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  1. Thanks so much for doing such a great "live from". My daughter and her family got on the Crown today as you were getting off. I was able to give her some pointers about what to expect on her cruise.
  2. Glad to hear that the showtimes were 6:30 and 8:30. When we were on for the TA, the times were 7:30 and 9:45. Late diners could not go to either. (7:30 was dinner time and 9:45 didn't work either because you had to get to the theater at 9:00 to get half way decent seats and you were still eating dinner at that time.) I wrote a lengthy letter to the entertainment director, as I'm sure others did. Apparently, he listened.
  3. Once again, great review! Hope you and Brad have a lovely Christmas! Meredith
  4. Did you buy any vanilla? $2.00 a bottle is so inexpensive. I just bought a 2oz bottle yesterday and it was $5.99!!
  5. We have been on 14 Alaska cruises. Yes, 14. Our most recent was out of Vancouver for the 14 day B2B on the Island Princess. If you do this one, make sure to do a glacier cruise in Whittier. That was outstanding. You can use the Princess guarantee when applying for it because the same tour done privately is cheaper. Without a doubt, I would choose the Star over the Sun simply because the Sun is almost 25 years old. The Star is much larger and is a beautiful ship. If you want me to explain the "Princess guarantee program" email me at cruisebabe1 at live dot com. Meredith
  6. Now days, a balcony is the only way we will go. We have stayed in obstructed OV's to save money, but no more. We love the fresh sea air coming into our cabin. TA's are wonderful with all the sea days. We just came back from the Sky TA and I read 4 books (something I don't seem to find the time to do at home). Getting an extra hour for 6 nights (on the east to west crossings) is also really nice.
  7. Yes, I don't know how deep the pool is. I only know that they have ladders and no steps.
  8. We will be in Paris, pre cruise in September, 2020. I'm thinking it would be convenient to be near a hop-on hop-off stop. Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced hotel that we could walk to the ho-ho stop?
  9. So, how much was a shared Super Shuttle from LAX to Double Tree? We have 1 1/2 hours to kill until checkin time of 4pm.
  10. I use my Vera Bradley lanyard, just like I did with my card.
  11. I am really enjoying your "live from"! We are embarking on Nov. 10 and will be on for 21 days. We have late dining and I am wondering if that will conflict with the evening trivias and games. I tried reading the patter, but the print is too small. Do they have any trivias around 7pm? How about after 9:30?
  12. Hi Tina, As usual, you are up-to-date on stuff!! We have global entry, but this is the first time I have heard of the Mobile Passport. What is that? Meredith
  13. It is really fun reading your "live from" because you do so many things! Enjoy your lovely dinner tonight!
  14. My daughter is sailing on the Crown in December and she would like to know which dining room serves lunch on embarkation day. Hope the seas have calmed down a bit!
  15. Having the "question of the day" is what will be the deciding factor if I watch it or not. We are just off the Regal and Lexi, our CD, didn't do the question. Didn't watch it. Frank (CD on the Pacific) could be the worst. Steve Campbell was also bad. Kelvin Joy, now a ED, was excellent as is Paul Chandler Burns. Hoping that Alexander, our CD on our upcoming Sky cruise has a good Wake Show.
  16. Does Alex have a "question of the day" on the Wake Show? On our last cruise on the Regal, Lexi didn't do one and the show was very boring. I am sailing on the Sky Nov. 10.
  17. Thank you so much for taking the time to do your "live from". We live in Henderson, so are neighbors! We are booked on a cruise in Japan the end of June, 2020. I'm looking forward to seeing your "wrap up".
  18. Did you have any problems with bringing the two bottles onboard?
  19. Enjoying your "live from". Thanks so much for taking the time to give such a detailed review. Meredith
  20. Bring a roll of duck tape. That will solve the banging door problem.
  21. I have noticed a big difference of rates for tours in Asia. For instance, on our roll call someone is posting a tour out of Phu My for $25.00 USD and I found a tour company offering roughly the same thing for $91.00 USD. Is the more expensive one better quality? Any advice from those who have done either?
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