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  1. You can apply to any cruise you’ve booked that is within the year.
  2. We don’t go to Meet and Greets anymore. We find that people have their own little groups and don’t really talk with any body else.
  3. Where I live, no TAs give any perks or discounts. Most are more expensive than going direct because of added fees for using EzAir. Many charge cancellation or change fees as well. Only national membership agency gives any type of perks.
  4. It still goes thru the insurance claim procedure. We used it a year ago for a none medical reason. It is part of the insurance that Princess arrange for people buying their insurance. The insurance usually doesn’t,t refuse Cancel For Any Reason. My PVP at Princess says that he has had about a 100 people use CFAR without a single rejection.
  5. You can cancel for for any reason. The insurance company will forward Princess the whole amount except for the insurance cost. This amount can be used to book and pay for a cruise within a year after start of the cruise you booked. Where I’m not sure is if you actually have to cruise or just book with payment of your credit.
  6. If the CC doesn’t work. princess will send you in the currency that you bought. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  7. My local TAs don’t give any perks for booking. If booked with TA I can’t pay Princess direct . TA handles all payments to Princess.
  8. I booked with Princess direct. I ose a personal vacation planner for all my bookings. You still have control of your reservations including EzAir. You can also pay at your own schedule directly online.
  9. There are a number transfer companies that do that route. Just search with google for transfer for Seward to Anchorage.
  10. The big thing in my mind is the lack of ports in Mexico and that ports north of San Francisco are to cold in winter . That said , I personally would to see cruises to Hawaii that loops thru LA/SP , SFO , Vancouver ,Seattle , Hawaii and San Diego. This way cruisers in the Pacific Northwest can cruise with little or no fkying.
  11. Currently the area where the volcano meets the sea is a no go zone. The clouds formed when lava hits the is an issue for breathing. POA is currently not using Hilo as a port instead adding a day to other ports.
  12. You can use the "Cancel for any reason" up to the day of your cruise. They also cover and refund anything else you bought thru Princess . I used it once and had my credit in may account with in three weeks. Port Fees and taxes where refunded directly to my credit card.
  13. If you fly in or out of Southampton. You'll still have to connect thru am International airport.
  14. Now you can use your credit card directly to board the transit system.
  15. Probably to early for anything past June 2020.
  16. take the taxi. Because Port Everglades is a commercial port. You'll have enter thru security that be away from the terminal.
  17. Try a good rib eye steak or pork steak. Both loaded with fat.
  18. Clarify please. Your questions actually cover Princess and Holland America.Princess doesn't have Vista Suites. They have mini suites, club mini suites and suites.
  19. Kamloops50

    Ta obc

    It will appear once your onboard the ship , not before.
  20. Royal Caribbean stock went down 10% as well this week.
  21. This far out you shouldn’t even guess which ships will be in Alaska.
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