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  1. I have a few reasons for branching out to VV, but one of the top is they are adult only, food as well, but the idea of doing a cruise with a lot of sea days and no children is very appealing.
  2. A balcony projects off the side. My 'HUH" was in reference to this.
  3. The ONLY thing I will eat at the buffet is from the carving station, but I have never seen prime rib. The veggies that accompany the carving station are usually very good as well.
  4. You are free to go to MDR any time that you want to. You can go to Blu but it is on a space available basis.
  5. Then that is on them, do the research or don't complain if you don't. They have pictures during the booking process. I see Veranda, with a very big picture of a woman standing in fron of a window, I also see Concierge Class, same picture. It's quite clear. For the record I could give a flying fig what it's called, and the hoopla here is people getting in a dither over what it's called, especially the ones who will never stay in one. It's humorous to me now, but research is key, if one doesn't do it, oh well, they own it.
  6. I'm not getting into the what it is drama, been enough of that. My point is, if one books it, it says Infinite Veranda, if someone books it then gets in the cabin and is pissed because they don't have a balcony, they did not do their homework.
  7. People who think an IV is a balcony cabin did not do their homework. It states Infinite Veranda, does not say balcony.
  8. TBH I have seen other comments from recent cruisers similar to yours re overall condition of the ship. I would be more concerned with it getting in wind down mode re provisions, crew at the end of their contracts etc. Food and beverage is already very inconsistent so I just took it as an opportunity to branch out and try a new to me line.
  9. I’m with you totally on the before and after dry dock. I had the last cruise, a TA, booked on Eclipse before her dry dock next April. For me, she is already several years past when it should have been done, so I just didn’t feel the cruise I was to be on, would have been all a TA should be.
  10. Good for you for sharing your experiences on this cruise. I may not agree with everything but you are, IMO, spot on about some observations. As you are finding out, some of the Celebrity lifers can be a tad sensitive. I’m 64 and moving over to VV, sounds like you might want to consider them.
  11. Then it’s a good thing that Celebrity is not selling luxury cruises.
  12. I will thank you now, because you and a couple others convinced me to expand my horizons. Have not sailed yet, but I know me and I know I will have a great time.
  13. Well said. And of course there is the incessant attention seeker as well.
  14. What a fantastic review and your pictures are STUNNING! Thank you for making the time to post about your fabulous vacation.
  15. As much as I really like the aesthetic of the Eclass ships, well Edge anyway, since that was my TA experience. I enjoy getting out and about and all, but sometimes as you mention, a nice quiet spot to chill is a challenge at times. The areas around the big central area, martini bar and above, especially Cafe al Bacio and LGB, super crowded and very loud.
  16. Personally I can’t think of any cons to a transoceanic cruise.
  17. Perhaps the global tech outage disrupted their ability to search. 🤣
  18. My understanding is they delayed it for two hours to accommodate flights that they arranged.
  19. I can only imagine how many flights they were working to rebook so passengers might make their cruise. I know that Summit delayed her sail start time by several hours today because Celebrity was holding it due to the flight nightmares.
  20. I don't know for a fact, but my understanding is they have dedicated staff that follow the other VERY large social media site. If I hazard a guess, I would say there are many more casual to moderate Celebrity cruisers there, which to me seem their target audience. Many/most of the topics here I never see over there. Just an observation.
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