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  1. One of your big issues in buying insurance for October will be pre existing conditions.
  2. US Customs opens around 4AM for 6AM flights. Airlines open as required. Plan on arriving 2 hours early. The drive from Downtown is approximately 30 minutes. Hope this helps.
  3. Why don't they drink the water from the ship's taps ? It is probably equivalent or better than bottled. It's also free , bring water bottle from home and refill it in the buffet or at any bar.
  4. GF you'll have to talf with the MDR staff or a senior chief in the Buffet.
  5. Tides are dependent on the specific date. The tide time changes about 50 minutes per day.
  6. Hours are the same as Anytime dining.
  7. In ports where your at a dick. There is staff to help you embark and disembark.
  8. Many cruisers like to stay at the Pan Pacific. It is built into the pier at Canada Place. The bell staff can take your luggage directly to the pier. The next time you’ll see them is in your cabin onboard. The terminal is quick ride down the elevator to the checkin area.
  9. There is Greyhound , Bolt Bus or Quickshuttle. Another option is the Amtrak of it works for you.
  10. Only the cruise line can do the change. The deposit will increase because of the second person.
  11. Because of dietary requirements we ask if we can have the same table and server for supper every night.
  12. The US requires that all passengers clear the ship. Once Zero count is confirmed . Passengers will be allowed board starting with In transit Passengers.
  13. The three ships for Alaska 2020 are the Eclipse , Solstice and Millie. Eclipse will be in South America. The Solstice is in Australia and the Millie is in Asia.
  14. These are their nornal Hawaii cruises . Nothing really new.
  15. Celebrity might not have any Panama Canal cruises in 2020. All three ships for Alaska now stay in the pacific ocean.
  16. Carcass will have cell service. The road between Carcross and skagway very likely doesn;t have cell coverage. Fraser might have cell service.
  17. The only paid water I've ever seen is Sparkling water.
  18. Platinum's and Suite's can check in and board when they want. They actually are the first to board regardless of cabin.
  19. I don't see why not. On longer cruises I've see pages created for the group. They don't seem to use webpages but web based programs.
  20. You'll be required to attend one. There will be a drill at every point where new passengers board.
  21. Haven't used a film camera in over 20 years.
  22. I like to use my own credit card to collect points.
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