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  1. What isn't open in May? Most tourist [laces are usually in late April for the cruise ship season.
  2. If the ship arrives at 6AM , it takes about an hour to clear the ship be fore passengers disembark. With Seattle I won't schedule a flight before 11AM or noon would be better.
  3. The OBC is $200 per person in a balcony or higher.
  4. There is also extra OBC given. We got $400 USD for a 15 day cruise. You get the same amount for 28 days(balcony or higher).
  5. You can store at the pier or ask the Pan Pacific Hotel (part of Canada Place) to store for COST. Update : no luggage storage at Pacific Station anymore.
  6. Price of cruises varies by when , who you bought it thru and country of residence.
  7. Each device will have to have its own login. If it works you won't get notifications of calls or messages.
  8. The 750 AM isn't a do-able. What time does your ship arrive back?
  9. You should be able to do it online. Do it all the time.
  10. Most cruise lines honour price drops up to final payment date. VO must be different from most.
  11. Western Mexico and Hawaii in Jan , feb or Mar. May June or August for Alaska.
  12. Weather can be sunny it could be rough. The area is affected by the weather in the gulf uf Akalaska and storms generated near the west coast of Mexico.
  13. All food id prepared fresh. Only Kosher food is brought on board froszen and heated up.
  14. Keys aren't a problem. The issue will be onboard accounts.
  15. Get visa directly Australian site. The visa is electronically attached to your passport.
  16. Good reason to choose Flexible EzAir from princess.
  17. About cellalur you'll have to ask Apple and the c\your cell provider.
  18. I would never use a cruise consiladator. You wont have one point of contact. Every time you call you'll talk to someone different. At least with a TA you should have one point of contact.
  19. Usually everything will be changed over before you disembark to see the immigration. I'm assuming that this is a US port.
  20. Current sale ends on Tuesday . New sale starts on Wednesday.
  21. Only when they actually sale your cruise as two segments. Panama Canal fro YVR to FLL usually aviable as YVR to Lax and LAX to FLL . Talk two the Captain circle person and they sometimes can do it.
  22. Thats a common issue with car rentals in smaller Canadian cities.
  23. You can’t go wrong with June or any month. I prefer late May or LTe August.
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