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  1. Celebrity , Royal and Aramara air program isn’t as good as Princess.
  2. Well say. The same applies for all cruise lines and especially airlines.
  3. Never have seen a two for one for the Crown Gril on Princess. I’ve done over twenty Princess cruises.
  4. Captains Circle program. The best I've seen in the industry.
  5. Have you looked at Alaska. They used to have 7AM direct flight to LAX from Vancouver.
  6. I would talk to a lawyer , then the cruise line.
  7. How are going to buy the airfare? Thru the cruise line or on your own? I would compare the two before deciding.
  8. Many cruise lines have stopped going to Acapulco because of the violence. US State dept has a warning for Acapulco.
  9. The problem is that most business and hotels are 51% owned by the government. That is a condition of foreign private companies doing business in Cuba.
  10. First flights from Vancouver aren't considered International. Flights from Canada clear Customs and Immigration most airports . What I meant was , if shuttles are delayed by traffic , the ship will weight for them.
  11. They will hold the ship for shuttles and late flights booked thru EzAir. I've never had a Princess shuttle that longer then 56 minutes.
  12. She must have trouble twith ap water everywhere. All cities in the US and Canada , maybe also Europe , Australia , New Zealand , add chlorine to thir water.
  13. You very unlikely to make the 10:30 AM flight. LAX is about 30 to 60 minutes from the pier. depending on which airline it could take another 30 minutes to get to your terminal. LAX road traffic is a zoo most of the time. Noon is the earliest I would try for.
  14. Ships distillation doesn’t leave I any salt in the water. I had a similar issue on board. I tracked it down to two things. 1 the food has a lot more added salt . Eat low or no salt diet. They will do this for you. 2 the amount of walked ng is more than many people do at home. I figured out that I walked about 2 miles a day on board. Normally I do about half mile a day at home. 3 more alchpl is consumed on a daily basis This just what I found for myself but apply for many especially older people.
  15. Forget Valdez, there is not easy to get there. I would still drop Fairbanks and spend more time in Denali or Anchorage.
  16. All internet service on cruise ships is via satellite no matter they are cruising. I usually don’t have time to search for WIFi when on shore.
  17. Cell phone plan won't work on the ship. WiFi onboard is only as good as the satellite signal. In Skagway the ship normally don't have wifi/internet.
  18. IF you use the attached link you'll see the CDN atpar https://www.ncl.com/ca/en/cruise-deals?intcmp=pro_st_CRUISEDEALS
  19. Carnival knows which ship they'll have in Alaska. Plans and schedules for 2020 where probably completed this spring. Cruiselines book ports and times about 2 years in advance. The Alaska schedule should be be sometime in fall 2018 or spring 2019.
  20. Unless you some special medicinal water. Why not just bring a couple of booties and refill in the buffet as required. I never have fiquied out why people pay $19 a gallon for water.
  21. I have found that airlines sometime reduce local flight in cost if booked with an international flight.
  22. The problem is the time until the cruise. They are within the 45 day period.No changes without penalties.
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