to talk to someone at Princess right now is outrageous.
  15. I am interested as to what happened to the Sapphire Princess since we got off on the 13th. Is she anchored somewhere? What happened to the crew and officers? Were they all sent home?
  16. You are doing such a great job! We leave in 4 days and will spend 4 days in Singapore before getting on the Sapphire.
  17. We leave a week from Monday for our Singapore cruise on Feb. 2, so am very interested in your review.
  18. This is an amazing itinerary! I will look forward to reading your updates every morning. Thank you for taking the time to do it!!
  19. I also think this is a mistake. You will miss Glacier Bay and Collage Fjord. Give it some more thought.
  20. We are going on a Panama Canal cruise next April. Do you recall the tour company that you went with on a private tour in Costa Rica?
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